Bajaj Claims Pulsar RS200 is the Largest Selling Performance Bike Brand; Avengers Surprise!

Plans to ramp up Avenger production. CT100 & Platina ES take the baton!

2015 was a good year for Bajaj. Right from the entry level 100 cc products to their flagship Pulsar RS200, the Pune based manufacturer has been writing one success story after another. At a press conference in Mumbai yesterday, they shared their performance with the media and claimed that they are the market leader in almost half of the industry comprising of entry and sports bikes with a 36% market share. Yeah, they selectively chose these two segments but then they did do well when some of these (sub) segments were contracting.

In fact a careful look at the sales figures of the financial year so far reveals that Bajaj is the only manufacturer which has managed to register a growth in the 100-110 cc segment. Both Hero as well as Honda have shown a downfall.Pulsar-RS200-vs-AS200

Bajaj Sales in 2015: A Look

Here are some key pointers  from the event:

  • Bajaj is the company with the maximum number of hit launches this year.
  • With the introduction of CT100 and Platina 100 ES, the company’s grew from 23 per cent to 36 per cent in the first 9 months of the financial year 2015-16.
  • Bajaj sold 6.81 lakh motorcycles in the entry level commuter segment in the first 9 months of present fiscal as against 3.83 lakhs in the same time last year. That’s a growth of whopping 77 per cent.
  • In the months of November and December, post the launch of the Avenger 150 they have attained a market leadership of 53 per cent in the mass sports segment below Rs 1 lakh.
  • The Pulsar RS200 has also become the largest selling performance bike brand with a price of above Rs 1 lakh.
  • The Avenger Street 150, Avenger Street 220 and Avenger Cruise 220 have registered combined sales of 20,000 units in December 2015 – which was their target!
  • They also plan to increase the production of Avengers to 30,000 units/month by March 2016. It would really be interesting to see if they can continue the momentum by these three offerings.
  • Apart from this the company also plans to strengthen their position with a new brand launch in the Executive segment.

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When Honda is going all guns blazing and Hero trying to hold onto its territory, its commendable for Bajaj to show significant improvement in sales this year. With TVS joining the fray, 2016 will see Armageddon!