Harley Davidson has been a brand that carved a niche for its own, it wasn’t too long after when other brands followed suit. Although HD’s have always been far superior in almost all aspects, there have always been drawbacks with the machine, primarily its huge size, price tag and maintenance costs. Apart from these big boy machines, there are surprisingly several other alternatives that are much easier on the pocket. We take a look at a home bred alternative to cruisers, say hello to the Bajaj Avenger 200 DTSi

Bajaj Avenger 200 DTSi (4)

If you may remember, the avenger was advertised with a catchy tune and a tagline “Feel like God”. It was a welcome addition to the choices of bikes in the Indian market with Bajaj putting in considerable effort to keep it updated and simplified despite its relatively low sales figures. It was first introduced with a 180cc engine borrowed from the Pulsar range of bikes, now though, it features the 200cc engine from the Pulsar 200 that we all know and love.

It appeals to those who love riding, who love the freedom and the liberation that a bike offers, it’s not the fastest or the most bad ass looking bike on the street, but what it is, is something much more, it’s a machine built with a pure purpose, to show how every journey can be a pleasure. If you are one of those thrill seeking seasoned riders, this is not for you. An individual with a unruffled and composed self would love it much more than any other.

Bajaj Avenger 200 DTSi (5)

Krishna Kumar, an avid reader of BikeAdvice, is an expatriate residing in Qatar, he drove around a four wheeler until once he felt the impulse to get his hands on a bike, he wanted something unique, not too expensive and stylish. After a while of researching, he stumbled upon the Avenger 200 which fit the bill perfectly. We review the Bajaj Avenger 200 sold here, In India, which happens to be identical to its exported counterpart. Read on…

Engine and Performance

As said earlier, it features the 200cc engine borrowed from the Pulsar 200 which is known for its great overall performance and efficiency; the oil cooled mill is mated to a five speed transmission which is also quite similar to the Pulsar’s. Bajaj claims a top speed of around 115Km/h, with a power rating of 17.5 Ps at 8000Rpm and 16.78Nm at 6000 Rpm, the advantage of oil cooling is that it helps maintain a steady oil temperature during hard riding and high heat conditions. In real life, the engine feels quite the same as the 200’s with a difference in power delivery due to the 15 Inch tyres at the rear, the smaller rims ensures better acceleration at the expense of top speed and also ensures that there is usable power across the rev range. This is well suited for touring across long distances.

Bajaj Avenger 200 DTSi (2)

The 15 inch wheels also reduces the need for gear shifts every once in a while making for a stress free journey, speaking of which, the gearbox used is the same as on the Pulsar, one common critique you would find of this ‘box is that it lacks the feel that most shifters have and finding neutral can be a little tricky. Bajaj also claims a mileage of around 35 Km/l, which is another drawback of having a low diameter tyre in the back. On the road, however, it barely feels stressed out at around 70-80 Km/h and is always ready to lunge forward with the flick of the wrist. The exhaust note is completely different from the Pulsar machines with the chunky and short silencer. It sounds more refined and less strained at any given RPM.

Ride, Suspension and Brakes

As soon as you sit on the bike, you would notice that it feels quite stable already, it feels balanced right away courtesy of the wide rear tyres, long wheelbase and kicked out front forks, for a person who is used to riding around the usual 150cc bikes, it can take a while to get used to but when you do, it feels great. The bikes straight line stability is commendable. Cornering capability may not be its strongest points but it does it acceptably well. Being a cruiser, the riding position is relaxed and comfortable, the gear shifter and brakes are positioned up front which helps in keeping the legs relaxed at all times; it could have been a little bit better if Bajaj had used footboards instead of foot pegs for the rider. The riding position is great for the open roads where you can go on and on but it surprisingly feels quite flickable in the city areas too thanks to the low centre of gravity.

Bajaj Avenger 200 DTSi

The suspension is adjustable at the rear with 5 settings for preload, it basically makes the ride firmer or softer, the firmer setting can be used when riding with a pillion and the softer can be used when cruising alone, either way, the seating position complements the suspension system to provide a comfortable way to eat up the roads. On really shattered roads, you may feel a little stress on your back but otherwise, it is stable, planted and comfortable as wrinkles and undulations on the road can barely be felt.

It features a 260mm Disc at the front coupled with a 130mm Drum at the rear, on tricky surfaces like mud or wet roads, the bike would feel wobbly under hard braking, you would need a little practice to understand how it should be done, avoid lockups and its fine. The brakes are sharp and accurate.

Looks and Features

The bike sports a classic look with various chrome finished parts and a body that looks like a Harley Davidson. The Fuel gauge is mounted on the tank with other indicators; you can also have a front windshield installed on the bike from Bajaj which can keep the wind away; this in our opinion doesn’t look too good on the bike and also distorts objects when seen through it. Being plastic we believe it can get scratched with time and can turn into a difficulty when riding at night.

Bajaj Avenger 200 DTSi (3)

The view from front with the long front shocks and the chrome speedo is quite cool and appealing, one thing about cruiser bikes like these is that they never really run out of appeal, unlike bikes in other segments whose designs become boring with time, this machine can stay trendy for years to come, it sports a timeless appeal which only well designed cruisers possess. The rear backrest, the chrome around the headlight, the wire spoked wheels and a lot of other elements make this bike stand out from the crowd, you can trust it to stay as appealing as it is today, 5 years from now, provided its well taken care of.

BikeAdvice Verdict

With the current craze being all about fast bikes with the highest top speeds, the Bajaj Avenger 200 DTSi is one that is not too common on the roads, and because of this, you would notice that it attracts a lot of eyeballs. A dude on the bike with an open face helmet and a pair of shades would be instantly christened “cool”. If you are a guy with a reservation, about what your bike should be, similar to Kishore’s then this is definitely the bike for you. It’s simple, well designed, has good manners, its practical, inexpensive with a price tag of around 66,000 Rs (Showroom, Mumbai), and comfortable.


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  • Deepak

    The reason why we do not see too much of Avenger TV commercials is because that this bike is not meant for the mass audience. It appeals only to a very target group of people.

    If you ask me just one reason why I like and respect Bajaj, Avenger would be my answer. 🙂

    • shyam

      what about its milage

      • Rahul

        Hi..frnd my name is rahul and live in rajsamand i have no knowledge in bike so plz advised me.i want buy a bike with best mileage n rocking look.so may i buy a bajaj evengar or pulsar 150.do they give me lumsume 60 km mileage

    • Ahmad

      hai frnds…

      I have avenger 200cc red colour bike

      I want extra fittingss so plz send some extra fittings names and images and there costs..

  • Raghav

    Avenger luks a lot lyk kawasaki terminator .
    is it a upgrade on d discontinued bike ?

  • fas

    Very few 200s on the road and your one of them, congrats. Is Bajaj more troublesome then RE?

  • Subash

    I own a avenger 180 2005 model. Some of the highlights of the bike are hassle free starts early morning even if you had not ridden the bike for 4-5 days at a stretch. The bike is surprisingly nimble within city and one does not lose balance slow speeds. On the flip side, rear seat is a problem as its hard and a small seating area, rear shocks are hard and the rear brakes are a big let down. The bike has been consistently giving 40-42 Kmpl within city driving conditions and close to 47 Kmpl on the highways. Clutch cable is prone to failure, myself having changed 7 clutch cables from 2005 until now (bike has clocked 20,500 kms only). Servicing at the bajaj probiking showroom Cochin is quite good and the service managers are quite response.

    Overall, a good package for solo driving. Definitely value for money.

  • sanket kambli

    “it sports a timeless appeal which only well designed cruisers possess.”
    cool quote!!!

    @fas ,,, NO

  • arjun

    even i have a avenger 200dts-i the bike suspension would get hard up soon in the city but excluding that the bike sounds very good at high speeds

  • nazboy

    When it comes to cruiser bikes, Bajaj Avenger is one of the only options we have these days and considering the cost of the bike its not a bad deal. But this bike starts vibrating as you cross 70kmph speed. The suspension needs improvement as well, it has a tendency to throw you off the seat as soon as you come on a bumpy road.The meter console is very ordinary with the much desired tacho meter missing from it. The brakes are not that good when you are on a wet road. one of the most irritating thing which i felt for this bike is that the handle lock requires a lot of practice and effort to lock/unlock it. Once you have unlocked the handle, you then have to bend down to the left searching for the ignition of the bike.

    • Kallol

      What 70 kmph? I dont know ,but I myself ride Avenger 200cc at a speed of 150kmph…Its quite Stable at 150kmph also..

  • Ishan

    @ above
    You are completely wrong, there is absolutely no vibrations on high speeds. Forget 70km/h, bike is rock stable even at 90 km/h. In fact avenger is one among those bikes in indian market which do not vibrate at high speeds….

  • prem

    Hi Frn,
    Im from Nepla(Pokhara).I just want to buy a red avenger soooon.after looking other brands like apache, Unicom, Hunk, Xtrime, even pulsar i think AVENGER is best .But im doubt about its millage and maintenance problem ! Please suuggest me . Is it comfortable in rought road like hilly region of nepal?

    • baljeet singh

      you should buy avenger.this bike will never let u down. not to wry that u r driving on hills or any other place.its engine is the best.u will feel as a king while driving. its average is near 40kmpl.great in this class.so go on and buy the legendry bike

    • sumanth

      yes iam supporting u becuse i also want buy avenger but iam waiting for maintenance problem

  • Hardyk

    hiii! its give around 37-40km/ltr and its very comfortable though…

  • aditya thakur

    i think avenger 200 is the bets cruiser bike in india as compare to others,,,,,,really it gives feeling like god,,,,,,,,also,it is the most unique bike,,,,which is prefered only by unique people

  • rohit

    bajaj is very confident and strong about its products and its self tranfsormes truely indian.all bajaj bikes are worth of purchase,but its just the matter of choice. the pulsar and avenger are given the same engine, one is with sporty look and great performence and the other one is strong and comfortable

  • Abraham

    I have been using a Bajaj Avenger 180 for over four years. It is one of the best bikes I have ever rode. The highlights of this bike are:

    1. Looks – Stop at the RED traffic light and you see others enthusiastically gazing at you. That feels great! You are the most important person there, unless someone has an imported bike.

    2. Pickup – Race from the GREEN light and no one, except a Pulsar 220 and an old Yamaha 350 (Torque Induction)have beat me so far.

    3. Speed – While most Indian bikes can reach speeds over 80kms, practically none can sustain it. On an Avenger you can sustain an easy 90kmph, without vibrations or loss of stability and control.


    1. It is not a city bike. In city traffic with too many twists and turns, others tend to get ahead of you.

    2. Larger turning radius due to longer frame.

    3. Non-availability of spare parts.

    Eagerly waiting for: The Avenger 250, if there is one.

  • sada

    i have avenger200 from may2009. bike is too good but has one problem i.e.it has only battery operated start…can occurs problem. and u have to maintain battery.

  • Suresh Singh

    I have recently purchased a red avenger and its a very comfortable ride,for a bike at that price range,yes i agree, the bike should have a kick start option,although you can push and kick start as an alternative,should the need arise,so called high speed handling?smooth at up to 110,so far, have not gone beyond still running in.overall a steal and YES it does RaIse eyebrows especially with the chicks,ment for a mature adventurous type of personality,Service at Anantapur dealer Excellent,sales and management VERY POOR, The manager needs a lesson in communication and the customer is First and Always right lesson,

  • Shankar

    guys im planning to buy Avenger 200 and about take it within a week or two once the bike reaches the showroom, persons working with bajaj too does not recommend this bike stating spares problem , and maintainance problem , is that true, it it advisable for me to go for it … i dont have an alternative choice rather than this, but im confused … help me out

  • paul

    i am planning to buy avenger, but many says that it gives very low mileage,doesn’t have good resell value and spare parts are very expensive and rare to get.can anyone tell me about that?

  • Anudeep

    Guys, i stay in Mumbai and planning to buy a second hand Avenger (180cc or 200cc). If any one is interested in selling one please contact me on my mail id: kumar.anudeep@gmail.com

  • Thanks alot guys for your valuable suggestions. I have just booked Bajaj Avenger 200cc.
    I am eagerly waiting to ride and feel like god!!

  • baba

    this bike is rocking,,what we will expect..?

    ya sure ,,,it hs a great power ,,,great cruiser look…delightin comfort to riding,,,,all d suspect what we want,,,hands off to bajaj avenger,,,its really aa indian harley davidson,,,,u rock bajaj

  • baba

    first u must take test drive,,,nd than u really thing that ur choice is owesome,,,,,u really feel like god

  • Hi Guys, I am looking for a bike which can last long say abt 8-10 yrs…maintenance is not a concern. Will use the bike mostly for leisure weekend rides, occasional mumbai – pune kind of travel…Please let me know if Avenger stands out, I love the looks of the bike…

  • abu abdulla

    The main advantage i see in this bike is lowest saddle height and iam so confused about the mileage. any experienced man can convey about the correct mileage?

  • Sat7

    hi every one.. I like the looks of avenger. but I was having a pulsar before. I met with a major accident 2 years back. now I can walk normal. but my knee flexion is only upto 75 degrees. and my ankle is perfectly and clinically normal. shifting gears is not a problem. I can bear the full weight aswell. how do u suggest me about this bike… u can mail me to sathwik143@yahoo.com. plz suggest..

  • munna

    riders seat is very low. could have been more better if little more high. tall people find difficult 2 ride

  • Souvik

    Hey guys…
    I am not having any bikes for the last 2 months…this feels terrible. I am planning for a new pair of wheels & is eyeing for this Avenger 200 machine. Riding in a city road like Kolkata is no problem for me. But the thing is my height is 5’8″….can anyone suggest if I can ride comfortably in this bike?

  • Ritesh

    hello frnds !!!
    i m planning to have a bike, n i think that it could be Bajaj Avenzer 200 DTS-i. I m a bit healthy n ma height is 5″8′. Will the bike suit me??? Hows is its performance???

    Please suggest me something…
    u can mail me too…


  • rachit

    hey guys!! i jus owned a bajaj avenger 200cc a mnth ago..everythngs fine wit d bike bt the mileage is a problem… my bike jus gives around 30km/l.. wat do i do guys..??

  • sunny

    i have used cbz, uniocon and pulser .but i am suffering from shoulder pain ,docotors advice me to go for good bike like bullet.wheather bajaj avenger will solve my problem

  • dinesh kumar

    hai ,guys im going to buy bajaj avenger 200cc ,also i am 6’2 tall ,some says it is suitable for tall riders
    so please answer me as soon as possible

  • jack

    hi friends i going to buy avenger 200cc but now not in market may i now 200cc and 220c difference. from childhood my dream that ride a hardly Davidson bike. not in india market that time but now same look bike is avenger. i m damp to crazy for this bike.

  • vikas

    hi i want to buy a avanzer 220 it’s good or not????

  • Yash

    Hay Vikas just go for it man… Its awesome man..

  • Manu Aggarwal

    I am looking forward to buy a an avenger will it serve my purpose m into marketing job and have to trip around 70 kms per day .. ( please look at the angle of obtaining good mileage)kindly suggest is it okay for me … if not then which one

  • ankit

    Wow!it’s the best bike ever made. It has provided me a great comfort.East or West PULSAR is d best.

  • Vikas Bhardwaj

    Hi Friends,
    Daily I m raiding around 90-100km in Delhi NCR any one suggest me Avenger comfortable or not & what’s the mileage of 220 or 200CC Avenger please suggest me, I m little bit confused to buy I m waiting for reply all friends.

  • Somnath

    Hi guys… I wan a buy avenger220… Availability of spare parts has been a major concern for me. Is it realy a valid problem or just rumors…

  • shyam

    i am going to buy a avenger what about its milage

  • Abhi

    Hi I own Hero Honda Glamour and took Avenger 220C test ride. It was terrific though I bumbled with gears as I am new to the cruiser style. I booked a red one immediately after it. Whatever the cons, its the only cruiser book within budget…

  • amansharma

    hi guys mere paas avenger200 8 months se hai engine ke hisaab se milege theek hai girl frnd ke saath drive karne mein maza aata hai i luv my avenger

  • parthiban

    I am planning to purchase bajaj avenger 220cc since i am heard that it will cost lot of maintenance with high sapre parts price

    Will you suggest me go with Bajaj Avenger or ?

  • parthiban

    Eventhough my parents contradict with bajaj Avenger i desired to buy but my friends are make me mess to say it will cost lot of maintenance with high rate of spare parts

    Its confusing me lot, anybody suggest me to come out of dillema

  • shashank

    hii every one .. i also have 200. its a nice bike but the mileage is very bad..

  • Well, I’m getting 30 kmpl.

  • gunners

    y does da silencer pipe blast. wats da problem dud. pls comment.

  • mahesh

    hi i want to sold my bike avenger 220cc if any budy is instered to buy then contact me mob:07208470171

  • mahesh

    hi i want to sold my bike avenger 220cc if any budy is instered to buy then contact me mob:07208470171

    • Manoj

      Hi Mahesh,
      Give the details about ur avenger220cc bike..
      1. In which city is ur bike, i mean registration KA or MH? year & month of make
      2. Color, no. of kms covered, current mileage, selling price, pics etc

  • anand.d

    hi i have this bike

  • anand.d

    i have good bike

  • gaurav

    My brothers tell can I purchas this bike or not plz h

    • Avengerrider

      if u like the bike then go ahead and buy it… if ur worried about spares, maintenence, average, looks, cost and such things even a harley wont keep u happy….

  • satosh paul

    super bike yaar…………………………………………………….!!!!!!!!!! its like snake moving arround city

  • joe

    Hi friends ,

    Finally i am decided to buy bike please give me a better mileage bike choice

  • Nashad

    I’m planning to buy a Avenger which is used for last 4 years, but it looks nice and can think the user maintained it in good manner, but can somebody tell me is used (4yrs) Avenger bike ok to buy or not, how can i check the engine quality? and other main parts


  • raj kumar

    IS the bike a good option for people who have back pain?

  • Raju Grewal

    Bajaj Avenger is greate, but it has one big problem, its top speed is not much. But i like it. So I am going to buy it.

  • Radhakrishna

    I am planing to take avenger bike, Please saggest me about millage & comfort

  • Jahangir

    I have own thjs bike everything iz good but in this days petrol rates are high and my avenger is giving 28-30 kmpl`

  • Murthy

    Hi guys I’m Murthy using avenger 200 from 2 yrs by my experience
    the advantages of this bike are
    1. Stylish, Unique look.
    2. Comfort seating for rider.
    3. Good economy when compared to Other 180/200cc bikes.
    4. Good starting pickup.

    And the major disadvantages are
    1. the bike vibrates after 70kmph.
    2. It tends to through out the rider in high speed.
    3. Rear shock system is very poor, very hard.
    4. rear seating is not good.
    5. Spares are not easily available and costlier.
    6. top speed hardly 130kMph i..e less for a 200cc bike
    7. Turning radius is more so problem for city riding.
    8. Poor rear brake system.

  • Murthy

    Sorry for typing mistake
    the top speed of avenger 200 is hardly 115-120KMPH

  • I want to know about its milage.

  • Dev

    hey guys how are u doing i have bajaj avenger 180cc can u just help me out can i update my bike version with bajaj 220cc if its possible plz give me appropriate suggestion i put up at Delhi if possible contact me
    Dev singh

  • vishnu

    guys i m thinking to travel with avenger 220..
    and i have to travel around 22500km in 28-30 days all over the india..
    so plz can anyone advice me is it good or not to travel this much distance with avenger…????

  • Shan

    HI All,

    My Avenger is about 4.5 years old. It’s giving me a mileage of over 40km/l as of now with average speed of 60 – 70kmph. This bike has gone for long trips like trips to Munar and ooty from Chennai and not at a single point was there a complain.
    I saw above that one of our friend is getting shaky feeling after 70, please have a check for the frame of the bike. It happened with a new ZMR recently. The faulty peace came from the factory and 99% of the people do not understand these kind of issues while they drive bcos they drive for the heck of it. Also bajaj’s own mechanic are literally hopeless, for everything thing they ask you to replace it. So try to get a good mechanic in your city and ask them to take a good care of timing chain and also on the combustion ration. Change the engine oil frequently as thats like a blood for the bikes and the more fresh it is, the better life and performance it gives. It’s the same for all bikes and so this is no exceptional. And finally about the mileage again, well, you should know it from before that high CC engine dont give good KMs…. So stop crying and better go for 100CC CT100 or Platina….. Always remember while you ride it “Feel Like God”..take care

    • raj

      Hi shan
      How abt the maintenance cost and spares …. No problem how much the spares cost but ll I get the spares more easily or shld I wait for it many days.
      No problem how much average it gives … I hope the engines remain good for 4 years life time ….
      How abt the suspension ??? Iam 5.9 height and I had lower back pain … But now I get back pain oly on long travels…. Is this adviceable for me?? Since u used to bike for years u wld have a good knowledge abt the bike … Pls reply

  • Nick

    Hey Guys just one concern about this bike is with the height.. i am 6 feet so just want to know does this bike any problem to people with more height..

  • Lalit bahadur Chand

    Hy, guys I want to sell my bajaj avanzer bike 200 Dtsi and it was to much comfortable for riding… It was just run only 13500km and with having gd condition fresh no scratch… Red colour and 34 lot … If u want to buy plz price is too much cheap it’s cost is 130000 only guys no barkening … Contact me at… 9849662229

    • Sujeesh

      First learn English Bayyia !! Current price for this vehicle is only 70000/- so how did you match it up to 130000/- Rs ,funny man !!!

      • sujit

        In Nepal it cost NRS 240000 in INR 150000

  • mushfique hussain

    i want to buy second hand blue avenger,so can u suggest me which model i should buy and about how many cc ?one more ting i want to know what is the exact mileage and what about its maintenance ?

    • Devjan


      Buying a second hand bike, brings you an extra cost of maintainence. Be well informed about the parts available of the 220cc model of Avenger (Of course, u should buy that one only). After 2-3 servicing the bike gives a mileage of 40-47 km/ ltr on highways, 32-37 km/ltr on city roads.

  • abhishek sardar

    hi,,I’m going to buy bajaj avenger 220 dts-i in black,,I’m thin and my height is 5’11–plz suggest me is the bike is suitable for my thinness or not

  • axat

    i confuesd b/w yamaha fz & bajaj avenger,i knw avenger is d best n dere is no comparision with avenger but i have mileage prob. plz frndsss suggest me which one is better for me n tell me both price and mileage avenger220 n fz’s plz frndsss help me n give me ur imp. suggestion…..

    • Devjan

      In 150cc segments, to get best looks, engine masculinity(sound), definitely yamaha fz-s. Mileage will be 50km/ltr min. on avg.
      In 220cc segments, classic looks, comfort, permormance on almost all types of roads, any time go for avenger-220cc dtsi. Mileage, after 1st servicing on avg will be 35km/ltr, though it depends upon how you drive.

  • Rishabh

    I have bought my avenger ….
    1.)but i am unable to use hand lock….its not locking the bike why???
    Any one who can can help this ….pls let me knw…
    2.)1 more thing bike is producing too much heat…and
    3.) problem while going from 1 to 2nd gear….

    • Devjan

      Dear Rishabh,
      I hv bought an avenger-220 dtsi.
      1. U hv 2 put and extra pressure and twist the key slowly clockwise, then the handle will be locked.
      2. Producing heat, after how much usage ? 10 mins ? 15 mins ?
      3. This a problem, which I hv faced too. Clean up ur bike chain, with kerosine, chain lubricants, brush, clean cloths, once in a month.

  • Akhil

    I am interested in buying Bajaj Avenger 220 Cc please let me the real average giving on road

  • nitin

    Hi Guys, i am planning to buy Bajaj Avenger 200cc next month that is december. After checking all the comments above i am thinking that my decision is right. just wanna know some thing
    1) is breaks are good on wet road ?
    2) how about the weight of bike , is it manageable in traffic ?

  • nitin

    hi Deepak.. I am planning to buy Bajaj Avenger 200cc. Can you tell me how is the mileage in city. Because my friends are suggesting me ZMR, i have no clue for which bike i should go.
    Please help me out.. Anyone can reply .. Thanks in advance


    Guys I want to the Milage to Bajaj avenger 180cc,200cc,220
    Is it prefferiable to buy that bike……?
    I need ur suggessions please

  • Amaan

    I am planing to buy avenger 220cc, is that good wit pick up,mileage, i am planing to buy by nxt mnth, i need dark blue colour,is tht gud. Plz reply

  • jafar chunoor

    its good for all, friends,. i an interior designer , i am sitting too much time , have back pain… after my work time i ride with my girl…… o sorry with my avanger 220cc i love her i like her coz she make me good feel ever and ever… in my all journey, why all people ask about mileage, resale value, this good for user, who is ? expecting a lovable life with their dream bike …… ilike bajaj,. i love avanger 220cc .

  • Pratik Majumder

    Please give serious advice on having a new bajaj avenger 220 DTSi , clearly mentioning pros and cons.

  • sandeep

    my bike milage is awesome avenger 220 milaege is 65 bankchyuth

  • Mileage of Bajaj Avenger

    My point of view it is one of the best bike by Bajaj.

  • hello…frnds..mai bike lee rha hu Avenger bt frnds..color confuZz hu yr’ pleas btayo ki blue m$t h naa..frNd$”

  • Shoubhik Bandyopadhyay

    Dear Bikers,

    I am new into biking. Earlier experience only in gear less bikes. i am interested to buy the new Avenger 220. I request your suggestion for the below please:

    1. Is the Bike expensive in maintenance, i mean are spare parts costly and hard to find?
    2. I am prone to upper back ache due to tall height, is is a problem to manage this bike?
    3. My usage is likely to be less regular mostly in weekends, is it hard to maintain?

    Would greatly appreciate if you could please advise. Moreover the current price on road in Kolkata is Rs 93000 approx which is a huge investment for a novice biker like me but i have liked this bike by its looks and have read the reviews over the net which is mostly satisfactory. I am 6 feet 1 inches in height. Kindly advise.

    Regards & Thanks,
    Shoubhik Bandyopadhyay


    Hie……Guys I Want To Purchase Avenger its better 200cc or 220cc Guys…?

  • shantanu,punjab

    I recently got my new 220 avi …..realy feel like god on the road

  • Ramesh

    Its awesome and i loveing it.

  • Prashant

    can any one plz share the details for what additional features we can fit for Bajaj Avenger 200

  • Prashant

    by features i meant fittings :p

  • Prashant

    I heard from my friends that bajaj avenger 200 has a pick up problem is it so….?
    and what is the top speed for 200……please share the information soon

  • sharath Chakravarthy

    Hello friends. .I was planning to go for yamaha r15 version 1. ..but my brother advised me to go for bajaj avenger 220. Is his option right gor me?? Compared to both which bike is good in all conditions? Kindly answer me. Thank u