Bajaj Auto Recalls Pulsar 220

Bajaj Auto, the name that has made itself familiar along the length and breadth of the nation by virtue of its brand – Pulsar is on a fast recall mode for the Fastest India bike – Pulsar 220. The company has detected a faulty part which leads to starting problem in the bike.

The company’s dealers said a problem with the starter relay on the Pulsar 220 had prompted Bajaj Auto to go in for the part replacement. However, it is to be mentioned that this recall covers not all the units. It is only for selected number of units that are despatched from a particular batch.

Bajaj Auto’s two-wheeler unit president K Srinivas said, “At Bajaj Auto, quality improvement is an ongoing process as we recognize that no product, however good, is ever perfect. Towards this purpose we continuously monitor the in-use quality of our products well beyond their two-year warranty period… Recently, a non-conformance in the starter motor relays of some of our motorcycles has come to our notice.”

The company refused to give out the details of the number of units that would be covered as part of this recall which is taking place at this juncture. Mr. Srinivas added that all the dealers have been informed about this recall. Also, inspection process is on if there are other brands of bikes that’s been facing this particular problem.

Bajaj Auto dealers are in touch with customers and have even sent them SMSs. Officials at the workshops said that the part will be changed free of cost and the process will take around 15-20 minutes.

So, it is better that PulsarManiacs owning P220s keep checking their SMSs for any news from the company or your dealer and get the replacement done by just sparing half an hour of your time.

But the question to be answered here is the same old one. Should we take it on the positive front that companies are ready to recall their products owing to their faults and getting it done replaced at free of cost or should we blame the auto giants that inspection quality is not upto the mark? Leave your comments in the form of words below.

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