Bajaj 2Wheeler Sales March 2022 – Domestic Sales Suffer Again, Small Exports Growth

Bajaj 2Wheeler sales for March 2022 doesn’t paint a good picture… Domestic sales dropped YoY but grew MoM…

Bajaj Auto have released their sales figures for the month of March 2022. The Domestic sales have not done well for the company. The Exports are the only ones which did well. 

The company registered Gross Sales of 2,56,324 units of two-wheelers in the month of March 2022. This indicates a drop of 22.36% from 3,30,133 units sold in March 2021. 

Bajaj Auto Sales March 2022

Year-over-Year Sales

The Domestic Sales registered 1,07,081 units sold in the month of March 2022. It is a decline of 40.97% from 1,81,393 units sold in March of 2021. 

The Exports are the only positive entity, registering 1,49,243 units in February 2022, compared to 1,48.740 units registered in March 2021. It is a slight increase of 0.34%. 

Month-over-Month Sales

For MoM sales, the Domestic sales did well but the Exports dropped. 

The Domestic Sales expanded by 10.94%, from 96,523 units sold in February 2022.

Conversely, the Exports dropped by 18.36%, compared to 1,82,814 units exported in February 2022.

The Gross Sales followed the similar trend and dropped by 8.24% compared MoM. 

2022 dominar 400 aurora green
While Honda added Hornet 180, Bajaj launched the Dominar 250 in the market recently…

Year-to-Date Sales

The Total Sales for Quarter-1 of 2022 registered 8,59,091 units sold. It is a decline of 18% when compared to a similar time period of the previous quarter. 

For the similar time period, the Domestic Sales dropped by 30.47% while the Exports dropped by 7.13%.