ARES Launches Racing Helmets at Rs 2999

ARES, the helmet manufacturer has launched a range of Racing helmets. Using the technology incorporated by NASA, the company aims to bring the latest innovation at an affordable price for you to ride on the streets. The new range, aimed at racers, will have designs and graphics which will appease to the sporty intent of the helmet.

ARES-Motorcycle-Racing-Helmet-Pic (2)

Professional and passionate motorcyclists would love to see an attractive orange color used with Z Black in stroke graphics which seems to bring out the essence of speed. The company tells us that the helmet has been designed in Italy by highly trained and skilled professionals, using innovative technology and high tech machinery. It boasts of a high impact strength shell, high density of EPS to absorb energy released upon impact. The visor consists of imported Iridium coated unbreakable Polycarbonate structure.

The interior of the helmet has been designed to operate easily and conveniently. With the single push of a button, the visor locking system ensures safety in case of an accident. For extra safety reflective fabrics have been used in neck pads.  The helmet has a stainless steel Micro-Metric European Standard Buckle 3G38. It also gets a designer Chin strap metal passante for size adjustment and polyester webbing. Ares will be marketing the helmet with one additional clear polycarbonate anti -scratch coated visor for day time use.

ARES-Motorcycle-Racing-Helmet-Pic (1)

Ares racing helmet also gets an anti-theft ring, air and water tight spectra guard. The interiors have been made up of soft PU-Foam material for better comfort and the Fabric used for interiors is Jersey Dress. The helmet will be available in two sizes 580 mm and 600mm.

ARES will be manufactured by Steelbird Helmets in technical collaboration with OUTLAST Technologies, a US based company that has developed phase change technology for designing NASA astronaut suits, keeping them neither too hot nor cold

This new range of helmets has been priced in the range between Rs 2,999 to Rs 3,999. These helmets are available in glossy and Matte finish in Stroke, Skull, Denim and Devil models.

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