Aprilia RS 125 – The Smoker from Italy

As I have a serious love for two strokers, and personally this is the bike that i like to own apart from the list of super bikes that are available in India. The Aprilia RS125 is the world’s only two stroke bike that is still in production meeting the racing standards of perfection. The bike was first introduced in the year 1992 that had a distinctive angular tail section and a swept front fairing, three spoke alloy rims, engine air intakes, square cut head light and much more for it’s time.

As time evolved, the design also evolved giving the latest offering that Aprilia has. Some of the key features that one can thrive for are:

  • Legendary RSV 1000R style fairing, windshield and tail;
  • RSV factory style crossed spoke wheels;
  • Extremely engineered Rotax two stroke engine;
  • Super rigid aluminum frame and swing arm derived directly from Aprilia’s GP design;
  • Upside down fork;
  • Front disc mounted with Radial caliper and four opposed pistons;
  • Analog cum Digital instrumentation with a multifunctional computer;
  • RSV factory style, forged steering yoke;
  • Oval sectioned racing exhaust with riveted end plates.

Let’s cut the overview and plunge into the detail of this beauty:

Style: The Aprilia RS125 is one of the best looking machines that fall into the 125cc category, the bike has a cutting edge looks that shouts out telling that it’s made for the track and made to take the track abuse. The bike is fully faired, not only helps in the looks department but also been extensively tested in wind tunnels for aerodynamic research and then perfected. This guarantees great wind protection and minimum drag for maximum track efficiency. The fairing, windshield and the tail are aerodynamically designed that not only looks aggressive, but also allows the RS 125 to reach mind blowing speeds eliminating all turbulence around the rider and allowing to unleash it’s true radical performance. The current production bike also comes with twin a halogen headlight that adds a character to the aggressive looks of the RS125 with a functionality of daylight like lights at night time. Not to forget the design of the tail, that will be the only thing visible after been smoked by RS125, is a replica of a GP style Aprilia that has some of the finest lines that adds character to the bike.

Engine: The engine is a two stroke 125 cc liquid, 6 speed, single cylinder nikasil coated linear engine. I have to tell u guys something, don’t get fooled by the 125cc figure, because the Gross Horsepower that is produced by this puny little 125cc engine is a stunning 32.5hp which is 24.2 Kw. Made u think? Yes, it’s more than the current Ninja 250 available in India. The powerful yet reliable single cylinder two stroke Rotax-Aprilia engine is a masterpiece of engineering that boasts technical solutions that are state-of-the -art for two strokes, including a crankcase reed valve intake, liquid cooling, anti-vibration balancer shaft and an automatic lubrication mixing system. The engine design has been constantly updated over the year’s right from its launch to keep inline with the latest emission control norms without compromising on the performance. A stunningly designed catalytic converter and precision carburetion has taken the bike forward to pass the Euro 3 standards without compromising on performance that a two stroker thrills with.

Chassis: As the RS125 engine is a pure thriller, there should be a sturdy yet light weight chassis that can complement the bike in all the ways and that what Aprilia has done that, the frame of the RS125 is a sloping twin-spar in thin wall box section cast aluminum with reinforcement cross-ribbing which is the most advanced part of the bike. The frame is developed from Aprilia’s vast experience in GP racing that helped them achieve a frame that is extremely light weight and an advanced structure that achieves amazing torsional rigidity that has a standard of it’s own among the competitors.

Suspension: The RS125 has the best suspension set-up in its class with a 40mm upside down fork set-up that has been designed to get maximum performance on the race track while also delivering a comfortable ride on the streets. The rear suspension is a swingarm with asymmetric members in thin wall box section cast aluminum that hosts a hydraulic monoshock with adjustable spring preload that is based on Aprilia’s GP racing technology for excellent traction and superb comfort on all the surfaces that a street bike can come in contact with.

Brakes: Where comes speed, there comes great responsibility of stopping the bike, and for that the bike is equipped with a 320mm floating disc brake in the front that is mounted with a Radial caliper with four differential diameter pistons of 32-27mm and the rear consisting of a single 220mm disc mounted with a 30mm twin piston calipers that is also equipped with metal braided hoses for perfectly balanced high performance braking in all extreme conditions. Both the brakes are equipped with a radial master cylinder and aeronautical hoses for maximum precision and unrivalled braking power.

Wheels and Tyres: The Aprilla RS125 is equipped with 17″ aluminum alloys in both front and rear that comes equipped with a 110/70 17″ and a 150/60 17″ tubeless radial tyres respectively giving maximum control and grip that one needs both in the race track as well as on streets.

Console: The Aprilia RS125 is equipped with one of the best digital cum analog consoles that is currently available and that can compete with liter class products. The console includes an analog rev counter and a multifunctional digital display equipped with an on-board computer that can be operated from the clip-on’s that also displays coolant temperature and an exclusive racing chronometer. What more, the on-board computer can also be interfaced digitally with optical finishing systems that is extensively used on race tracks.

With all the above said stunning features and a mere weight of 127 kg’s the Aprilia RS125 churns out 32.5 hp that shouts out to the crowd that it’s a “True Italian Performer”. Who else would deny owning this Italian beauty?