Apache RTR 180 Review by Sankar

I waited for three weeks to get my Apache RTR 180 (White). I realize that I have made a good decision and the motorcycle suits my expectation and needs. But there is no bike like an ideal perfect bike, so I have included the cons as well. Let us start with the pros…

TVS Apache RTR White Speedometer

Design: The bike comes with new graphics. The new RTR design in the air scoop and partially on the tank looks good. But the stripe lines called GT stripe is same as in the Fuel injection version. The bike has same looks and same ergonomics.

Engine: It is a 180cc mill machine which has a power of 17.32 ps and 15.5 nm of torque. The higher torque means more power and grunt available for lower revs. Now the engine comes with carburetor unlike the fuel injection. The engine comes with guard so that it prevents mud ,dust particles entering into the engine. It is a SOHC, Air Cooled, Four Stroke Engine.

Wheels & Brakes: The bikes comes with light weight alloys. Light weight alloys are used to reduce the weight but they do their jobs pretty well. The bike come with dual disc brakes so razor sharp braking is sure .The dissipation of heat in roto petal disc is very fast. The front disc comes with 270 diameter petal disc. It naturally says that “Stop Where You Want!”. The rear disc comes with 200 diameter petal disc. Useful in good braking. The chain is O-ring type.The final drive is in the chain.

Performance: This is a good performer bike in this segment.. This is a direct competitor for Pulsar 180 UG4 ,Yamaha Fazer, Yamaha FZ16. The company people said that it can attain a top speed of 125 km/hr. But I reached a speed of 110 km/hr(really) without any fear. It can reach 0-60km in 4.48 sec. The bike lover can do their wheelings in 2nd gear also. The acceleration of the bike is so good . It reaches 80-90 km/hr easily. The idle rpm is 1400. The battery system is not DC like Pulsars but is good.

Speedometer: The speedometer comes with all loaded items but all things in the speedometer is as same as in the fuel injection version. The fuel indicator is not so accurate. The tachometer comes with white background colour.

Rear Footpegs: The rear footpegs is lightweight. The cover of footpeg can be removed. Notice the picture clearly the rear foot peg cover is removed. So it looks in silver colour.

Tyres: Here comes the main part. Both the tyres are tubeless tyres. The front tyre has a 90/90-R17 and rear tyre has a 110/80-R17.It has its own company tyre called srichakra tyre. The tyre works good in normal condition but in wet condition it is little panicky. In the corners we can turn without any fear. The removable rear fender also comes with the bike.

Suspension: The front suspension and back suspension works good but not as pulsars. The front suspension comes with gold plated color. The rear mono-tube-inverted gas suspension called “MIG” works better on potholes and speed breakers.

Clip-Ons: Compared to rtr 160 the clip-on are little big, to say a half inch more than 160. Now the clip ons comes in black colour. The seating of Apache 180 is sporty but the seats needs to be accumulated. When we go long rides sure back pain is there.


  • The bike vibrates a little. After it crosses 4500 rpm it starts vibrating and after crossing 6000 rpm it disappears.
  • The main advantage is vibrations are mostly over shadowed. It means not overseen like 160.
  • The tyre is not good in its grip so whats the use of Razor sharp braking. The tyre can be of MRF or OTHERS in order for good grip.
  • The clutch is little notchy. The clutch is very tight, because of this after long rides I felt my arm is paining.
  • The engine is not upgraded needs to be upgraded.
  • The silencer is same as 160. And the sound of the bike is like FI.
  • The battery is not of DC system . It is a AC system.
  • The front suspension is not larger because of it the bike feels uncomfortable in some situations.
  • The bike styles needs to be changed.
  • The bike is uncomfortable for tall guys
  • The seat is so hard.

My Verdict: Overall it’s a nice package in its own segment. The price of Apache RTR 180 is Rs.73,500. It has a good value for money what it offers. It makes a lot of sense to us.

– Sankar