Apache RTR 160 Hyper EDGE 12,000 KM Ownership Review by Sajan

apache rtr ownership review

I first salute to BikeAdvice for helping me to select my first bike, and also sincere thanks to all bikers who posted their reviews on Apache RTR.

I am Sajan, working as a Clinical Research Professional, residing at Bangalore. My native is Coorg (popularly known as Scotland of India). Here is the story about my “Black Cheeta”

I started bike riding at the age of 13th, During my initial days I used to ride our Bajaj M80, Then Suzuki Samurai, later on Hero Honda Splendor,  During my college days I used to ride my friend Goutham’s bike that is Yamaha RX135. That time I realized about power of bikes. Yamaha’s power  and comfortable riding impressed me a lot. Then after finishing my studies I came to Bangalore for job and also got married. Till that time I could not full fill my dream of owning a power full bike.

Later on I and my better half Sarvashree decided to buy our first bike. She suggested she wants style and a real male looking bike.

Then I started googling, whatever I search on bikes, every time pages of BikeAdvice was opening. Then I registered at Bikeadvice, and got A-Z information. There I read the real time experiences of bikers, suggestions of owners, technical reviews and advices, etc etc

First I thought to select bikes based upon company and listed out available bikes:

· Yamaha- FZ, SZ,

· Hero Honda- CBZ extreme, Hunk

· Bajaj- obviously the pulsar and old avenger

· TVS- Apache RTR,

Then I tried to list out the drawbacks of all my selections.

FZ and SZ mileage very less, CBZ is too tall and again mileage very less, then comes omnivorous Bajaj family- I don’t want to own  a common in common bike. Then comes the TVS bike the real male bike, so called Apache RTR Hyper EDGE.

I too read issues about vibrations. But I found better mileage, stunning look, stand apart performance, and it’s height was less compared to other bikes.

Finally I selected two bikes, Yamaha FZ and Apache Hyper EDGE. Started comparing both, apart from looks in all other aspects Apache was standing ahead.


But considering my needs I thought to go for Apache RTR 160 Hyper EDGE. I felt it’s power is similar and more as of RX135.

Now I have completed 12,000kms in my Apache, absolutely no problem. Here is my sincere feedback for you all.

Regrets during the initial days: After a week after purchase, I was feeling like this is not giving enough comfort to ride and I felt hard, clutch and gear was too notchy.

I felt so bad about my selection. But soon after the first service I felt little better and showroom people told me that new bikes will take some time to adjust, as all the parts are new you feel hard, soon after the second service I felt drastic change, it felt so smooth to ride.

apache rtr hyper edge

After 3rd service I changed engine oil brand to “shell”, thereafter bike is butter smooth and in highway it just zoom past though easily. Now I am a happy rider and owner of Apache Hyper EDGE 160.

Apache HE 160 Handling:

According to me Apache got the toughest body, compared to Yamaha FZ, Handling wise it makes us to feel like “we can go where ever we think” We never feel like we are sitting on a 136kg Hunk. Shocks are very responsive and make the ride happy always. I paid Rs.78, 400 on road including numbering registration everything.

Apache HE 160 Engine and performance:

Engine sound is normal compared to all other 150 four stroke bikes. Well built engine with 15.2 BHP power, and most important aspect is power to weight ratio it has got power to weight ratio of 111.76 BHP/TON, This is the core aspect which gives Apache to jump in no time and makes all other bikes to follow it. 5 speed transmission makes the bike butter smooth on highways.

It goes like a “road ruler” in high way. I touched 127km/hr in Bangalore NICE road (with pillon). I did not go out of control or I did not feel any vibration.

Apache HE 160 Style:

As I explained, look wise it stands apart from all other bike, Clear head light, eye like parking lights, smooth finished indicators, A big 16 litre petrol tank with a stylish wind scoop, eye catching odometer, speedometer, all makes Apache a Mr. Apache.

Apache HE 160 Braking:

I got front and rear disc brakes, front brake is awesome, rear disc is little hard. If we apply together it works great.

Apache HE 160 Maintenance and service:

As I completed 12,000kms, I should mention the problems and maintenance cost and servicing details. Except for petrol, engine oil and for polishing cost, I did not spent single rupee on anything.

Servicing I was doing in the mentioned time lines and I used Shell engine oil, I personally felt it is very good, and felt vibration came down drastically after using shell. I suggest you all to use appropriate gears on particular speed, this makes bike to run smooth.

Some complaint about the road grip, I suggest them to check the tyre alignment and shocks height, and also brakes.

Apache HE 160 Mileage:

I am getting 48km/litre, We went to Coorg twice on bike. In high way I got only 43 km/litre because I rode most of the time above 100. It was a memorable trip. We crossed 260 km in just 4 hrs, we stopped at two places in between to freshen up.


· Look

· Performance

· Comfortable

· Suspension

· Better mileage in its class


· Back disc is little hard

· A small vibration between 55-65 km/hr

It’s a bouquet of power, style, mileage and comfort.

Thanks a lot for giving me opportunity to share my true experience.


my apache rtr

Review by:

Sajan P.A. M.Sc, M.Phil, PDCR, PGDBI