5 Reasons That Suggest Apache 200 Will be Cheaper Than Pulsar 200NS/AS [Updated]

Article updated after yesterday’s busting of specs and pics (view them here)

TVS is joining the 200 cc segment late but considering the rise in the sales of existing Apaches – both 150 and 180, despite them not being the freshest products around, tells us two things – One, TVS is working at the backend to increase Apache sales and the ploy so far has been paying and two, there is an unprecedented love for the Apache brand!

Closer to its official launch on the 20th of this month, followed by a media ride on 21st, we have the absolute clear leaked pics of the motorcycle along with its specifications. So, there is one thing which I tried to analyse – its expected price and here is a low down on the quick analysis…Apache-200-vs-Pulsar-NS200-PicApache 200 May be Cheaper than Pulsar 200: 4 Reasons

Following pointers suggest that TVS’ ploy is NOT to offer an immensely feature-rich product instead they are working on getting the basics right and playing the price card to make a mark in the segment…

  1. No Liquid Cooling: Its confirmed that Apache 200 will NOT get the proper radiator-based liquid cooling offered standard on all the Pulsar 200 cc models. Instead, TVS has opted for the cheaper oil-cooling tech which is found on the Pulsar 220. So, essentially it remains an air-cooled engine where the cooled-oil is circulated through two jackets.
  2. 5-Speed Gearbox: Against the 6-speed transmission of Pulsars, TVS has opted for a 5-speed unit.
  3. No Projector Headlamps: It seems TVS is not planning to offer projector headlamps and heck, one of the night spyshot suggested that the bulb may be 35 watt (and not even 55 watt)! (spy pic)
  4. Engine Sharing: Unlike Bajaj’s 200 cc mill which was an all-new grounds-up motor (based on Duke 200’s engine), TVS is sharing the Apache 180’s engine with a bigger bore for higher displacement.
  5. Specs: Leaked specs reveal a lower power output of 20.23 bhp and torque of 18.1 Nm. This is lesser than Pulsar NS200’s 23.19 bhp and 18.3 Nm.

Apart from this, there is no fancy tech like upside-down forks. TVS is expected to be using budget Srichakra tyres. Leaked spec sheets confirm that ABS will be on offer, most probably on a higher variant.

TVS-Apache-200-Red-PicApache 200 Price Analysis:

Though discontinued, Pulsar NS200 (and now Pulsar AS200) retails(ed) at around Rs 92-93,000 ex-showroom in Delhi. The Apache 180 non-ABS variant costs Rs 76,000 whereas the ABS variant is priced at Rs 87,000.

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Considering this, I believe TVS may price Apache 200 non-ABS variant between Rs 85,000 to 90,000, lower than the Pulsar 200 range (all prices ex-showroom Delhi) and the ABS variant just a shade under that 1 Lakh mark. I also believe the Apache 180 ABS may/will also get discontinued. Makes for a good bargain then? Launch is on 20th and we ride it on the 21st. Stay tuned…