The German firm of Robert Bosch GmbH had been developing anti-lock braking technology since the 1930s, but the first production cars using Bosch’s electronic system became available in 1978. The early era did not have the kind of a technology and sophistication that we have right now. But for its time, the system was superior. But if we were to compare the earlier systems with today’s ones it would seem a bit OLD SCHOOL.

ABS in India

Right now, in Indian motorcycles we still don’t have the system. But in cars, yes we have it, but, at a cost, As we now know, ABS stands for Antilock Braking System. This is a device which avoids locking of wheels equipped with hydraulic brakes.

When Bajaj introduced disc brake system, they had a lot of troubles with the design which I guess was due to lack of knowledge. But Royal Enfield was the first to introduce disc brakes in India. They introduced this system in vehicle called Fury. Fury was launched by Royal Enfield Motors. The original company who made this awesome motorcycle was Zundapp. When they launched this powerful moto in India, it came with disc system. The disc system was from BREMBO Germany. One of the biggest companies specializing in disc brakes.

Fury had a very good and bad reputation in India. It was very good in speed but very bad in braking due to its Disc Brake system. At the, time the disc brake system was very much unknown to all our Indian friends. So it was much harder to use. People whoever bought FURY had many accidents due to the brakes. Why did this happen? Well the answer is simple: misunderstanding the brakes. Using the front or rear brake depends on the vehicle speed. It has to be in some ratio which we learn by our experience and judgement. Due to wrong usage, Fury owners had problems. But after this long span of time, this system began to be introduced on Indian motorcycles but without an ABS.

Types of ABS

ABS comes with two different types. One is mechanical and another is ECU based. If I am not mistaken, the first motorcycle with an ECU controlled ABS in India and for Indian roads is CBR1000 by Honda.

The mechanical system works on pressure but continuously varies it according to the pressure applied by the rider on the brake lever. An ECU controlled ABS works in a smarter way because it is based on sensors and a processor which work together to vary braking force based on numerous information for the bikes systems such as throttle position, vehicle speed, angle of lean etc. It is bit complicated to understand.

Installing Mechanical ABS For Your Bike

But let’s talk about mechanical ABS. Its a good news to all moto lovers in India that an Indian based company actually manufactures Mechanical ABS systems themselves.

The system was introduced by company called EATA Plast Fabrics. And they currently manufacture Mechanical ABS for Indian motorcycles. When I saw the article related to ABS in “Bike India” magazine I was very curious to understand it. But since no one has ever got an ABS system in India which can be fitted to any of our Indian made motorcycles. I bought the system online and tested it on a ThunderBird Twin Spark and a Bajaj Avenger.

The result was amazing. I could instantly feel the change between both the brakes, I meant, without and with ABS. The bike can stop without skidding under hard braking. The system works 2-3 times per second. When rider presses the brake lever it applies variable pressure to the brake pads hence making sure that the brakes maintain maximum pressure while keeping wheel lock aside on any surface.

But it depends on vehicle speed. If the speed or load of the motorcycle is high then the system works faster. That means the system is activated 2-3 times every second the brakes are applied. This system is relies on some mechanical spares. The unit is quite small and can fit onto any motorcycle without any alterations or changes. You can roll back to original if you don’t want it.

indian-bike-absThe only catch is that Bajaj vehicles need different spares for ABS, but for other motorcycles all the spares are same. Bajaj has got a different threading style. So EATA Plast Fabrics provides spares for that too. You can order ABS online through or can order from me also.

The price tag is very reasonable which is M.R.P.1250/- without shipment charges. The price tag on site is included courier charges. Rest of the information you can get is from their website. This system is not suitable for foreign motorcycles. Get it as fast as possible and fix it from your skilled and professional mechanic.

Friends, remember one thing this system is not an entertainment plug in. It is A Guaranteed Hardcore Safety Device, In effect, you can brake on any surface, be it water, mud or gravel, with full force at any speed without having the fear of locking the wheels and crashing.

Do not hesitate to buy. The installation guide is packaged along with the unit, if you have any doubts feel free to contact me or you can contact the concerned company directly.

– Chinmay Dangre

In this video you can understand the bottom line difference between two motorcycles with and without ABS each. Courtesy of Honda.

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  1. wat a video!an eye opener!
    but wat did u mention abt bajaj bikes i dint realy get tat
    do u mean to say it will be costlier to install this system in a bajaj bike than other bikes???
    if thye abs costs only 1200 then y arent they company fitted??

  2. No. ABS units for all the bikes are same and so the cost(MRP 1250/- + Courier Charges). The only reason in Bajaj is the thread difference nothing else. So Saferide company gives the different attachment for Bajaj. Don’t worry to solve this problem I will show you theabs unit but for that you will have to mail me. send your test mail on so I can send you the ABS picture. All the proper attachment you will get in one pack. Yet any company has not given the approval to ABS coz it’s retro unit well you can ask the same Qeustion to saferide company..

  3. hello….i am a final year mechanical engineering student.i am very much fascinated by this innovation.I am interested in doing a project on you think its feasible?can u help me out with this?is it possible to fabricate the system?

  4. i hav karizma R .can i fit it to my there any problems with large dia zma brakes.can even fit an rear disc with abs to abs stunt supporting

  5. Akhil,
    Y do u want to fabricate this system when it is avialble in the market? Well I may help u in your project. Coz generally ppl come to me for project help purpose. I would like to help u either. I will try my best to guide u @ my level. mail me at

    ABS supports all the byke. Suitable for both Rear and Front.

    • I need algorithm to control ABS for motorcycles, Can you help me, plz, Iresearched a lot of data on the world but it’s hard to understand, In my country at Vietnam not yes.
      Please help me. Have a nice day.

    • DEAR SIR ,
      but sir we creat many problem ,so you help to us about this .&give your contact no.

  6. hi this is faiz i am going to do a project work on hydrollic brakes can u give a topic or an idea about it.and i am interested in designing bikes,will u tell me where can i get the spare it ligal or illigal to use the modified bikes on road..

  7. SAI GOVIND, please introduce urself. You are from which company? And if u r manufacturer please let us know more about your product more in detail.

  8. Dear Faiz,
    You have provided half information about your future project.
    Project on Hydraulic Brakes, but for which vehicle?
    If it is for two wheeler then yes I do have project topic for that. But send me test mail at

    Getting old spares parts is not a big deal. But I would like to know where you from, so I can tell you area for spare parts.
    Yes it is illegal using modified bikes on road. but u can make it legal by filling RTO forms. But in India RTO hawaldars don’t understand the actual law. but they do understand actual money. So they won’t catch you. They will catch you for license but not for modifications even if you are on the modified bike.
    This is legal site for legal advice so I don’t advice you to ride modified bike illegaly.

  9. <hi i work for a company called craysol technology. we are a manufacturer for speed governors in india .
    and now we have a patented product for motorcycles called the MABS.for further details call me on 09249591341

  10. SaiGovind,
    I checked the website, but I found no ABS system other than 1. ECU ( Electronic Control Unit )
    2. IFMS (Intelligent Fuel Management System)
    3. Speed Sensor
    I found that these units are mostly for commercial purpose rather than domestic use. Please give us details so our readers can understand proepr way.

    Besides do you re-write the algorithm for the given pre-defined parameters (gasoline powered motors)?
    The ECU and it’s neural network is defined for optimum efficiency. I would like to know about the re-writting of the system for the same for better desire efficiency.

  11. yes we are the manufacturers for speed governors in india and we are to introduce MABS for two wheelers in india.
    we would be launching this product by the 10 of aug.
    at present we are on lookout for our dealer network.

  12. I have a Apache 180cc (RTR). This bike does not have a ABS fit into it. This bike is fitted with disk brake on both the tires.

    I want to fit ABS to my bike. I stay in Bangalore.

    Please advice me. As in is it advisable to fit ABS, if yes where do i get in Bangalore.

  13. You can order it to me or you can directly buy from the company(
    It is the best thing to put. Since it is not any performance oriented spare but it is life saver. I suggest go for only front disc not for rear. Rear disc brakes are always low in efficiency for security purpose.

  14. hi chinmay, i am going to buy a new rtr 180. i just want to know whether the abs has life long warranty and does fitting it will affect the warranty of the bike ?

  15. Dear Kabilan,
    The warranty issue is limited for ABS, but as far as I am concern with the system and the company they have tested it for long time and got proper results.
    Regarding the violation of bike after fitting ABS. Well there is no issue or breaking warranty period. But I suggest you to ask TVS people regarding that. Since every company always try to break warranty by showing some reason. u know that…. So I can’t say about it. Because ABS is a saftey product not any entertainment stuff. But still…..So please check all the parameters before you install it.

  16. i own a apache rtr fi 160. i’m facing a horrible time with it as i tend to lost control when i brake.

    Even the slightest touches tend to lock the wheels. The bike’s weight shifts and its like gonna topple to my left when i usually use my foot to balance it…

    After a few falls, I reduced my speed, gave the bike for service, checked everythig, put new brake pads, etc., but in vain. Others who try to my bike give me bad feedback – “lose control @ braking” .. “almost crashed” etc.,

    I’m considering changing my tyres …

    Suggest me which one to go ??

    Also, will installing ABS help me ?? Should i install @ rear and front or only at front ?

  17. ABS will certainly help you. Value for money. But don’t install at rear. Go for only front..

    Maximum acidents occur because of brake lock or urgent disc brake apply. So I feel best solution for disc brake system is ABS(tough it is mechanical base but awesome effective.) by changing the tyre will not solve your problem.

  18. I have a Honda Unicorn and have fitted rear discs on it, do not know which system the mechanic has fitted. Is it advisable to fit this system on both the Discs and which one to order.Shud I order 2 Number for Honda Unicorn

  19. Im a final year engineering student from kerala. Im doing my main project on traction control system in a 4 wheel drive system which uses ABS to adjust slipping. Saw the video and i want to have it fitted in my bike GS150R. From where can i buy this product and how to install it.

  20. Hi , TVS Apache with ABS was displayed in Auto expo 2010 , the bike is absolutely fantastic . The safety levels with ABS are very high . I was thrilled by the demo .

  21. Hey Chinmay,

    Thanks for the extensive review of SafeRideAbs, couple of queries though.

    1)How is SafeRideAbs different from its Chinese siblings which are sold at even less than half of SafeRideAbs price , courtesy KRP Delhi ( ) The concern is that I don’t want to risk my safety for Chinese stuff if quality Indian stuff is available, which I hope SafeRideAbs is.

    2)What is the estimated life span of SafeRideAbs and is there any experience of SafeRideAbs failing or ruining the brakes,

    3)I have R15 and both the disc brakes serve the purpose. But I wont mind shelling out couple of grands for this extra and assured(which I hope) safety . Is it advisable to experiment this kit on only one of the disc brakes (please suggest rear or front) or to both the brakes .


  22. That was nice question Dhiraj, when i first heard about it i decided to go for it. Last day in a popular forum i read a post about KRP ABS unit. He has been using it for 6 months and said its working well and the dealers were nice to him in explaining details and installation. Im very confused

  23. I got SafeRideAbs on front disc brake and instantly I could feel the change. Though brakes get locked if u really squeeze the hell out of front brakes but the performance is decent. My mechanic tried hard to install it in rear disc brake but due to exhaust being pretty close to rear tyre, it was bit difficult to get it on. We will try tomorrow for the same. Anyone who got it installed on rear disc brakes of Yamaha R15, please share your experience. And the good news is that we have a dealer in Hyderabad.

    • PLease email me the address of the abs dealer in hyderabad.
      i am also a hyderabadiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      pls reply ASAP DHIRAJ

  24. @ Dhiraj,
    Don’t install ABS on rear disc brake system.

    @ Adil,
    SAFERIDE ABS branch office is in Mumbai. You can directly buy it from there office. Please check the site for detail info.

  25. The braking performance of the bike will be hamppered if you install it on rear disc brake. The braking goes on TOSS. The unit is good only for front rotor. ECU controlled ABS is good for both the brakes but not mechanical based system.

  26. @Chinmay…. I agree its real tough task to get it installed on rear disc but it doesn’t go for a toss.
    Y’day on Republic day I had a tough time with mechanic for fitting it on rear disc. Majorly cosy clustering of rear tyre, disc brakes , chassis support and exhaust in R15 , we couldn’t get it fitted without removing the rear disc calliper . And this was not all , we had a tough time pumping out air bubbles and adjusting rear disc brakes. We had atleast 3 rounds of testing to ensure that the rear brake was back to normal experience. Oil spillage on disc made the work tougher. Finally I got my bike washed and I was ready for my ride. On my way back home I felt that the pads of rear discs were not adjusted properly and they needed immediate attention. Today I skipped my office first session to get it cleared from Yamaha Workshop(Pearl Yamaha ,Kondapur) . Now with all things done I am ready to test it for a while. Though on rock hard braking rear tyre locks but I could feel the pulsating effect on my rear discs like the front one. The dealer (Mr Prabhakar 9248003766 ) was real kind in extending his helping hand for this extra hassle. Not to mention he got everything done (front+rear+mechanic charges) for flat Rs. 2400 . An additional 50 Rs for getting rear disc pads adjusted, chain alignment and front disc pads checked at Yamaha workshop. The dealer had it installed on both discs of his P220 and he assurred that he didn’t face any issues for last one year.
    I don’t know whether this much hassle is worth the change in rear discs performance , but if rear discs perform as better as the front one I will consider it as worth the pain. I will keep you posted.

  27. does this mecahnical ABS work on all surfaces like road having spilled oil on it and other slippery surfaces ??

    2. is there any maintenance required?

    3. what is the lifespan of this ABS?

  28. Guys LIsen WASTE OF MONEY………i have wasted my money on this stupid product ……Same Performance the only thing is that the person make the disk brake little tight so that we can see the change

  29. Guys Brakes are the most important safety system in motorcycles. Fitting ABS is not a joke,

    U have to make new hydraulic connections from master cylinders to HECU and HECU to Caliper assembly both for front and rear brakes.

    The HECU gets its inputs from wheel speed sensors which work in combination with tonner wheel the arrangment is complex.The HECU / ABS activation is based on the algorithm in ECU, I doubt no one other than Professionals like TVS would have algorithm that suits Indian road conditions .

    Also the ABS unit consumes power (20-30 watts appx) , magneto of ur bike is designed for certain level of power output and not for additional electrical accesories . In case the your are able to do the mechanical conections and make ABS work but power supply may not be adequate to operate ABS all the time.

    The chances of failure are very high. Its not recommended to used after market ABS on ur bike and risk your life at high speeds on road.

    You have brakes which work,so just throttle…. cruise to the top speed and enjoy ur ride…………….

  30. Hi my name is Amul Luthra and i have a Apache RTR 180 in this bike i have roto petal shape disc brakes in both front and rear. I want to know that that the ABS is compatible with these kind of disc brakes or not. I opened the site it says under SAFERIDE TAB that “SAFERIDE is applicable to all motorcycles having hydraulic disc brake.”…THANKS FOR YOUR ANSWER IN ADVANCE……

  31. I have a 2.5 yrs old car. can ABS be fitted in that too.
    If you know somebody, who fits it on 4 wheeler, please let me know


  32. i had bought abs 4m delhi 4r ma yamaha r 15…….can i fit the abs 4r both front and rear???????????????????????????

    does it really work 4r it…..
    wat will be difference we noe b/w abs or disc while riding

    i hadn’t fitted abs to ma bike upto

  33. Hi Sandeep,

    I have fitted ABS on both of the brakes of my R15 . Fitting ABS on rear brake is a pain due to cramped cluster or Chassis and exhaust. I had to do only after removing the tyre. You can give it a try . For front brake , the improvement was impressive but on rear it was not as impressive. Still any good is appreciable.

    Check my earlier comment. You ll find all the details.


  34. Hi Chinmay and others,

    I have been contemplating on using this product.
    One important question, any product will have wear & tear and break loose.

    In usage of time say 1-2 years, if something in that metallic unit breaks down (during driving or it stops functioning), can i still use the old-brakes. Or rather will the old-method braking, still continue to work, if the system fails at any point of time

    Fails safe approach is critical. Is it not ?


  35. Disappointing, still not response, for the question.
    Feel quite an important one, what if it fails while driving, will normal brake continue to work (during driving) ?

  36. Hi i own a new CB UNICORN. i usually go 4 long drives thrice a week .i stay in coimbatore. i wish to ‘ve ABS for my safety concern. i ‘ve following queries

    1.will ur ABS suit my bike efficiently ?
    2.if yes so, how can i get it & how could i fix it 2 my bike ?
    3.if any mishap occur will i be able to claim insur from both ABS provider & my honda dealer ???

  37. Hi Praveen,

    Looks from the feedback of folks who have used it & video-demo, i am sure it works quite genuinely. I also had similar questions, which abs-people have answered and i have inlined in below for everyone’s benefit.
    Yes, your third-question on safety is the most-critical one, which i am also concerned about.

    Here are my questions (you can see above) and answers from ABS-team:
    1. I can order online, but is there anyone in bangalore who can help in fitting it….
    ABS: Any corner mechanic can fit it. You just have to follow Installation CD which we shall provide you alongwith the product.

    2. Any device has wear and tear in usage of time any device can fail or malfunction…..
    ABS: Usually not; provided you see after proper maintenance (removal of dirt/dust etc. time to time while servicing the bike).

    3. If the device fails (while driving) does it allow the normal brakes to work properly, or will the normal brakes fail to work until the faulty-device is removed. …

    My final comment: From their answer i can see that in case of failure of the abs (while bike is running), looks like my normal brake will not work unless i remove the abs-unit that has failed. If Normal-braking SAFETY is Guaranteed (even on device failure, while the bike is running), then this is surely a good product, i will buy and recommend every single biker to buy, but not until then.
    However this is my personal opinion, from the feedbacks of many i see its a good product. Just dont go for the LOW-cost chinese makes which are available at 600 Rs etc,.

    Additional advice, please buy riding gears (Fox, cramster or DSG), buy a pair of good gloves, riding jacket, or atleast knee and wrist guard armours. They are equally good investment and you will find good advise in several websites. For even if you have the ABS unit, you could still fall due to several other reasons. So protecting your body smartly with these armours i have found it to be quite helpful.

    Wish you
    Safe Driving and Long life

  38. Dear Chinmay
    I was going through the ABS system for cars suddenly it came to my mind is it for bikes or not the I see this forum I am pretty imress with the kind of knowledge you have.
    I have Bajaj Pulsar 200. With front Disc & Rear Drum so can fit it on both.
    One more thing if this ABS system stop working then what will happen in that case. Will the brakes of my bike work as usual or not.

    Kindly do let me know.

  39. i own a cb unicorn will i be able to fix ECU or mechanical type ABS in my bike? can u display an indian bike fitted with abs and its effective working n Indian Roads……so that v culd believe better & buy

  40. i wanted to know how much it will cost for rear disc for fzs,can rear disc be fitted to fzs and how much will it exactly cost for abs where can i get it and how

  41. @Chinmay Dhangre
    Thanks for the Website of ABS. Can you tell me does this ABS can be installed on a HONDA CBR250R and upcoming YAMAHA 250cc Bike ?

  42. Hi Chinmay,

    I bought Honda CBR 250r Standard model in May2011. Unfortunately, ABS model was not available that time so I went for Standard model. Now I want to fit ABS for my Honda CBR 250r STD model (same as that of Honda CBR 250r ABS model).

    So is it possible?

  43. hello friend!!! i liked your blog very much ….it is really very informative.but i still have few queries…1> without having disc brake on a two wheeler , can we install abs in that bike.for example i am currently having discover 100dts si bike.i am planning to install ABS in that, but i dont know whether its possible or not , my bike has drum breakes in both front and real wheels.plz let me know how do i do it….plz mail me ……thanx

  44. sir, i m final year automobile Eng. student i want to make project on ABS, and how can i make it? please rply fast as possible

  45. Hi,
    This is sandeep, I have a Pulsar 180cc which has only front disc. I want to fit ABS to my bike. I am also in dilemma to change my rear drum brake to disc brake.
    Will changing drum to disc and having ABS in front change the bike performance.


  46. Hey, i am having a Honda Dazzler and I am thinking for fitting ABS in my bike. It’s a new bike. I am in Bangalore. Please tell me where I can get it fitted in b’lore and estimated cost? Also, I want to know if it will have any impact on the warranty of my bike. You can contact me @ 78295 49000 /

  47. hi ….
    Any one plz tell ,,,im jabir frm kerala
    Std in btech final yr,,i have to doing a main project,,plz e mail me the details of abs fit on bike

  48. sir
    iam rammurthy iam doing project on anti-lock breaking system for two wheelar i want ABS
    and pressure sensors and torque and wheel speed sensors please help me

  49. Hi Guys,

    Is ABS really needed in a byke? Apache rtr 180 cost 11000 Rs more with ABS. Is ABS worth this money. Does it give really that much advantage and protection while braking?

  50. hi
    i want to fit ABS in my bike(fz-16)
    want to know abs can b fitted only in discs or drum brakes also as i dont have rear disc.
    thanx waiting for ur reply soon….

  51. I want to buy a new 2 wheeler for myself with ABS.
    earlier i had scooty TVS, then NOVA , TVS Starcity then TVSStreak
    Now again i want to update my vehicle
    Can u suggest any?

  52. Hello Chinmay,
    Great article on ABS.I have Pulsar 180cc UG4 2011 model. I actually met with an accident due to front wheel lock. At that point of time I realised that the ABS could have avoided that mishap. This article is a life saver article at times.

    Thanks a lot and will definately buy this product and get it installed on my bike.

  53. With regards to my above query, I would also like to know can I change the rear drum breaks into disc breaks and install the ABS accordingly and will it help me in increased safety, where can I go for the changing of breaks from drums to disc and also how is gonna affect in rainy season as both front and rear has disc breaks with ABS?

    Eagerly waiting for your response Chinmay.

  54. i want to install ABS on my Royal Enfield Classic 350CC. I want to install ECU ABS or is there any advantage of mechanical ABS over ECU ABS. Also Bosch making ABS for Bikes , yet cant find the ECU ABS Kit for Enfield. Anyone have Bosch ABS. What are the advantages/Disadvantages of Mechanical ABS over Electronic ABS. One Last thing, Dont go for Chinese products if you love your life.

  55. Hi,
    I am using Honda make bike, CB Unicorn Dazzler model. You may know that this bike is fitted with disc brakes on both the wheels. In order for more safety, I am interest to install ABS to my bike. I may kindly be advised as to how can I get the unit from shop/market with location or on line only and the cost approx. thereof so that I can procure it and also advise me where from it can got fitted whether private owned workshop or Honda company service centre. I am living in heart of Mumbai and as such it will be much convenient in case of shop/market, the exact location/name is mentioned and in case of online procurement, the details of the same may kindly be mentioned. Moreover, if you are comfortable enough, your personal contact no. or Email a/c no. will find me more convenient to serve my purpose.

    With lot of thanks,

    Anticipating your valuable response,

    Subhas, Dadar, Mumbai.

  56. i want to buy this product from whr can i get this 1 ,i stay in navi mumbai . i have a old pulsar 180 with front & Rear disc breaks is it worth installing ABS in front & rear disc .i hv converted rear drum to disc .The brakes r very urgent rear wheels get locked .can any 1 tell installing ABS in rear disc will not lock the wheels & not skid the bike……………………………………….

  57. DEAR SIR,



  59. Hi …I think in india we honda which have Abs like Honda 250r.I ABS System will not work for the dram work only for dick break.And you dont want to use ABS system for those bike.Save drive…..

  60. Hi! chinmay sir i am automobile engineering final year student. i’m looking for a project on hydroulic braking system so, plz help me and my entire group. thanks!

  61. Hi Chinmay,

    I have smaller bike, Pulsar 135 LS. I want to know if ABS can be fitted into my bike and if it would be helpful for my bike. If yes, I would order for one.


    Apurba Bayen

  62. i want to install rear disc brakes to my bajaj avenger 220, so is it possible to to do so, and if it is possible please let me know what will be the ways

  63. I installed the same in my yamaha FZ it is not working at all no use of it one of my friend installed in Victor GLX even it is not working. You cannot even fell like it is working. waste of money and time. don’t buy it.

  64. Hi Chinmay,

    Can i put the ABS for Karizma ZMR on both wheels? How much it will cost ?
    What is the installation changes?
    Pls suggest


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