Hi friends! Hope you’ve read all the other reviews about bikes from an LML Vespa to a Yamaha R15 to a Royal Enfield Thunderbird. Okay. Now let me just take you on a different path altogether where you could know more that you’ve known till now. As you all know I am Saran residing in Coimbatore city.

Something About my City

Heavy traffic during peak hours and during other times, even the city road is a highway. Lots and lots of bikes than cars. Marketing and sales guys, cool girls, Handsome guys [like u & me], old aged, physically challenged. All in their own means of commute. Petrol price – Rs.63.20 avg.

Something About Me

  • MBA final trimester project.
  • Passionate biker.
  • Love reading bike reviews and posting comments.
  • Love writing boring reviews and making others read.
  • Always want to differentiate myself from the crowd (that’s why I bought a yellow RTR160 – regret now coz everywhere I see it).

Something About the Review

  • I wanted to keep the language simple for good understanding (False reason).
  • You probably might not have heard of this bike. (may be appealing only to a few)
  • This review contains more of informative stuffs than reviews (Sorry if it is boring)
  • This is not a review of my bike but it belongs to a friend of mine Vinoth. I’m writing on behalf of him.
  • The choice of this bike will say about his personality too.


No suspense anymore. The review is about an EV (Electric Vehicle) called “V60” from the house of “Ampere Electric Vehicles Pvt Ltd.” Without any further discussion let me discuss about the bike.

Design & Colours

Well, as you see, the design is so simple and plain (so do most other scootrets). These E-Bikes don’t concentrate more on the design part because plain sheets of fibre are light and cheap too. The body is all-plastic and the quality is not all that great. But it is not what they are built for right?

The design does look a bit odd and surely differentiates it from other scootrets but still it is not too bad. This bike is available in three colours: Red, Blue and Silver Metallic.

Loading Capacity

The bike is built on a steel frame same as that of other scootrets. The frame is designed in such a way that it has an optimum balance between light weight and strength. With a maximum loading capacity of 250Kg, it takes on two people with ease. I mean, that’s really cool! Even when loaded with 200 Kg of load, it reaches a top speed of 45kmph.


In the front, it has standard telescopic suspension and in the rear, it has dual coil spring suspension. The suspension is really good and takes on rough roads very well even with two people on-board. But continuous exposure to such roads will test its limits.


The seats are comfortable for two. The quality (as usual) is not great but its comfortable for driving short distances. The front foot space is spacious with flat floor which can hold a full size gas cylinder.

It has a foldable foot rest in the left for ladies. Though there is no saree guard, there is a plastic cover that covers the wires running from the Controller to the Drive Motor. The Grab rails are practical.

Light & Indicators

It has two LED lights with reflectors which gives sufficient light. But most of the times when there is some light on the opposite side, it feels it is not sufficient. There are also those small blue and red LEDs near the headlamps for fancy lighting.

The indicators are really functional and there is also a buzzer accompanying it. The Horn sounds sound. The cool thing is that there is a separate dynamo and a battery to operate these electrical parts so no fear that we may loose battery power while the indicators and horn are operated.


The meter console is functional with power indicator, speedo meter, odo meter, fuel indicator and over rev indicator. The fuel indicator is more like the ones in other scootrets. But it would be nice if it had been a meter which can show how many kms can be covered with the available power. The speedo reads 60kmph but it would never cross 45kmph.

Performance & Braking

Performance? Okay. Let me make things clear again. I’m not gonna talk about any 0-60 times and stuffs (This bike will never reach 60kmph). But I could compete with a Scooty series bike up to 30kmph. It is really amazing that this battery operated scootret could do such things.

As I said earlier, it easily takes on two people and reaches 45kmph which is its top speed. The brakes are cable operated drum brakes at both the wheels. To stop, we should definitely engage both the brakes. Braking is good because of the low speed and light weight but its not precise.

Battery & Charging

The bike operates with a Lead-Acid sealed type battery (a Lithium-Iron battery would lead to increased cost) manufactured by Excide. So, no issues on the battery reliability part. The company gives one year replacement warranty for the battery, ECU and the Motor. The charger fits in at any power socket and designed to be used at 220-240V.

It takes 6 long hours to charge the battery from empty to full and the charging time depends on the power left in the battery before charging. For a full charge it takes only 2 units of power which means a maximum of 5 Rs.

Mileage & Economy

With a full charge and when ridden single, it easily covers 70kms before the battery empties. With a pillion it goes up to 65kms in full charge. So, with just two units of power, I could travel 65kms. If one unit of power is Rs.2.5, then I spend just 7-8 paise per kilometre. This is the cheapest mode of commute. If you think Busses are cheap, then I can prove you Wrong!

With Rs.38000, I could go for a Scooty too. It returns a fuel economy of 45kmpl. So, If I am riding 60kms per day, I spend Rs.2200 per month. But with my bike, I spend just Rs.120! I save Rs.2000 every month with which I get back my investment for the bike in 1.5 years.


Apart from the standard features like LED lamps and stuffs, there are two more features that are the USP of my bike.

Ride Control

It is the same thing which is available in Bajaj Platina/Discover. The ride control is a small switch near the accelerator which when switched on will see to that the bike never crosses 35kmph. This helps you to save power and increase the mileage. With Ride control ON, the bike runs for extra 10kms.

Cruise Control

Yes. You read it right. My ride has a cruise control! To switch on Cruise Control, I just have to hold the throttle at a constant rev limit for 8 secs. The cruise control switches ON automatically and even if we take our hands off the accelerator, the bike cruises at the same speed. To switch OFF the cruise control, I just have to slightly twist the accelerator or slightly press the brakes.


As far as the maintenance of the bike is concerned, there is no need of changing engine oil, chain lubricant, etc., So, I save about Rs.300 on every 2000kms on engine oil. There is a service centre in my city (Coimbatore). I could use it or I have the option of calling the service people for On-road service.


Safety is one area where this bike has to improve. Some times, I do not check the battery level before I leave my place. As a result, I get stranded in the midway sometimes. No other go! I have to push it along. There is also an advantage with the batteries. Even after the battery is empty, if we switch off the key for ten minutes, the battery regains some power and takes me 5kms in which I can reach a power socket.

The brakes are not powerful, so for a sudden stop, I sometimes have to use my shoes. The key has a locking system that is available in Activa. After removing the key, we can use the lock to avoid others inserting their key, water getting in, etc., Under the seat, there is a MCB (Multiple Circuit Breaker). So, even if there is some problem in the electrical units, the electrical parts are not damaged.


As usual, there is an under seat storage that can accommodate a full size helmet and a lockable glove box in the front.


  • No licence required.
  • No insurance required.
  • No pollution. (both air and noise)
  • Light weight design makes handling easier.
  • Very very economical.


  • May get stranded in mid way.
  • Non availability of charging stations.
  • Improper battery maintenance leads to loss in battery life.
  • Replacing the battery costs close to Rs.5500/-
  • Forget travelling long distances.
  • Poor braking and bad quality of fibres.
  • Only one service station for the entire city.

Technical Specification

Motor : 250W
Top Speed : 45km/h
Range : 70km
Price : Rs 38,000 (approx)

Please leave your comment and queries below. Please rate my review on a scale of 10.


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  • Vivek Kavadia


    Pretty far moved from the conventional reviews about passion and power and acceleration!

    I liked the review for sure. Comprehensive and well written. Better than quite a few bike reviews here. 8/10 for the review.

    Ride safe!

    • Saran

      Thank you Vivek Kavadia…

  • sachu

    I thing this is the first review of an electric scooter in bike advice.
    Very good review.Saran, you presented the review in a very nice format.

    • Saran

      Thank you Sachu. I love Bikeadvice so much and wanted to do something to take it a step ahead. I think I did it to some extent.

  • sachu

    @ Deepak
    Hai deepak , You should encourage this type of variety reviews..
    Before reading this review i dont have much knowledge about electric scooters.
    After reading this, If I have to choose a scooter for my sister I also consider electric scooters like this one.

    • Saran

      Bikeadvice is already an encouragement and now Deepak has also helped me. It was just yesterday night that sent the review and Deepak made good efforts to post it today. Thank you Deepak.

      It is not only Deepak. He is just like the starter motor. The members of the blog and who always read all reviews and post comments serve as fuel. Thanks for all who comment here.

  • Sachin

    Good review!!well as per traffic rules if it can reach 45kmph then one needs to have a licence.whats the company name of this bike? Bcoz ampere v60 sounds like a model number.
    Whts the battery capacity in Amper hours?also whats the maximum shelf life of battery in case of low usage?load carring capacity is amaizing,i mean does this include bike weight +rider weight?i thought only yo bikes & hero electric are good,but this one seems really good.

    • Saran

      The company name is Ampere. They have their manufacturing facility in Sulur, Coimbatore Dt., Tamil Nadu. They are quiet strong in EVs here in coimbatore. Hero and Yo are nothing here. Yes. Ampere vehicles have odd names which is a disadvantage for them.

      With this interest on e-bikes, I got permission from to visit the factory and they allowed me there. They have around 20 EVs (2, 3 & 4 wheelers). I have made a study on some 5 models and request Deepak to post it. He too agreed for it. But since I’m a little busy with the project, the progress is slow. I will finish it as early as possible and post it here.

  • Abhilash Bharadwaj

    Nice review man (10 on 10)
    U did a fantastic job by selecting a electric scooter for your review. It gives some knowledge for people like me who has neva bothered to even know about the e-bike.

    • Saran

      Thank you Abhilash Bharadwaj.

      Though these EVs dont have a space in our hearts… I think if we give them some space in our garages, it would take care of the maintenance expenses of our dream bikes. For shopping kind of short trips, they seem to be more useful. They can definitely be our second bike.

  • fas

    I am hearing the name of the scooter for the first time so cant judge much from the review but a good effort.

    • Saran

      Thanks bro. Hope it was informative…


    This is an unique review as its on an electric scooter.Review is also good with necessary information,picture,good description.

    • Saran

      Thanks bro. Wait for more…

  • nitin

    The review started in funny tone and ended in informative scenario. I like the features in this bike like cruise control. Apart from the cheap and pollution free commutation purpose, kids going to high schools can have these e bikes. This will help them to learn traffic sense. It will be better to learn on e bikes than jumping directly to geared bikes. After all, many people excel in riding capabilities but lack in traffic sense.

    • Saran

      sure its a good idea Nitin.
      But the fact is that there is a rule which says kids under the age of 10 should not use these bikes. But this is INDIA where 10 year olds ride geared bikes.,…

  • Balu

    Interesting that this bike doesn’t require an insurance to ride it considering it costs 38k.

    • Saran

      Yes. but the company offers accident insurance for the customers.

  • Subash

    Well.. well.. never expected to see a such a post here 😯 good review though 🙂
    this thing doesn’t need RC or Licence is it 🙄
    To be honest i have always rated these kinds very low but i didn’t know it can drag 200+kg 😛
    does it cost 38,000!! wowie..

    • Saran

      Yes. As i said earlier, Ampere also manufactures 4 wheelers that can carry 1.5tonnes of payload for 40kms in a single charge.

      E-Bikes are developing not only in sales but also in technology…

  • LOL. . .Funny and unique review. . .
    Interesting. . . .
    Keep it up man.
    Good luk

    • Saran

      Thanks bro!

  • star4ulove

    nice one, something i really like is your writing skills.. very nice to read… Hope Deepak will consider for review…. (9/10) out of 9 you got 6 for your writing skills……

    • Saran

      Thanks bro. This writing is due to all comments and advices given by fellow members like you for my past review…

  • sachu


    As i said earlier, before reading your review I dont have much knowledge about electric scooters and your review impressed me a lot (may be because of ur writing skills).So to know little more about e scooters I just googled it and from the website of Hero Electric India I saw the details and technical specifications of one of there model called E Sprint.The details are given below:

    E Sprint technical specifications

    Speed 45 km / hour
    Range 65 km /charge
    License /Registration Required
    Motor Output (Watt) 800 W (1500 W-Peak) BLDC
    Battery Type VRLA 33AH/48V AH
    Wheel Diameter 10”X3” Steel Alloy
    Charger N
    Battery Charging Time 8 Hrs
    Brakes (F)-Disc, ®- Drum
    Net Carrying Capacity 140 KG
    Gradeability 9 deg.
    Storage Box Capacity 25 ltrs.

    On seeing the motor power (800W) and speed (45kmph) , I felt wonder that how your friend’s electric scooter Ampere V60 can provide a top speed of same 45kmph having only a motor power of 250W….?
    The technical specification u given in this review is:

    Technical Specification Of Ampere V60

    Motor : 250W
    Top Speed : 45km/h
    Range : 70km
    Price : Rs 38,000 (approx

    To know the fact I googled again and I got a technical specification of Ampere V60 from there on website (www.ampvl.com) which is given below..

    Ampere V60 Technical Specifications

    Model Name Ampere V60
    Kerb Weight 100 kg
    Max Load Driver + 1 Person
    Top Speed 25 km/h
    Motor Power 250W Wide Frequency Permanent Magnet
    Charger AC220V50Hz
    Battery Type(Slab) Sealed Lead-Acid, Maintenance Free
    Battery Capacity 60V20AH
    Charge Time 6-8 hours
    Run distance per Charge 65~70km
    Dimension 1920×700×1120 mm

    After seeing the TOP SPEED of 25 km/h now anyone can understand why license is not required for this bike….!

    Finally I am asking u Saran,While so many commenting this review as an Informative one..,
    Why are you dont checking whether the Informations given in your review is right or not…?

    To DEEPAK: I think it is better to check every informations in a review before posting it in BikeAdvice.

  • Saran

    @ Sachu:
    Its interesting to know that you got so much interest in electric bikes. But as i said earlier, only after riding the bike, i got interest towards it and made a review. I had the same doubts what you have now. I really tested the bike and i reached 45kmph. I will add a video for it. With the same doubt, I went to the dealer and asked him “The brochure says 25 kmph as top speed and the bike reaches 45. So, you can promote the product saying the fact?” He replied “The government has given tax subsidy and license exception for only those EVs that have top speed less than 30kmph. So, its officially less than 30kmph but it has the power to reach 45.”

    • sachu

      Then what about the motor power (250W)..?Whether that also shown less in brochure for gaining any advantage…?
      How could it is possible to escape from law for a product like an electric bike..?

      • Saran

        I’m not sure about that. The manual says 250W only.

      • Saran

        @ Sachu:

        I think “Man” too has cleared your doubt in the comment below…

  • Man

    I have this bike for around 6 months no issue at all…
    pick is very good when compared to other electric bikes..
    lot of place for storage …
    pickup and all other feature

  • Man

    Hi Saran,
    its correct it will reach only 45kmph they have mentioned in manual as 25 as to get approval form govt for license exemption

    • Karthi

      Hi Saran.
      Ur review is very much informative to me. And also that informations which you have given fully correct. I too checked with 5 owners of the V60, They said the same as like you. And also I have done test drive in pondicherry show room. It goes the top speed of 45km. Thanks buddy. Im going buy the bike next month begining. (But I never take red colour, bcoz it got faded within 6 months because of its low quality painting)

  • Prasen

    Hi Guys,
    Even I bought v60. It reaches 45kmph. No doubt in it.
    My bike is 2days old.

    One more good think is that, when you reach the top speed and leave the accelerator it will go in same speed without consuming the battery charge. It is not required to accelerate when your going downwards on the road.

    Light is really awesome it attracts people concentration after 6.30pm.
    People keep questioning about the bike where ever I go. How can a bike run without any sound. I kept on explaining.

    I leave in bangalore the city of heavy traffic and this will suit very well.
    The only problem I face is I reside in 3rd floor but I have to park it at ground floor.
    Difficult to put charge.
    Suggestions for my problem are welcome.

    • Manojkumar

      Hi Prasen, I am also planning to buy this bike, even i stay in Bangalore and fed up of the traffic i face every day by travelling through BMTC buses. can i have your contact number so that i can discuss with you regarding this bike…

      Thanking you in advance


      hi iam interested in htis bike and would like to talk to you before.

      pls give your contact details

  • Please let me know whats the cost of V60 Electric bike in Bangalore.

  • Lukas

    In Bangalore, the price is 40,000 rupies, including the extra tube offered by the dealer on Kamaraj rd. I’ve just test ride this bike and I’m planning to get one too.

    @Karthi, what color do you suggest?

    • Hemanth

      Hi Lukas,

      I stay in Bangalore, Please let me know the dealer full address to reach and is there any waiting period?

  • Lukas

    It is Steve Power, 333 Kamaraj road Bangalore 560042 (9481456251), it’s between Commercial street and Saint John’s Church road. No waiting period, he has a few new vehicules on display and one for test drive.

  • Shyam

    Hi… I heard a lot of complaints from electric scooters of various companies. Any complaint regarding this particular brand? and I also heard that Karnataka Govt. has given subsidy to electric vehicles. What is the discount given for this scooter?

  • Guru

    Hi saran, nice review
    Please can u comment on life of battery(change requirement once in how many years), power, body length, wheel size and price in bangalore.

  • Kumar

    Please i want have test drive because i will travell everyday 100km

  • Kumar

    i want to now dealer address in bangalore i stay at Bangalore , BTM 2nd stage

  • Thanmay

    My dad says i should not drive because some jotish told i should not !! plz tell me somethin that i can tell him to convince him to buy one !!

  • veda

    hi saran, iam plainning to book this vehical but i heard that after one year it wil give some proble,after investing somuch i dont want to get in to any trable, plz help me about this.

  • raja

    thinking what you know about this bike you have reviewed this bike , ………
    a waste of time in reading your review.
    this is a poor review.

  • ProBike

    Raja, It would be appropriate if you restrain from posting such comments. Saran has taken a proactive step in sharing his experiences which would be useful for many ebike aspirants. If you are not satisfied/convinced please visit the showroom & check for yourself.
    Don’t misuse & mislead people. Good work & appreciations to Saran !

  • Bibin A

    Hi Saran… This is one of the best review styles that i have seen in a long time. I am picking my V60 in a month’s time goind by your reviews.. Keep up the good work and have fun…. regards Bibin (Bangalore)



  • Skkn

    Good Work Saran. I have e scooter called Glide 25 from Vijaya Motors Chennai. It was really very Good for more than 2.5yrs with regular service on quater basis. Later the battery pickup was low, hence i changed my battery, its again Good.. But, I met with an accident last week, so back of the scooter is fully damaged, as the body is made of plastic it broken to pieces, and the mudguard,number plate all broken down.
    I need a suggestion
    1. Whether to go with repairing of this old one, or to buy Ampere, as the service center dealer (All escooter services & Ampere dealer in chennai) told me like production is stopped for Glide25 and its good to buy this Ampere.
    2.If that is the case, will they do the exchange?
    3. I have new battery of just 4 months old? will they charge for it?

  • suresh


    Can any body tell the addres and contact details in Hyderbad?


  • Madanambedu Sudhakar

    This is nice review. I got all most all full information. I am fearing about the breaks. Rest of the things all are ok.

  • shankar

    I had a test drive of the electric vehicle V60 and my weight is about 90 Kg and I chose a hefty person from the dealer shop and I was driving for about 0.5 Km. I want to share my experience.
    1) Initial speed is pretty that is sudden with slight acceleration, which is not there in conventional vehicles, which by usage, a person gets used to it.
    2) I was able to achieve a speed of 45 without any difficulty (in a busy road)
    3) Breaking is not precise and response is slow (have to be careful while riding)
    4) Turniing radius is a bit large
    5) Height of the floor is slightly higher resulting in awkward position of keeping your legs, this will be faced by people with 5’6″
    6) The brochure shows top speed of 45 Kmph, I was above to achieve
    7) There is no information about the rain water entering battery compartment in water logged areas, this is normal in rainy days. Since the battery is on the floor level, there is every chance of water entering the compartment.
    8)The present on road price at Bangalore is Rs. 45K, no registration / road tax in Bangalore as informed by the dealer.
    9) The dealer informed that the vehicle needs checking / service every two months – for rotating the batteries (there are five Exide batteries-replacement costs Rs. 11K) and checking the electrical cables, cleaning the brake shoe / pad for which the charges are Rs. 200. Of course, you will get a water wash for the amount, which is really not required as all parts are plastic
    10) It is a bit risky to water wash the bike at home as accidental water entering the electrical cables / battery compartment may cause damage to the vehicle
    11) The tyre / tube are as used in TVS Wego
    12) Though the wiring is not very complicated, can be done by any four wheeler electrical repairers as they are available everywhere.
    13) The battery charges costs quite high with them, whereas good quality charger with auto stop is available with 1/10th of the costs as informed by the dealer.
    14) The parts quality is low and I asked for a manual to check and they informed me that there is no manual, meaning (I doubt the manufacture being done in India) though I heard about an excise duty component in the price component. Can anybody through light whether it is really manufacturered in India and why not a detailed manual for a bike costing 45K.
    15) My limited knowledge on electric vehicles and test drive of various vehicles (both indian and imported), Ampere V60 appear to be reasonably good for the price.
    16) Last but not the least it is really awesome that V60 carries two people easily, ofcourse with full charge, I am yet to test when the battery level is low.
    Comments and further information on electric vehicles are welcome

  • Nishanth

    I am planning to buy this v60 for myself. But i was just researching for other models and brands. The brochure says 25kmph for this model for the sake of govt subsidy. Most of the bikes of other brands also say 25kmph. Does it mean even they have speeds of 40-45kmph but even they write less for the sake of govt. subsidy? Could any1 plz tel me? Thanq

  • b n sridhar

    i am planing to buy a electric bike v60 can u tell me where is showroom in bangalore & wht is the current price in bangalore

    • Bibin

      I picked up my V60 yesterday (9th Jan) from Unnathi Automobiles, New Thippasandra (near Indiranagar) Phone : 080-41525080.. All the best.

  • Bibin

    So the D-day was 9th Jan 2012… I picked up my Amphere V60 from the Thippasandra outlet near Indiranagar, Bangalore. Prices have reached Rs 45k. I also had to wait for a week to get the colour of choice. On the same day there was a bulk order for 6nos of the V60 bike. So i am pretty sure by the end of 2012, the demand for E-bikes would sky rocket, then i can proudly say that i am the owner of a V60. Cheers to the technology and the initiatives behind E-vehicles.
    Thank you Saran for your reviews, it really helped me in making the right choice. I will be back for more reviews after 6 months of useage. Till then .. Happy New Year and Happier E-Motoring… 🙂

    • anoop

      hi Bipin, i want to know more about your experience because i am also going to buy it from the same dealer. pls give me your ph no. my email is anoopctm@gmail.com

  • Srinivasa

    Hi Saran,

    Really good Explantion. Thank you very much

  • Eswari

    Thanks Saran for the simple yet elaborate review. This is really helpful. My neighbour has the same bike and he is very happy with the performance of the bike.

  • Harish

    Brilliant review Saran, very informative at the same time the explanations were practical and was easily assimilated. I think it is about time that e-bikes are promoted big time by allowing for rebates by the State Governments. There has to be incentive for these companies to sell their products in the local markets.

    May necessitate a shift from Lead Acid to a L-ion based battery for longer range yes..the inevitable cost will be a burden but compared to the advantages such as environment friendliness, low cost (over a period of time) will weigh over the L-ion cost.

  • Rohith Pai

    Hello everyone
    I have brought Ampere V60 . I tried to up across hill with 60 degree slope but I thought it may stop in between But no it went in 30km speed across the hill

  • merani

    The cost per km should include the life-cycle cost of the battery. Nice informative and chatty review, saran. I liked it and your style.

  • Bibin

    Hi E-Bike enthusiasts, I am back to give you a owner/user’s review and share some value tips and how to get almost twice the battery life. As few of you may have read above, i purchased this awesome bike Amphere V60 on 9th Jan from Unnathi Automobiles, New Thippasandra (near Indiranagar, Bangalore) Phone : 080-41525080 or Mr. Rakesh (8892019506).
    So here goes:

    1. Good pickup even with a load of 140 kgs.
    2. Glides with ease at almost 35 kmph on good and flat roads.
    3. Decent battery backup of 20-25 kms if driven constantly in the Blue light mode (economy mode)
    4. Close to zero noise and zero emission. Very Eco-friendly.
    5. Zero documents required however always advisable to wear a helmet to protect the head.
    6. Easy to charge the bike similar to charging a mobile phone.
    7. Does not consume more than 2 units for a full charge.

    1. Body is delicate plastic material.
    2. Overtaking can be very dangerous
    3. This is a slow moving vehicle uphill. Keep to the left of the road and allow other vehicles to overtake.
    4. Treat the V60 as an advanced cycle.

    Best Part:
    Be proud of owning an electric vehicle as you are saving the planet from pollution as it is noise free, smoke free, safe to self and others, does not consume petrol or gasoline.

    Happy E-Motoring ….

    Tips: Quick charge for 2hrs to travel upto 10kms, 4hrs to travel upto 20kms
    Dont expect milege of more than 35 -40kms with a full charge.
    It might never happen and you may get stranded midway.
    Keep the charger in the cabinet below the seat always.
    Do not try to keep a helmet in the cabinet ment for helmets since it
    may end up breaking the seat into 2 halves. A small sized helmet may
    be kept inside.
    Drive constantly in the Blue light mode (economy mode and get double
    the mileage as compared to driving more in the Red mode (power mode)

    Ps: these are my personal observations only.

  • Saroj

    Hi ,
    I have Purchased an Ampere V60 bike recently from Anushtan Casele Street Bangalore.The bike is performing good I can ride in the speed of 40 to 45 .
    I have a small doubt if Saran or any body else who has purchased this bike earlier can help me out.After charging for 6 to 8 Hrs I dont see the auto cutoff or charging indication in the charger.
    Please help me outwith the information incase I need to replace the charger.


  • nanjunda v patil

    i am planing to buy a electric bike v60 can u tell me where is showroom in bangalore & wht is the current price in bangalore & types of model?


    really nice review ya ……. great work done by urself man…. really u ve given a top to bottom review about a bike. i ve read many reviews but first time giving my reply to ur review bec it is such a clear review

  • Bibin

    @ Nanjunda: Price in Bangalore currently is 45k.
    Unnathi Automobiles, New Thippasandra (near Indiranagar, Bangalore) Phone : 080-41525080 or Mr. Rakesh (8892019506).

    @ Saroj : May be you could get the charger checked with the dealer.
    My bike charger cuts off automatically after full charge. The red light turns green after full charge and the charger goes off.

  • Sachin

    Very Helpful review and Comments ! After seeing this whole chain of comments I have decided to buy the V60 with this week. In between is the life of the bike assured for few years ?? any problem that we may face with the Battery ?? Please reply .

  • Surya Kiran

    This is a very nice review. Thanks to all.
    After reading this review, I got interest in e-bikes and went to Ampere showroom and test driven V-60. (Kalyana Nagar Showroom, Bangalore). The performance is really impressive. Though the bike I was given for test drive is an older model, the technology is proven and the current model can only make us more happy.

    I liked the build quality too: finishings and fittings are nice and designed in a very good way. Dealer gave the assurance that all the bike parts used are high-quality and build to last!

    For those who are willing to spend more on Ampere V60 and get more distance-coverage, dealer said he can install a second set of battery as a backup(sacrificing space under the seat and passenger load by another 40KG)

    Price from this dealer: INR 45,500
    (need to pay INR 10000 as advance for booking confirmation and wait period is 2 weeks)

  • Shobha.R

    Pretty good but have to use for only short distance. There are both advantage and dis advantages. Let me see once and ride.

  • Keerti


    I just brought this awesome vehicle from Ampere Showroom next to Ganesha Temple in Koramangala today morning! It’s just a road away. Bike is real good and is an eye catcher. People at signals keep asking me about the speed, cost, maintenance etc. It’s fun explaining all these things to them! 🙂 There are plenty of bikes in stock as they have received a fresh lot on Friday and is readily available. White color has a waiting period of about 10 days.


    Send me the address of the distributors in bangalore, hubli.(karnataka).

    Thank You.


    I just wanted to know about the correct technical specification and also the legal aspect weather it will be permissible for the two person in this motor watt what u are claiming and the speed wt u are claiming.

  • Prashanth

    i need to know the contact number and address of a Ampere v60 dealer in mangalore,
    please send me the details as soon as possible,

  • Rohit

    Hey! Nice review Saran

    Could anyone help me with a few questions ?!

    The bike is really appealing. My college is only 4.3kilometers away and apart from college trips , i might have to go within the city with friends.

    I do need to travel on a highway , only for about 8-9km about 10times a month! Will it be okay to take this on a highway?! Obviously we wont be crossing more than 45kmph, but assuming that one is alright with the relatively slow speed, is there anything we should be worried about ?!

    Also since the bike does not make any sound, do we get any device which ”simulates” this sound ?! I believe, Nissan has a small device which creates the sound of a car, so it warns other people on the road that you exist!!

    Thanks 🙂

  • Yatheesh

    I am an Ampere V60 user for more than an year. I have been happy with the bike & have been recommending to others too.
    But recently I found that I am not able to recharge the vehicle. When I gave it for servicing they found that the batteries have bulged. They told that the reason for bulging is charging frequently for short duration. But I read in http://www.cityebike.co.in/yahoo_site_admin/assets/…/FAQs.8974542.pdf and many other tips which say that frequently charging and not allowing the charging to reach cut-off is the best way.
    In the specifications, they say the battery life is 300 full recharge cycles. But I don’t think my vehicle was charged even 200 times. What can be the reason for bulging?

    I am asked to replace the batteries. The total replacement charge specified by them is Rs17,500 with 2 Yrs warranty. This is quite higher than the charge specified when i bought the bike :). Is there a way to get batteries with longer durability and lesser cost?

    Expert suggestions in this regard will be really helpful.

    • Nanjundaswamy Setty D. S.

      All the review, Questions and your reply-I gone thoroughly. Before seeing the review I purchased one month back. for 49k @ M/s Supreme Ridz C.T bed Banashankari, . I request you Mr.Saran once I again go through the latest review for any new technical advance made in it.Totally its worth.
      My contact no. 9035530024.

  • Jimmy

    I own an Ampere V60 E-Bike in Bangalore. I have choosen this brand after analysing all other brands eventhough little expensive among E-bike brands. An E-Bike built on strong frames and well balanced. This bike will give 45 kms for one full charging of 8 hours. The speed is well suitable especially for Bangalore Traffic. The recent verion of V60 has got a speed lock control which minimises the speed and use only a min amount of battery, so that more mileage is possible with one charging. Head lights & all lamps are of LED for charge saving purpose. There is no odometer fixed in the console which is a drawback.

    Comfortable for short traveling within 20/25kms a day and not suitable for rough use or on rough roads. Need to have a 5 amps charging station near the parking space.

    Service/check up frequency os once in 3 months that will cost 300 approx. per service. Battery replacement on every 2 to 3 years which can cost around Rs 15K. But still worth if compared with Petrol expense. Suits well for those who are really worried about the ongoing steep hikes of Petrol prices.

  • Jai

    Great review! Thx Saran and all those who have given the feedback. I have an old Keinetic Honda and it weighs 95 Kg so it is difficult for me to handle (I am a 55 yrs and weak). No where in these reviews is mentioned the weight of V60 !! May I ask one n all, whether a man or a lady of 55 yrs can use it with comfort. I travel 5 – 7 km at a time..so approx. / Max. 20 km per day ! Unfortunately the nearest petrol stn. to my house is also 7 km !!!! So may be e- bike is best ! Any dealer near to or at Whitefield ?? Bye the way Saran, yr bike is from March 2011 and we r now in June 2012 ….so what do you have to say after this time span ?? Do you still recommend it ?? Thanks for a quick reply Saran and all.
    Jai. / Whitefield/9844097366

    • Jimmy

      Ampere V60 vehicle weight is 100kg. So I am not sure whether I can recommend this vehicle when you find difficulty in handling K.Honda weighing 95 kg. Only thing I can tell from my experience is V60 is a best choice among all other E.bikes available in market.

      For Whitefield, your nearest dealer will be in Thippasandra in Indiranagar. You can find all the dealers and contacts from internet. All together around 10 to 15 dealers in Bangalore.

  • S JACob

    Thank You Saran. It was so readable and perfect. I was planning to buy the same model in Bangalore for my wife. Could you please give more details about its service reviews in bangalore.

    Thank You
    S JACob

  • Vikas

    Check this for another e-bike in Bangalore costs close to 10K less than V60, not aware on the performance http://futureonwheels.com/home.htm

  • Prasen

    People this is a stupid bike never buy this bike.
    This doesn’t perform good.
    Battery cost is around 10k+ every 8 month you have to change.
    Motor will become weak after 1.5 months and you have put buy one which will cost you around 14.500 rps. spending so much of money on this bike is really waste.

    I have this bike and I’m planning to sell it.

    Any one need this bike can reach me at prase333ya@gmail.com. (35000 rps)

  • Suresh

    This bike is shit……………..don’t buy.

    I have this too.
    I wasted my money.

    I curse this bike. I spend 18000 rps per 1.9 months for battery and motor.

  • Sham Sundar

    People don’t buy any electric buy.

    Plan well on what you buy. Every electric have a disadvantage:
    Battery becoming week within a year & motor worn out with 2 years.

    Battery cost 10000 rps
    Motor cost 15000 rps all to gather 25.000 rps within 2 years.

    Petrol will cost you less than this I believe.

    Think well

  • Sathya

    I bought this e-bike V60 in Mar-2011. But I had frequent tyre puncture problem which cost me Rs.300- 400 every time by replacing the tube. The Tyre come along with vehichle is of poor quality. Within a year the tyre got flat. I just replaced with a cost of Rs.1300 (TVS Vega tyre and tube).

    One more issue is Poor service network. Local Mechanics are helpless for even a tyre puncture.

    Please check with existing customers about dealer service support before you buy.

    In Bangalore, Koramangala Dealer is providing very good service. Please buy if you want to. But he need to increase his manpower for support.

  • salim

    I need a Ampere-V60 Electric scooty . were is the shorooms in Trivanrum& Kollam dist in KERALA ?. PLS Help me.

  • naveen

    i need v60 electric scooty., where is the shorooms in banglore pls help me

  • Ecolane motors

    Hi,I am a dealer in rajarajeshwari nagar.contact me via email ecolanemotors@gmail.com or call me between 945 am to 630 pm @ 9739154726.Demo also available.

  • Ecolane motors

    Hi,I am a dealer in rajarajeshwari nagar (bangalore).contact me via email ecolanemotors@gmail.com or call me between 945 am to 630 pm @ 9739154726.Demo also available.

  • murali

    Good information but it is worh for money?

  • prasad kanduru

    i want kormangale deeler details for purchase i scooter

  • B.U.Ramesh

    hi thanks lot for your information about v60 , the electric motor is fitted in back wheel, during raining seasons does water enters into it?. also sometimes we come across riding two wheeler on bad roads so does this impact on electric motor because it is fitted in back wheel, please let me know.
    With regards

  • abhijeet

    hey guys,

    I am using V60 Bike from last 3 years, now I am using in my village, it performs very good & i have not spent a single rupee on it after purchasing it in 2009 from Banglore.

    I request the developers to update new models time to time, whenever u open the site, u get that old models to see.

    also i suggest developers to do proper marketing of the product, as your support is also good. I really feel that Ampere bike is not reaching to the people though it is best electric bike in market, sorry to say, but I have heard Yo bikes much more times than ampere.

    BUY V60 BINDASS!!!!!!!!!

  • sujit

    Hello Saran,
    Very nice review I would say. There are few points I want to tell here.
    1. The average of this bike is around 50kms per full charge and not 70kms as Saran mentioned. With pillion it goes upto 40 kms.
    2. One of my friend’s bought this bike in 2010 and not used much. But he did not charge the battery often either. So the battery got drained and now he had to replaced the battery for 15000 Rs. There is one more option of refilling the same battery for 7000 to 8000 Rs. but then you will not get any warrenty on that. So my advice to all people is, please recharge the battery once in 20 days even though you are not using for long time.
    3. The new battery comes with 1 year warrenty, but in that 1st 6 months you get replacement and remaining 6 months you will get battery repaired for free of cost. If your daily usage is for around 15kms then the battery will go for around 16-17 months provided that you charge it properly.
    4. Many people complain about breaks. To make breaks properly work, please use both breaks simultaneously and press it fully. If you press it half then breaks will not work properly.
    5. Think well before buying any e bike. Please consider following points before buying.
    A. What is your every day kms usage.
    B. How many years you are planning to use this vehicle. I would suggest
    buy only if you are planning to use upto around 3-4 years.
    C. If you stay in apartment then does your apratment has charging point in
    basement/parking place. You can not remove battery and take it to home
    for charging.

    I hope this review/suggestions will help you all.

  • sridhar

    i need the ampere 60 electric charger bike on second sale. any customer they want to sell please inform to my number 09036995140
    thank you

  • hashmathullah

    want a 2011 or 2012 ampere 60 to buy 8904355512

  • shubhashreemr

    Very Nice to know about the vehicle in nutshell but could you please guide me the places where we can take a physical look of the bike and a test drive as well.

    Thank You

  • Paul Ponniah

    Ampereisan interesting scooter for riding with in Town.
    I desire to introduct the scooter in rural area that they too may the acvantage, kindly inform me about an agency available at my end, KGF.
    with regards,
    Paul Ponniah

  • Karthik

    If anyone is selling their old V60 please provide me the details of the bike/cost/condition and pictures to karthikshop1@gmail.com
    Want to try out a 2nd hand vehicle first before deciding on which to invest.
    I have a feeling buying a new V60 for 48500/= is a bit expensive considering Ampere is a small company based out of Coimbatore. Instead the Hero Photon priced at 46k seems to be a better buy. Looks better and we can be rest assured about its quality.

  • G Seetharamu

    It is amazing vehicle, i am using since one year
    i bought from Koramangala show room.
    thanks to Mr Gowda ,Manager in this showroom., for the excellent service and helping at times.

  • mkp

    Is there any Li-ion variant available? Why spent 48k on lead acid battery

  • ashok gopalakrishnan

    I own the scooter. It is very good for usage. Ran smoothly for 1 year, with only a diode changing issue. The current charge is more than what the company claims, i noticed an increase of rs.800, it may be the problem with charger, but i used the charger from the company.
    Issue is, much more than what the company told when i purchased.

  • Basanth Patil


    I liked Ampere V60, if any body like to sell please contact me. I am interested to buy old Ampere V60 model. My mobile no – 8105167006.

    Thanks & Regards,

  • Vasudeva Naidu DM

    I would like to purchase an Ampere V 60 Electric Scooter for my daughter who travels around 40 Kms per day. Please mail the details and cost and the dealers address in Bangalore.

    Thanking you.
    DM Vasudeva Naidu


      One of TheV.V.V. WORSTEST after sales service ever Experienced., Never buy this., at least AMPERE(The bike is good But) After sales Its Exactly as if they are Favoring you That too if its out of Warranty ., Its like They behave like they dont know ampere, they cant recognize their own product. They behave like you dont belong here., on earth.One Charger repair., as if they are sending it to MARS for servicing., took 25 working days….!!!!!!. I brought thebike from a dealer at 9th block Jayanagar., one year before. now the Dealer is GAYABB..!! Next I went to Koramangala Dealar,for a charger Repair. they say NO., we donot service other place charger..!!! .. Next you go to another so called Authorised Dealer at bsk (tyagaraj nagar) with 100 conditions,he accepted it that too when showed an intrest to upgrade the batteries to icube batteries (latest one., so called) Later he too started Neglecting..
      After sales Worstest., Im still suferring


  • I would like to purchase an Ampere V60 Electric Scooter for my daughter who travels around 40 to 50 KMs per day. Please mail the details and cost and the dealers address in Bangalore.

    Thanking You,
    DM.Vasudeva Naidu

  • Venkatesh


    I travel around 35km per day. Planning to buy this Ampere v60.
    If i charge the battery daily.. till how many days will the battery consistently give upto 3km per charge.. I want to make sure i wont be having any problem while traveling..
    Also hearing quality of tyre/tube quality is not good… and in case if it gets punctured.. normal mechanics wont repair it..
    Now am traveling in city bus in Bangalore.. i will save around 2 hours daily if i take this..

    Please suggest me..

  • Eco Green Bikes


    We are authorized dealers for the SALES and SERVICE of Ampere electric vehicle at

    Seshadripuram (Nearest LandMark : Mantri Mall, Malleshwaram)

    For more detailed info
    Call us at 9738003889 or 080 – 23560178.

    You can also check our Facebook page @ https://www.facebook.com/AmpereEcoGreenBikes

  • sheriff

    sincere advise to all ebike lovers please do not buy v60 12v24ah bike.no service,battery not available,company staff helpless.company head has no time for customers.dealers have diappeared.buy and cry.

  • babu soman

    Guys dont buy this bike.They have the worst after sales service.They charge 300 rs as general service charge and dont even wash the vehicle.They say that is is not done by them.Im having a bitter experince after buying it from BALAJI AMPERE ELECTRIC VEHICLES IN KORAMANGALA BANGALORE.Dont buy it from them.

  • John

    Hi, I just bought an ampere v60. You are saying that the battery replacement cost about 5500. But I read it costs about 20000 and it has 5 batteries. Can you tell me the exact cost after the warranty period. And also some tips on maintaining the life of the battery.(i use it like 10 km per day) thnx.

  • syed mushtaq

    Ampere v60 is good

  • stephenraj

    hi, is any body using this scooter in ooty? if yes pl let me know its efficiency.

  • What’s up friends, good post annd pleasant arguments commented here,
    I am genuinely eenjoying bby these.

  • rafi

    I need its accelerator handle

  • venkates

    I need battery