Alloy Wheel Rims – Few Quick Pointers

ALLOY wheel rims are a mixture or content of Aluminum, carbon and other alloys. Earlier Alloy rims were made of a mixture or Magnesium, but mag-alloy rims were flammable, so in a few countries like UK they were banned for racing.

Nowadays in our motorcycles we generally getting alloy wheel rims which are known for less weight, accuracy and efficiency. The charm of spoke wheels is now limited to only a few motorcycles like some Royal Enfields, etc. Alloy wheels are perfect for tubeless tyres because of the sitting position of the tyre on the rim. The tyre fits perfectly and accurately on the rim in the periphery which is very much important; improper fitting may cause the bike to start wobbling at the time of riding.

alloy wheelWhen a tubeless tyre gets punctured you don’t need to remove the tyre from the rim and hence there would be no damage to the rim. I would suggest to never put tyre with tubes on alloy wheels, unless you take care while maintaining the tire because otherwise you could be damaging the edges of the rim every time you remove and refit the tire.

Those rims are relatively softer than other metals because as we know aluminium is a very soft and light material. So on the road if you have a flat tyre then the regular puncture fellow would use his screw driver or some sort of Tommy bar which could damage the rim. Try to only make use of tyre removing machines for removing or changing the tyre.

Alloy rims have got proper seat and edge to fix the tyre rather than conventional spoke wheel rims. And on conventional wheel rims you can’t put tubeless tyres due to those spoke holes which will leak all the air.

For alloy rims there are special tools available in the market. Here are a few quick pointers on alloy wheels…

  • Alloy rims always need special attention. 
  • Keep your tyre air pressure as per company recommendation to avoid damage (whether it is Nitrogen or Regular Air).
  • Use proper tools for removing and changing tyres.
  • Alloy rims on two wheeler also need dynamic balancing.
  • Do not use hammer to remove tyres.
  • Do not use “under diameter” tyres on the rim.
  • Try not to remove tyres from the rim when it is punctured.
  • Try to buy branded alloy rims, rather than any local rims.
  • Do not buy mag-alloy rims.
  • Try avoiding potholes. Ride on potholes slowly otherwise, instead of bending, they may simply crack!
  • Try not to repair wheels at home if you are unknown to any auto parts.

Tubeless Tyre Puncture Removing Kit is available in the market. Always keep it with you. Puncture repair on tubeless tyres is very easy.

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And yes, Alloy wheels can be repaired but there are hardly a few who can do it with precision. If it’s a major issue then don’t try to repair it, because rims are a matter of life or death, so don’t play with it.

– Chinmay Dangre