ALLOY wheel rims are a mixture or content of Aluminum, carbon and other alloys. Earlier the Alloy rims were made of a mixture or Magnesium, but mag-alloy rims were flammable, so in UK they had banned Mag-Alloy rims for racing. Well I don’t know about Indian Rims and their content. I’ll get the information soon.

Now a days in our motorcycles we generally getting alloy wheel rims. Known for less weight, accuracy and efficiency. The charm of spoke wheel is only you can see in Royal Enfield Products. Alloy wheels are very good for tubeless tyres because of sitting position of tyre on the rim. The tyre fits perfectly and accurately on the rim in the periphery which is very much important, improper fitting may cause the bike to start wobbling at the time of riding.

wheel_bentWhen a tubeless tyre gets punctured you don’t need to remove the tyre from the rim and hence there would be no damage to the rim. I would suggest to never put tyre with tubes on alloy wheels, unless you take care while maintain the tire because otherwise you could be damaging the edges of the rim every time you remove and refit the tire. Those rims are relatively softer than other metals because as we know aluminum is very soft and light material. So on the road if you have flat tyre then the regular puncture fellow would use his screw driver or some sort of Tommy bar which would always damage the rim. Try to only make use of tyre removing machines for removing or changing the tyre.

Alloy rims have got proper seat and edge to fix the tyre rather than conventional spoke wheel rim. And on conventional wheel rims you can’t put tubeless due to spoke holes which will leak all the air.

For alloy rims there is a special tool which is available in the market. Well not in India for sure. I ordered it from USA because I do care and respect BIKES whether it belongs to me or my customer. The tools is costing hardly few $…(If any one want I can get it). It saves the rim edge for sure.

  • Alloy rims always need special attention:
  • Keep your tyre air pressure as per company recommendation to avoid damage. (Whether it is Nitrogen or Regular Air)
  • Use always proper tool for removing and changing the tyre.
  • Alloy rims on two wheeler also need dynamic balancing.
  • Do not use hammer to remove tyre.
  • Do not use “under diameter” tyre on the rim.
  • Try not to remove tyre from rim when it is puncture.
  • Try to buy branded alloy rims, rather than any local rims. The mixture of alloy is a complicated subject which in most cases the manufactures takes care of. Byt if you are planning to manufacture alloys on your own, and if the mixture is wrong or the casting is wrong then you might endanger the lives of yours and others.
  • The subject “Wheel Rim” is vast though the spares looks very much simple.
  • Do not buy mag-alloy rims.
  • Try avoiding pot holes.
  • Do not ride your bike on off road. That may damage the rim fast.
  • When you are buying motorcycle with alloy wheels. Always go for disc brake system. In alloys if you take drum brake system then remember the drum is itself is a rim there is no separate drum. So when the drum will get damage or if the wear tear is high then you will have to buy full alloy rim. (I know yet disc brake for rear is only in RTR,R15 & in 220)
  • Try not to repair wheels at home if you are unknown to any auto parts.

Tubeless Tyre Puncture Removing Kit is available in the market. Always keep it with you. You can visit my workshop, and I could teach you how to remove a tubeless tyre Puncture.

Yes, Alloy wheels can be repaired. But I suspect we have any one who can repair it in India. If it’s a total loss then don’t try to repair it, because Rims are a matter of life or death, so don’t play with it.

– Chinmay Dangre

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  • Well its a growing trend to have alloy wheels in almost all bikes. Not necessary any advantage with the spoke rims being equally good as per what I have heard.

    • abhishek

      bikes such as GLAMOUR,SHINE,SPLENDOR,PASSION,NXG,STAR CITY,DISCOVER etc. have alloy wheels but they dont have tubeless tyres what to do with such bikes. i have not heard yet that any body got a problem with alloy wheels in these bikes.

  • Hi Chinmay, very informative article. Loved it. Thats all news to me as i was not as much aware about the rims/alloy wheels. But the problem is that, do all the puncher maker have the actual tools? I’m afraid now if I buy a new bike having alloy wheels, moreover only few bikes have tubeless on their alloy rim. as I have an LML freedom DX right now having spoke rim.

  • Chinmay

    Yes, you are right. Most of them don’t have proper tool for alloy rims. The tool which I am talking about is very small. When pro-tyre people remove tyre from the rim, they use machines. But on road most of them use tommy bar which damages the rim edge. Check this link >>
    This tool is not available in Indian market. It’s very small n light weight but very effective.

  • aravinth


    Can you tell me where i can get tubeless tyre puncture kit in coimbatore?

  • Chinmay

    you can procure it from any automobile market.
    Or best to ask this question to the fellow who removes puncture.

    Since I am not from coimbatore so can’t guide you either..

  • RAJ

    hi Chinmay…
    can i know where is your work shop is located.

  • Vinay Girotra

    Hi Chinmay,

    it’s nice to read about. I am running an Auto Repair Workshop in delhi. I have very much querries for RIM Alignment.

    I am interested to setup the same at my workshop. Request you to please help me/guide to setup such a setup.

    Awiting your reply.

  • Rama krishna

    what happens when high profile tyres are changed to low profile one????????????????

  • Rajesh

    Hi Chinmay,

    Your article on tubeless tyre is very informative. I am from Orissa and have a Pulsar 150 bike with alloy wheel, which I bought 1 month before. I want to replace the present tube type tyre with tubeless tyre. Kindly advice where can i get the tubeless tyres for my bike and how much those will cost to me. Also kindly advice where i can get the tubeless tyre puncher removing kit.



  • vinodh

    Hai any possibility to convert alloy drum brake rim to disc brake rim

  • John

    Please let me know if i can change the drum brake of my Fazer to disc brakes in the rear wheel. Give me an effective advice .

  • kusmaker

    yes i woluld surely like to learn the art of removing tyre from alloy wheel will u teach me i live in delhi do u also live in delhi heres my no 9953953413 pls do cantact me as soon as possible through this no or through this mail id

  • tsering

    hi guys I would like to to know if there is wider rim then stock rim on pulsar 220

  • Sachin

    I am buying TVS SPORT next week.It do not have tubeless tyres but has alloy wheels.Can I ask dealer to change to tubeless tyres.Will it be fit for tvs sport?please reply as soon as possible.I have to change before taking delivery so i can save some money on exchanging tyres(if possible)

  • Bullet Lover

    Hi Chinmay,

    Great information and explanation for Alloy wheel.

    I have some doubts. Can you please help me out? I have booked RE Classic 350 CC and planning to go for alloy wheel. Can you guide me what kind of other changes I should do to manage my bike? Should I go for normal, company fitted tyres with alloy wheel or I should go for tubeless tyres? Which brand you suggest for alloy wheel and tubeless tyres for RE Classic 350? And you also suggested to have disk break with alloy wheel and this bike doesn’t have disc brake for rear wheel. Should I change it to disc break as well?

    waiting for your guidance… Anyone else with knowledge and experience or with good suggestion, please reply……

  • zafar

    i can repair the alloy wheel of any bike if it get damege then also i can repair and my shop is in hyderabad and if u need any details about alloy wheels i can solve your problem so contact me 8688006590.