Alert: Bajaj Patents ‘Dynamo, ‘Technik’ & ‘Technica’ Names In India; New Platform Or EVs??

Bajaj Patent 3 new names hint that they are preparing new EVs which could be launched under the  Chetak brand umbrella…

So, Bajaj Auto have also joined the Patent party and have patented not one, but three new names in India. 

Bajaj Patents 3 New Names India – Dynamo, Technik & Technica

From the documents we have gathered, Bajaj have received a ‘Formality Check Pass’ for the name Dynamo

While the names Technik & Technica have received an ‘Accepted & Advertised’ status, which means it’s a green light for the company to go ahead and use it as they please. 

But, what do these names mean?? A new platform?? Or new products?? Or Both??

Running a quick Google search – Dynamo is an electrical generator that creates DC current using a device known as a commutator. Technik is a German word for Technique – which means practical aspects of a given art or study of or a collection of techniques, while Technica generally means a body of technical terms or methods in a particular field.

Phew!! So much English altogether…

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Putting all that in our context, the naming scheme decided by Bajaj suggests that the above names could aptly be used as names for products as well as platforms. And the name Dynamo being related to the electrical domain could mean that these names are for EVs and/or their platform

Furthermore, these could be also be used as names for their new technology utilised in their upcoming platform and/or products – Just like Bajaj uses DTS-Si or DTS-i on their petrol-powered motorcycles.   

Other than these speculations, we have no further hints or information regarding what these names could mean. 

For a while now, Bajaj is working hard in developing new EV products under their Chetak electric scooter umbrella, and these names could logically be related to new Chetak scooters. 

Now only time will tell where these names will actually be utilised and when…