After Guatemala, TVS Opens Flagship Store in El Salvador

TVS is making inroads not only in the domestic market but in many international countries as well. A part of the strategy is to consolidate presence in the Central American region. After venturing in Guatemala in November 2019, TVS announced foray in the Honduras just yesterday.

And today, it has inaugurated its flagship showroom in El Salvador. It must be known that TVS’ distributor in Guatemala and El Salvador is CADISA – which has been in operation since 1995 and has a vast experience in distribution of motorcycles of various manufacturers.

Apart from this dealership, TVS will be present in more than 100 multi-brand outlets and over 150 retail stores in Central America. It will be selling six products in that market which will include…

  • Apache RR 310
  • Apache RTR 160 4V
  • Apache RTR 160 2V Race Edition
  • Apache RTR 180 Race Edition
  • Apache 200 Race Edition
  • Ntorq 125

Mr R Dilip, Executive Vice President, International Business at TVS said,

Today, we are optimistic about consolidating our presence in Central America with the help of our distributor CADISA. We have inaugurated our flagship showroom, aligned to the global quality benchmark that TVS Motor Company is associated with in over 60 countries. We have also launched six aspirational products which will be supported by a sales network of over 30 outlets.  These products will address the specific needs of customers across different segments and are sure to carve a niche for themselves in the market.