After 399cc Sixty2, Ducati May Bring a Bigger 1100cc Scrambler

The return of the Scrambler brand has meant best-ever sales for Ducati and thats only the 803 cc Scrambler playing on the turf (in different iterations). In fact, the manufacturer has sold over 14,000 Scramblers since the re-launch. Very recently the very interesting 399 cc Sixty2, the smallest Scrambler yet, was unveiled at EICMA which will take the game a few notches higher. And after this, Ducati will expand the range in the other end of the spectrum.


As per an article on Motorcycle News, Ducati may just be planning a 1,100 cc Scrambler next. Here’s what Claudio Domenicali, Ducati’s CEO,hinted…

“An 1100cc model can still be a Scrambler as long as it keeps to the same formula and doesn’t try to be too technical or make things too complex.”


Yes, hopefully a simple and basic big motorcycle without the tons of electronic aids and gadgetry… something which will be the exact opposite of the traditional Ducati’s sportsbikes! Imagine all the raw power without all-those over-controlling electronics and just the right amount of systems to save you from crashes and be in control of the fun…

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