Adventure Time: Polaris Launches Two Off-Roading Circuits in Bangalore

Great news for those who have that adventurous streak in them….American powersport giant Polaris has thumped it’s way to India. Along with Play in Sarjapur, and Target Games and Facilities Pvt. Ltd. in Yeshwantpur, Polaris has unveiled two off-road circuits in Bengaluru.


The Minnesota-based Polaris has a bevy of models in its lineup. They are aimed at a variety of activities, such as recreation, sports, defence, beach & forest patrolling, search & rescue patrols, agriculture etc. The engines start from a tiny 50 cc and can go upto a humongous 900 cc. Polaris has offerings in petrol, diesel as well as electric variants. Some of the popular models from the Polaris’ stable are Phoenix, Sportsman, Ranger RZR as well as the Scrambler.

In India, these models retail through AKB Motors. They have on offer the complete range of Polaris automobiles. AKB Motors is responsible for the Sales, Spare Parts, and Service needs of the South Indian customers. All the Polaris vehicles available for use at the two off-road tracks will be supplied by AKB Motors.

Mr. Pankaj Dubey, Managing Director of Polaris India Pvt. Ltd., was very optimistic of the response that these two off-road tracks will get. He opines that, Bengaluru has a very rich racing culture and thus there is huge scope for growth of off-road activities. He also felt that there is now a spurt in the interest towards adventure sports and hence Polaris finds it suitable to provide the necessary infrastructure and equipment for the adventure-lovers.


Accompanying Mr. Dubey at the occasion were Mr. Alok, owner of Target  Games and Facilities Pvt. Ltd. and Mr. Sharath Reddy, owner of Play. Both gentlemen look forward to creating a space for family entertainment as well as to provide thrill to off-roading lovers.

The Sarjapur track is spread over a sprawling area of 30000 sq. feet. With an aim of bringing out the adventure spirit in you, the track will throw quite a challenge to you in the form of mounts, climbs, axel breakers, water pits as well as side inclined slopes. It will also be equipped with hospitality and training facilities.

The Yeshwantpur track is  smaller and occupies an area of 20000 sq. feet, but the fun is in no way diluted. One can chart previously unexplored routes on the track which has slush pits, humps, sand and stones all on a challenging dirt terrain.


Sounds interesting, isn’t it ?

Want to experience all that mud, slush and sand ?? So what are you waiting for ??? Pack your backpacks and rush to Bengaluru. You can also experience unadulterated off-roading fun at Greater Noida, Ahmadabad, Bhopal, Nagpur, Goa, Pune, Mumbai, Coimbatore, Munnar and Chennai. Polaris India Pvt. Ltd. plans to spread it’s wings far and wide, nearly doubling the number of off-road tracks from 13 to 25 within this year.

Polaris India currently has a presence through its dealerships in 13 major cities, including New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, bangalore, Hyderabad, Cochin, Jaipur, Ludhiana, Indore & Dehradun.

Some real interesting developments happening in the Indian automobile landscape, Keep tuned for all the latest stuff!


– Bishakh