For quite some time, news has been emanating from various sources about Yamaha preparing its own contender for the 250cc motorcycle segment, a segment which is not only seeing growing popularity in the Indian market but worldwide too. Well, there seems to be some hint of confirmation to this speculation. Yamaha is most probably working on a 250cc motorcycle which will be highly based on its bigger YZF-R6. The 250cc version, we are expecting will have similar design features to the currently selling YZF-R15 V2.0 with some minor cosmetic surgeries. The motorcycle is expected to hit the market by 2014 or 2015 at the latest.

Till now, any concrete details about the YZF 250cc are very scarce. The EICMA international motorcycle show is coming up in Milan, we hope Yamaha might display some concept variants of the YZF 250cc motorcycle. Motorcycle manufacturers who are into the premium sport motorcycling segment have long moved on from the 150cc segment to higher ones like 200, 250 and 300cc. Yamaha has obviously been very slow to respond to this change in market dynamics and now hopes to get back into action. Yamaha officials had made a statement earlier that by the year 2016, the company will have an all new motorcycle range for the Indian market, designed and developed in the country.

Yamaha’s Japanese rivals are at present quite ahead in the game. Honda 2 Wheelers already has the CBR250R in the Indian market and Kawasaki will be bringing in the all new Ninja 300R very soon which is set to replace the existing Ninja 250R. Suzuki Motorcycles might also be bringing their GW250 to India very soon, after its formulated recent plans on expanding its production capacity. KTM, on the other hand is working on its 375cc motorcycle which will also be coming next year and Bajaj will follow suit with the same engine, slightly tweaked with its triple spark ignition technology for better fuel economy. All in all, lot of good bikes to look out for.


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  • pintu

    It was needed….. but mileage factor will be the main criteria…. I will wait for v2….

  • This will really create problems for other bikes in its segment, although price will be crucial.

  • mrbharath9

    AP 16 its Andhra pradesh , vijayawada. YES!YAMAHA

  • Deepak

    If Yamaha launches R250 (250 CC Twin Cylinder and the aesthetics borrowed from R15 2.0), it will eat up the Honda and Kawasakis in and out. Hope Mr Yamaha is listening to us Bikers out here.

  • nidhin

    2014-15 ??? I’m so excited… NOT..

  • jimmy

    yep.yamaha are so slow that when they finally launch a 250 their rivals will have progressed to 300+cc with various platforms.come 2013 honda,ktm,kawasaki and bajaj will have raised their game higher.

  • Ben

    I dont know why yamaha and suzuki are so lazy. I want to make them remember their golden memories. Once no one dared to compete with yamaha’s rd series and suzuki’s gamma ray ‘the rgv gamma 250’. I want them to revive their 2stroke glory in 4stroke too. Nowadays silly companies in the name of technology cheat the people. They just increase the engine size and thereby increase the performance naturally. Due to their incompetency to tackle their rivals in the common segment they introduce new segments. The sad thing here is that even japs like honda and kawasaki has jumped into this business (cb500, ninja300). A capable company should show its supramacy by launching products in the common segments. R15 and cbr150r are best examples. Finally technology means getting much from less and not much from much.

    • Vijay

      well said…

      • bike lover

        Buddy Yamaha has kicked some serious ass and caused some major dents in the 150 CC segment after being kicked around by Bajaj and the likes for 10 good years. Yamaha is like the sleeping giant. Just wait and watch. I can vouch we will have no more Crux and Liberos bro. They can get all their shit and pile it when we start we will plough the way as though they never existed.

    • Ogami Itto

      Yamaha already has several 150cc models. SZ, SZX are premium models and FZ, Fazer and R15 are executive models. In their view they have both fuel efficient cheap to top performance bikes in their stable. The sales of these products are not outstanding. If they are to launch a new one in 150 segment then the sales will be further impaired. 100cc is dominated by its rivals and pose a aggressive competition. All Yamaha can do right now is to launch higher displacement bikes of 250 which they do not have. unlike the Desi company’s the japs are reluctant to launch bigger versions of the existing models. If they design a product they design it perfect mostly do not prefer modifying. New models require to start from scratch, sales factor and public acclaim has to be considered. Overall a complicated thing to decide.

  • Nilavo

    Yamaha may be slow at launching their products but what should be appreciated is when ever Yamaha Launches a new product it is always starts at the top of the game….
    take R15 for example ….I think Yamaha Plays it slow because They wait and see what other companies has to offer and how they r doing in the market…..and after that they go back to the Drawing Board ….create a masterpiece and launches it for us to relish…..And u know what they say Masterpieces take time…..So wait out and see i think u wont be dissapointed!…..cheers…

  • Yamaha should take care of after sales services which are very very poor. I had very bad experience regarding it.

  • kamson

    Yamaha new 250 cc by 2014-15 can’t wait…… planning to change to RE

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