3rd SHR: Harley-Davidson Owners Group kicks off the 2014 riding season!

For most parts of our country, the period between October to March makes for blissful weather to ride motorcycles (among other things…). Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) didn’t have to wait to inaugurate this year’s riding season and went ahead and organized its largest yet gathering in south India’s Hyderabad last weekend.

HOG south India

This was the third edition of the annual southern zonal rally or the SHR (short for Southern H.O.G. Rally) and it saw more than 600 Harley owners from across all 13 India H.O.G Chapters gathering on the outskirts of Hyderabad – some rode from as far away as Chandigarh and Kolkata! Zonal H.O.G. rides are spread across the riding season from September through March and aim to offer ride experiences on different terrains of India creating unforgettable experiences for Harley-Davidson motorcycle owners.

HOG Hyderabad

This most recent two-day event , organized exclusively by and for Harley owners, had quite some stuff to look forward to. There was a custom motorcycle zone, a burnout zone, workshops on pre-ride motorcycle maintenance and riding fitness, along with the inevitable arm wrestling competition and rock music performances.  At least 50 riders, out of the 600 who rode to Hyderabad, are in the reckoning for the coveted Big 5 patch for 2014. A Harley rider has to participate in all four zonal rallies and also in the India H.O.G.® Rally in one calendar year to earn the special recognition of the Big 5 patch.


We have been informed that there are loads of exciting activities being planned by Harley India to take place in the coming few months. We are looking forward to them…