300 Bookings Within a Week; That’s Benelli’s First Report Card

Italian by origin Benelli Motorcycles recently forayed into India along with DSK Motowheels of India and after a not-so long wait they were launched in India on 19th of March 2015. The five motorcycles that were introduced started at Rs 2.83 lakhs for the entry TNT 302 and the flagship TNT R1130 carried a price tag of Rs 11.81 Lakhs ex-showroom Delhi.


In between were the impeccably priced TNT 600 twins (600i and 600GT) which become the cheapest inline 4 cylinder motorcycles available in India. And bike aficionados of the country have rewarded them with 300 bookings within a span of a week. Yes, its almost 2 weeks since their launch but the official word says a week so we will assume they are sharing the report for the initial 7 days!

Nonetheless, the point is that the initial response the manufacturer has received is fantastic. Though not specified by the company but we believe a fairly good chunk of this 300 bookings will be the 600 twins.


In addition to this, Benelli plans to launch TNT25, Blackster cruiser and Trek Amazonas in India this year. They also plan to spread across to 11 more dealerships in the next phase of expansion which will majorly include tier two and tier three cities. They also plan to launch a riding school in India…