Get 3 Free Custom T-Shirts From BikeAdvice – No Strings Attached!

Hi! We are giving away 3 T-Shirts for free to BikeAdvice readers. These 3 T-Shirts will be given to the first 3 people who comment on this post. After you comment, send an email to [at] with your requirements and contact details.

And here’s the cool part: These T-Shirts can be printed with the image or text of your choice. You can send us a good resolution picture of you standing near your bike or riding your bike and it can be printed on the T-Shirt! And if you want a slogan or any text to be printed, include that information as well! And don’t forget to mention your favorite color and size in cm. The images should be appropriate.

If you are wondering why we are doing this… it is because we are testing a new concept where custom T-Shirts can be awarded to the several exciting contests that are going to come up in BikeAdvice in the near future.

And note: The images of the final printed T-Shirts will be shown in this blog. So keep that in mind when you are sending the photos/text 🙂