Earth-Shattering 296 bhp Ninja H2R Revealed: Looks Insane

After carefully-thought-of teaser images and audios, it’s finally out in full glory just before the Intermot show! We are talking about the Kawasaki Ninja H2R, the track-only version of the H2 streetbike, which will be unveiled after a month’s time at the Milan Motor show.

kawasaki-ninja-h2r has already published a comprehensive report on the track-special version of the H2, and the motorcycle has been more than worth the wait.

The bike makes the current crop of ‘most powerful’ and ‘fastest’ bikes in the world look redundant in comparison. I am not exaggerating; a combination of three numerals and three digits stacked together should be enough to reiterate the last statement – 296 bhp! Yes, you read that correctly; the Ninja H2R makes that much power from its supercharged 998cc inline four-cylinder engine.


Though the international portal says that the bike will have a top speed in excess of 200 mph (322 km/h roughly), my guesstimate is that it will top 340 km/h as the current MotoGP bikes, known to put around 240-260 bhp at best, routinely do around 320-330 km/h on straights and Andrea Lannone recently took his bike to 349.6 km/h during a practice run, breaking all MotoGP top-speed records in the process!


Back to the Ninja H2R then. You would have also noted that unlike the ZX-14R or the Hayabusa, this hyperbike does not have a long wheelbase. The motorcycle sports a trellis frame that has been developed by using latest analysis modelling technology to provide the perfect amount of flex to impart utmost stability at high speeds without making any compromises on agility. A single-sided swingarm and swathes of carbon fibre add to the exclusivity while saving a lot of weight too.


There would be a hundred more details on this bike that can be talked about but we would stop right here until the series production H2 comes out in a while. And most probably, it won’t be too different than this R version..or let us hope for it…!

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