25 Motorcycle Safety Tips from Amit

This article has been contributed by Amit to the readers of BikeAdvice. I was the first one to read it and it was great. Simple but essential for every biker. If you want to contribute an article, you can submit it here.

  1. On wet roads always expect the bike to stop at twice the distance you expect it to stop.
  2. Always use indicators to signal you turning, at least a few meters from your actual turning point.
  3. Sticking out a wide hand when turning, can be risky in two ways,you can hurt yourself by a close ongoing vehicle and also you cannot a control a bike with one hand.
  4. Always keep anticipating, if the vehicle which is 2/3 vehicles ahead of you displays red tail lights,you should also slow down. Chances are you too need to stop. If a vehicle wildly cuts off a vehicle ahead, understand the driver’s psychology. He may do the same to you.
  5. On steep turns if possible allow 4-wheelers to complete their turn. 80% of accidents occur because drivers loose their control on steep turns.
  6. When descending a mountain many of us tend to turn the ignition completely off. Keep at least the key turned it, so that you can flash lights and most importantly blow horn.
  7. Perform a test ride before taking out your bike, even when you are visiting the local grocery shop.
  8. Do not overtake if overtaking lands you on a road which is joined by another road.Chances are another vehicle may just cut in at that moment.
  9. Never ever mess with Heavy Vehicles at night. You may be sore, but many at night time the truck drivers are full-on.
  10. Wear proper eye safety gear at night,so that the Lights of oncoming vehicles don’t flash right into your eyes.
  11. When buying shades try buying those through which you can look at the sun straight for 1 min or so.
  12. Wear clear glasses at night at any case, chances are that a insect might hit you in the eye. Our hand’s natural reflex is to to rub the eye and imagine doing so while whistling at a speed of 100kms in middle of a highway.
  13. Look out for old trucks, cases have been that that their rear doors open up when the vehicle is banged. A high risk when you are bump to bump to one such.
  14. Look out for cow dung, cricket ball sized stones, rounded pipes or even bundles of cloth. Enough to tip you over in a flip of eye.
  15. Try avoiding hitting out small animals,they tend to lock up in the rear tire.
  16. Never ever talk on a mobile while driving, no call is important than the call of life. Stop along side the ride and finish the call.
  17. Trucks loaded with steel bars, a absolute no-no. Overtake them safely. Never ever linger behind them.
  18. Always watch out for bikes which have some luggage tied at the either side or near the wheel. They can mangle you up.
  19. Checkout if your side stand is pulled in.
  20. Do not overtake from wrong side, if at all, watch out if the vehicle has a left rear view mirror or a ream mirror and do so alertly.
  21. Don’t let insane honking and light flashing bother you, stay your cool and let the vehicle pass or just ignore.
  22. When anything comes right before you while driving at high speed, try braking and steering the vehicle to the left of the road (for right hand drive). Vehicles, people, animals have a natural tendency to move/run ahead to avoid collision.
  23. Always help accident cases,nowadays the law is quite liberal. So you won’t be harassed by anyone. Imagine you or your near dear ones lying on the road wounded and others just passing by casually.
  24. Make sure you have appropriate fuel in the bike. You won’t want the engine to shut down when you are overtaking a long vehicle! In such a case try to stay in line behind with the vehicle by flashing bright lights or just shoot to the other side of the road if there are not vehicles on the other side.
  25. These are some of the tips which i have gained through mine or someone else’s experiences. Some of them may be too much, but life is cruel. Remember expecting you not to get a accident because you drive safe, is like expecting the lion not to eat you because you are a vegetarian!

Happy and Safe Riding! – Amit Rane