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biker-storyYou purchased your dream bike because you felt inspired, right?

The inspiration may have come from a TV advertisement, an article in this blog, or just a friend’s recommendation. If it was not for this source, you would probably be riding some mediocre bike.

There are millions of people waiting for similar inspiration to strike. Imagine being an inspiration to them. Don’t you think you need to guide your fellow bike lovers to make the right decisions when they purchase their dream bike? I know you want to!

And BikeAdvice offers you the perfect opportunity to do so. BikeAdvice is a blog read by millions every month, and all are looking for advice on choosing the right bike.

You can share your story with the readers of BikeAdvice. Just submit it here and I will publish it in the blog. If you have pictures, you can send them as an attachment to saad[at]

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