SPIED: Hero Destini to Get a Complete Makeover

2024 Hero Destini has been captured and it looks like a real nice competition against the current leaders – Access and Activa 125…

Hero has not been able to replicate the success it has in motorcycles in the scooter segment. It has tried multiple options – various sub-brands – but sales have been flat. It has, in fact, discontinued its Maestro nameplate that reminds us of the Hero and Honda partnership days.

As of now the company sells three scoots – Destini, Xoom and Pleasure. While we already knew that the Xoom branded scoots will get new models soon but what comes as a surprise is this – a new spotting of what is clearly labeled as ‘Destini’. So, Hero is giving its 125cc scooter a complete makeover and it looks real nice in this pearl black shade.

Looking at the completeness of the pic, it is clear that the scooter is absolutely ready and Hero has, in fact, also created marketing material for promotions. This pic probably comes from the same brochure.

2024 hero destini
The current gen Destini, for reference…

There is a new Pleasure-like headlamp which looks like an LED unit. We can also notice dual-tone rear view mirrors and those bar-end weights. The front apron is completely new with side blinkers housed inside a copper colored contrast panel. The footboard and the seat is contrast brown and we also see a rear passenger back rest. There could be more usage of contrast panels at the rear.

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That tyre also looks slightly bigger and it could be a 12 incher – a step up from the 10 incher currently. The scoot also gets nice looking alloy wheels and a disc brake at the front. No major changes to the engine are expected.

Hero sells its Destini as a cost-effective 125cc scooter against competition like Access, Activa 125 and others. In this new format, it definitely looks richer than the current model and if Hero can retain the aggressive price window, this refresh may propel its sales. Since the 2024 Hero Destini appears to be absolutely ready, official launch can happen anytime soon…