SPIED: Next-Gen RC390 Spotted; HOOLIGAN is Back!

2025 KTM RC390 spy pictures have emerged for the first time on the internet and the motorcycle looks fabulous. We discuss…

We all know that KTM is working, quite extensively, on its next-generation 390 Duke. While the world was talking about the streetfighter, its sibling, the new-gen RC390 has also been snapped, for the first time, in some international market.

The first thing to notice is how beautifully crazy it has been thought out. The next thing is the styling where KTM, has kind of gone back to the first generation where the model looked hooligan. The current-gen RC is presented as a relatively sober motorcycle – that, we believe, is a trade-off from its originally created image. The RC is known for its aggressive stance, hooligan attitude which should percolate to all the upcoming forms.

The low-set, menacing looking headlamp returns and that fairing has lovely flowing lines – that could also add a wee bit of more aerodynamics to the motorcycle. Those almost-horizontally-mounted rear view mirror chalks are interesting but from first glance, they may not be real value – in terms of usage.

The motorcycle, that has changed the front disc position, also gets new design alloy wheels. Rubber choice may be market dependent. The new RC390 will use a new frame and even the sub-frame appears to be different.

2025 ktm rc390

The upcominng RC390 will surely share the Duke’s engine that is touted to get bigger in this new update. How big a gain will it get is not known and even the power and torque figures are not expected to be a lot higher but it may be done to give the motorcycle a wee bit of low range – a trait that KTM has tried to better even in the current model.

2025 ktm rc390

There are a few other bits that need mention but we will reserve them for future spottings – probably from our country – as that will give a better picture of what could come in the India-spec model.

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The current RC390 for reference. Notice how the upcoming model looks more proportionate and aggressive in comparison…

For now, the motorcycle looks set to get back its hooligan tag, is styled more proportionate and clearly is a better design in the making. There is a possibility that the feedback for the current model – and the deviation from the motorcycle’s image – may have pushed the Austrian to work and bring the new model a tad bit earlier than planned. The streetfighter sibling will come this year (or early next year) and the new RC may follow – but probably sometime in 2025.