UPDATE – New Kits & Pricing Revealed; 2022 TVS Ronin – Official List Of Accessories

TVS Ronin accessories cover everything from levers to luggage to saddle stays… The pricing is yet to be announced by the company…

UPDATE (July 14) – TVS have officially released the pricing of the Accessories offered for the new TVS Ronin. They have also revealed 3 new Kits which contain various combinations of offered accessories under the names – Style Kit, Urban Kit & Tour Kit.

Story Continues (July 7) – So, alongside entering into the lifestyle segment of motorcycling and launching the new Ronin cruiser-scrambler bike, TVS have launched a range of Apparel/Merchandise and Official Accessories for their new motorcycle. 

Listed below are the new official Accessory Kits launched by TVS for the new Ronin –

  1. Style Kit – 

Price – 2,299/-

Accessories – 

  • Front Brake Reservoir Lid (aluminium)
  • Tank Grip
  • Bar End Weights
  • Engine Cover Sprocket
  • EFI cover
  1. Urban Kit – 

Price – 4,499/- 

Accessories – 

  • Adjustable Clutch & Brake Lever – Aluminium
  • USB Charger
  • Tank Bag
  1. Tour Kit – 

Price – Rs. 9,599/- 

Accessories – 

  • Rear Rack Full Kit
  • Saddle Bags
  • Tail Bag
  • Visor

Listed below are all the accessories officially offered by TVS with pricing – 

  1. Adjustable Clutch & Brake Lever Kit

Price – Rs. 1,399/-

Company description – Pamper your mean machine with Adjustable Clutch & Brake levers in two colours – Glossy Black & Bright Aluminium.

  1. Visor

Price – Rs. 1,199/-

Company description – Ride with the visor that is designed to enhance your on-road experience and comfortably wherever you go. 

  1. Front Brake Reservoir Lid

Price – Rs. 449/-

Company description – The front brake reservoir lid comes in 2 colours and is machined to provide a stylish edge to the machine.

  1. Rear Rack

Price – Rs. 1,999/-

Company description – The rear rack comes in a Matte Black colour with tones of bright Aluminium. 

  1. Tank Grips

Price – Rs. 849/-

Company description – With a smooth Black finish, the tank grips protect the area from contact scratches and keep your knees safe against the metal tank, allowing you to ride on without interruption.

  1. Bar-End Weights

Price – 449/-

Company description – Bar-end weights not only add to the daring look of the bike but also ensure that no matter how the road turns, your balance never slips.

  1. Engine Cover 

Engine Cover – Rs. 229/-

Company description – The engine cover is machined to protect and perform so that you can ride without worry. 

  1. EFI Cover

Price – Rs. 649/-

Company description – The EFI cover is designed to impress with a sleek aluminium finish to keep your Ronin protected. 

  1. Saddle Bags

Price – Rs. 1,999/-

Company description – Drop your luggage into the soft Saddlebags and ride stress-free every day. 

  1.  Tank Bag

Price – Rs. 2,199/-

Company description – The uber-functional tank bag is built to fit all your essentials. There is only one thing left to do – hit the road. 

  1. Tail Bag

Price – Rs. 1,599/-

Company description – Skillfully crafted Tail Bag is here to support your ride and carry your gear wherever you go. 

  1. Saddle Bag Stay

Price – Rs. 899/-

Company description – Carry your adventure on the road with these sleek Saddle bag stays in a Matte finish, built to keep your luggage intact on your rides.