2022 KTM RC 390 Vs. TVS Apache RR 310 – Battle Of 300cc Supersports (Part-1)

New KTM RC 390 takes on its closest rival in the market – Apache RR 310… Who do you think will come up at the top???

Finally, with the official launch of the 2022 KTM RC 390, we can now put the KTM supersport neck-and-neck with its direct rival – TVS Apache RR 310 – to understand which is better, on paper. 

Let’s see how the the supersport rivals fare against each other:

  1. Engine – 

If you’re a fan of power & performance, then the RC 390 is the one. 

The new RC 390 is making nearly 11 HP & nearly 10 Nm more than the RR 310 at a little lower RPM. These numbers will definitely translate into better performance from the RC when compared directly with the RR. 

Even the fuel capacity of the RC is 2.7 L more than the RR, meaning the KTM will cover more distance than the TVS. 

CriteriaRC 390Apache RR 310
TypeSingle-cylinder, 4-stroke, liquid-cooledSingle-cylinder, 4-stroke, Reversed inclined, liquid-cooled
Displacement373 cc312.2 cc
Maximum Power43.5 PS @ 9,000 rpm34 HP @ 9,700 RPM
Maximum Torque37 Nm @ 7,000 RPM27.3 Nm @ 7,700 RPM
ClutchWet, multi-plateWet, multi-plate
Fuel Capacity13.7 L11 L
  1. The Chassis and Suspension Set-up – 

The frame design are identical in both the rivals. What separates the two is the suspension setup of the two supersports. 

The KTM is sporting their race-derived WP Apex suspension which, unfortunately, are still non-adjustable. So, the rider will have to do with how the company have tuned the suspension by default. 

However, if you optioned the RR 310 by the TVS’ BTO program, you will get adjustable suspension which will definitely give a major advantage to the bike when it comes to tuned performance best suited to the rider. 

CriteriaRC 390Apache RR 310
Frame TypeSteel TrellisTrellis Frame, Split Chassis
Front Suspension43 mm WP Apex USDInverted Cartridge Telescopic Fork
Front Sus. Travel120 mm
Rear SuspensionWP Apex MonoshockMono-tube Floating Piston Gas-Assisted Shocks
Rear Sus. Travel 150 mm 
Ground Clearance 158 mm180 mm
  1. The Dimensions – 

KTM have not shared the wheelbase figures of their new RC 390, so it is difficult to understand how it measures against the Apache RR 310. 

The RR 310 will cater to a broader variety of riders, thanks to its 14 mm lower seat-height. Yet, the RC 390 will offer better control & agility as it carries 14 kg less weight than the RR 310. 

CriteriaRC 390Apache RR 310
Wheelbase1365 mm 
Seat Height 824 mm810 mm
Kerb Weight160 kg174 kg
  1. The Brakes and Tyres – 

The braking criteria is a complete win for RC 390. Both the front and rear rotors are bigger in th RC which will provide better control and feedback to the rider when he/she decides to push the bike – or in case of emergency, aided by dual-channel & lean-sensitive ABS. 

CriteriaRC 390Apache RR 310
Front Brake320 mm Single-Disc300 mm disc
Rear Brake230 mm Single-Disc240 mm disc
Front Tyre17” – 110/70
Rear Tyre17” – 150/60
  1. The Miscellaneous – 

Here, the competition is really neck-and-neck.

Both the flagship supersport bikes are filled to the brim with the latest of motorcycle technology both manufacturers can offer. 

Both the RC 390 and RR 310 sports 5” TFT displays (in different orientations), all-LED lighting setup, Bluetooth connectivity with telephony and turn-by-turn navigation etc. 

Yet, both the supersport bikes try to one-up each other by adding something special in their catalogue. The new RC 390 comes with segment-first Traction control & cornering ABS as standard while the RR 310 offers 4-riding modes which control the power output of the bike combined with Race telemetry for the rider. 

CriteriaRC 390Apache RR 310
Instrumentation 5” Full-colour TFT5” Full-colour TFT
Mobile ConnectivityThrough KTM MyRideThrough SmartXonnect
GPS NavigationYesYes
MiscellaneousTraction Control & Cornering ABS4 – Riding Modes & Race Telemetry
StarterElectricElectric start
Final DriveChainChain
  1. The Price – 
CriteriaRC 390Apache RR 310
PriceRs. 3.11 (ex-sh.)Rs. 2.65 Lakh (ex-sh.)

This is by far the closest rivalry we have ever witnessed in any of our comparisons. 

It appears as if each company has been eyeing the other one and wants to beat them at their own game. The only factors where the RC 390 beats the RR 310 is the power figures and the fuel capacity. 

Other than these two factors, both the rivals are very similar to each other in every way. The only deciding factor is the price. Are you willing to give an extra Rs. 45,000/- for a bright Orange supersport making 10 HP & 11 Nm more??

You have to decide..

But, these are just some numbers on the paper. To really understand and specify which of these two is actually better, we have to get our hands on these machines and ride them back-to-back. 

Stay Tuned…