2022 BMW G310 RR Latest Teaser Reveals More Details – No Adjustable Suspension

BMW G 310 RR new teaser gives us more glimpses of the bike… Adjustable Suspension could be optional though…

BMW Motorrad India are leaving no stones unturned when it comes to promoting their new 300cc upcoming sportbike – BMW G 310 RR.

Starting 3rd of June, BMW have been steadily revealing bits and pieces of the new sportbike – giving us a peek into the colour scheme, Front design, Fairing details etc.

And yet again, in the new teaser published on Instagram, BMW have revealed some more details in a way very reminiscent of the bigger 1000cc siblings.

2022 BMW G 310 RR Further New Details

The latest teaser published by BMW Motorrad India is very reminiscent of how the company have revealed and showcased their bigger M 1000 RR and S 1000 RR supersport machines. 

The new teaser has all the traditional camera angles and shot-selection which reveals particular details while hiding the rest of the biie from the viewers vision. 

The teaser opens with the first shot revealing the rear panels of the tails-section of the new bike. The rear panels on either side of the bike bears the ‘G 310 RR’ name surrounded by the Red & Blue coloured decal of the White colour scheme of the bike. 

After a blackout, the second shot reveals the rear of the bike. The slow panning shot showcases a triangular silver-finished metallic plate which is bearing the iconic ‘RR’ moniker of the BMW supersport family. 

This angle also confirms the use of LED turn-indicators at the rear and no change in the rear design of the new sportbike, which apparently is completely based on the existing TVS Apache RR 310 sportbike. 

Now comes the final shot of the teaser, again after a small blackout. This is the most interesting and the most revealing shot of the whole teaser. 

This shot primarily reveals the 5″ TFT instrumentation and the preview of the new BMW UI which will be featured on it. No further UI elements were shown on the short clip, however.

Another important detail confirmed from the the 3rd short clip is that the new G 310 RR will not get Adjustable Suspension as standard

From one of the previous teasers, many reports started to circulate that the new premium model will get Adjustable Suspension as standard. However, this new clip shows traditional fork screws instead of the adjusting screws seen on the TVS Apache RR 310 BTO. 

Yet, the fact that the G 310 RR could get Adjustable Suspension as an option is not out of consideration. BMW could offer Adjustable Suspension as an optional add-on among other accessories during and post-launch of the G 310 RR. 

It is reported that the new BMW G 310 RR will launch in India on 15th of July. The pre-launch bookings for the new G 310 RR are already being accepted by the company. They are also offering easy financial incentives and low EMI offers as low as Rs. 3,999/-. 

There are still 24 days left for the buke to debut. Stay tuned… let’s see what BMW have more in-store to tease…

And oh!! Happy World Motorcycle Day,  Everybody!!