Here Are the Two Colours of New 2019 Mojo ABS

2019 Mojo pics – the two colours of the motorcycle. Only singletone colours on offer – dual tone shades of the premium XT300 axed…

With the lack of proper media releases, information on the new Mojo, which has recently been updated with ABS, is coming in bits and pieces.

NAFS Motors, authorised Mojo dealership in Bangalore has shared pics of the two colours of the 2019 Mojo. The motorcycle, according to them, will be available in two shades..

  • Black
  • Blue

The blue colour here appears to have been picked up from the UT300’s palette with the only visible changes being – body coloured front mudguard (which was black on UT300) along with the blue coloured tail section (again black on UT).

This means that Mahindra has ditched the dual colour theme of the Mojo XT most probably for cost related reasons.

2019 Mojo Pics

2019 Mojo pics
2019 Mojo pics

It must be known that the new Mojo ABS has been recently launched at a price tag of Rs 1.89 Lakh ex-showroom and it can be called as a mid-variant between the erstwhile UT and XT. It misses out on upside down front forks, left side exhaust, LED DRLs etc.

Mojo Follows Dominar’s Strategy – One Price Across India

However, it gains dual channel ABS, Pirelli Angel CT tyres and new braking system from Bybre. It now produces 26.29 PS of peak power and 28 Nm of max torque – both of which are lower than XT but higher than UT. You can check out the spec sheet of the motorcycle here.