BUSTED: 2019 Gixxer SF Completely Revealed

2019 Gixxer SF pics reveal the motorcycle in total. It also previews the design of the Gixxer 250!

Suzuki has decided to play it aggressive in the premium segment. Along with the re-entry into the quarter liter segment with the all-new India-specific Gixxer 250, they are revamping their 150cc range as well.

The full faired 2019 Gixxer SF has been completely revealed in a series of spy pics that have been shared by one of our source. The motorcycle has gained a new headlamp design. As compared to the current version, this new 2019 SF has an aggressive design with a protruding beak and what looks like LED lamps. The side fairing is also a lot edgier now with relatively lesser graphics.

2019 Gixxer SF Pics
Here is the headlamp design of the new 2019 Gixxer SF

The instrument cluster is also a newer unit, though it shares the basic layout of the older version. It also now gets split seat complementing its sportier design. Also adding to its new demeanour are those clip-on handlebars. For now this black colour has been confirmed – what other shades will it get remains to be seen.

We do not have any clue if the engine has also gone through any tweaks, but we are awaiting an update on the specs soon. Expect the Gixxer streetfighter to adorn very similar changes when it gets updated to the 2019 version. Launch and media ride of both the Gixxer 250 as well as the new 2019 Gixxer SF are scheduled on 20th and 21st May, which is when the prices will also be revealed. Stay tuned then…

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2019 Gixxer SF Pics