Recently Launched Yellow 2018 Yamaha R15 v3 Spotted on Road in Indonesia

2018 R15 v3 has got some cosmetic changes in Indonesia…

While we just got the new Indianized version of the R15 v3, Yamaha has been selling it since January 2017 in Indonesia. Now, with more than a year completed, they have lent a minor update to the model.

2018 R15 v3 Colours

For model year 2018, Indonesia-spec R15 v3 has got three new colours

  • Racing Yellow
  • Racing Blue
  • Racing Black

The older model was offered in three colours – matte black, matte red and blue. So, the red colour, which was the least liked of the lot has been discontinued. The blue colour theme is the same that has been launched in India – blue has been contrasted with black (in place of silver of the older version). Black, which was the pick of the colours, has retained almost everything, including its matte texture and the only difference is that the red decals have been changed a bit!

Black has retained the theme of the older version. Only the decals have changed a little

The other cosmetic change is the introduction of golden upside down forks like the M-Slaz. The outgoing version came shod with black coloured units and if you compare it has certainly added a bit of premiumness to the already beautiful looking motorcycle. Yamaha has stripped the India-spec R15 v3 off these inverted forks because of cost reasons. In place is a traditional unit here.

Compare its theme with the India-spec motorcycle…

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We are unsure if there are other changes to the motorcycle and it continues with the same mechanicals. Apart from this, the new 2018 R15 v3 costs IDR 35,200,000 (roughly equal to 1.66 Lakh INR) which is IDR 700,000 (~ 3300 INR) more than its original launch price.

This is the India-spec R15 v3 – Indonesia gets this colour theme

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In a latest update, according to a pic (featured pic of the article) at Iwanbanaran, it appears that Yamaha has started delivering the yellow colour to customers and there seems to be a lot of liking for this bright shade.

Here in India, we just tested the motorcycle and it is a betterment in most departments! You can read the review here.