2011 Yamaha YZF R15 To be Launched This Month

Ok its official now; the bike in the spy pics published recently was in fact the revamped 2011 YZF R15. According to what we know, Yamaha would launch the upgraded version of the India’s mini sportsbike most probably on 25th of January.

Changes that we could notice on the new iteration:

  • Raised and altered rear: Rear portion seems to be inspired by the R125, is raised and pointed making it a lovely looker.
  • Fatter Tires: Many people complained about those much functional but skinny looking tires and Yamaha has taken a quick not of the same. The new bike is equipped with fatter rubber, most probably which should be the same soft compound.
  • Split Seats
  • LED Tail lamp
  • No Power Bump: With all these cosmetic changes, we expect the bike’s weight to go up and in turn affect the bike’s performance. Yamaha would go with the same engine and most probably under the same specs.
  • Price Hike: Unfortunately, on one hand, we have a very competent revamped product on the other Yamaha has shown some signs of price increase on the new variant.

With quarter liter CBRs and bigger Pulsars in the pipeline, how would Yamaha get impacted it remains to be seen but for now Yamaha seems to be on their toes responding and reacting to every little feedback on their bread and butter bike which catapulted the company back to life.

– Saad Khan