2010 Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSi on the Anvil!

Country’s most selling premium segment bike Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSi has silently been given a makeover by Bajaj. After a lot of expectations what Bajaj has built with the performance seeking cadre of Indian biking community, Auto Expo 2010 turned out to be a damp squib for most of us from the company’s front. But here Bajaj comes with another unsettling (unsettling for the competition!) move to perturb the Hondas and Yamahas of our worlds! Bajaj has been hitting it pretty hard with some heavenly launches one after the other of late. Here we come with a little scoop of the new Pulsar 150 DTSi. The bike gets some tweaks to the engine along with a few cosmetic changes. These changes come in the wake of the launch of the new Pulsar 135LS so that the old horse doesn’t get overshadowed by the new smaller sibling and a better value for money offering.

The info which we have with us currently tells us that the bikes power output would go up all the way to 15. 06 PS from 14.09 PS, around 1 PS increment, which means this bike would be second only to Apache RTR in terms of performance on paper (R15 barred!). Now how is this possible, we pondered! Soon after we got our query answered. The bike would sport a bigger 29mm UCD29 carburetor which would surely enhance the performance (read power) of the bike, while fuel efficiency might take a slight beating. But considering that the earlier version was one of the most frugal engines in its segment, even with the efficiency drop this bike would stand tall!

Our second question was how Bajaj would manage to make their bike adhere to the stricter Bharat stage 4 pollution norms with almost the same set up. We learnt that Bajaj has played with the exhaust of the new bike which would ensure that the setup uses the bigger carburetor to advantage and also make it environment friendly. We were hoping for a 4 valve engine reminiscent to the smaller sibling Pulsar 135 on this upgrade on 150 as well but sadly, that’s not in Bajaj’s menu currently for us. We also expected a Pulsar 135LS like knee recess for the new 150, but even that’s not in the offering currently. But what has definitely made into production on this new upgrade is the Pulsar 135LS’s clip on handle bars which are better than the ones sported by bigger 180s and 220s. Apart from this not much is expected to be changed but then who knows; it’s Bajaj! The new bike would go on sale from mid February and would see a nominal increment over the current price. On road prices for Pune would stand at a tad above 66k which further enhances the Value for Money traits of this bike in its segment. This upgrade would be offered in regular existing colors and might actually help Bajaj in reaching that magic 1 million mark for Pulsars. Stay tuned for more…!