135kmph Yamaha FZ16 18000kms Quick User Review by Bhushan; My Cheetahaaa….

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Hello Riders, my name is Bhushan, an M.Tech student from Bangalore. Writing a review about my Cheetahaa. The Yamaha FZ16 “The Bike which never fails”.

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As an amateur, it all started in 2009 when I started looking for my first bike. The search for my bike started as soon as I joined engineering in my home town Shimoga. My college was about 6 km away from my home and was not feeling comfortable with college bus timing (early morning).

So I started searching for my own bike. At that time all were into Apache and Pulsar. I started looking for style and riding fun, been for few trial rides of apache, unicorn, pulsar and also Fz16.When I saw this bike felt like the beast.

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What made me to choose this bike?

Among all the bikes, the first thing I felt, Fz was totally different from other bikes. As every buddies trend was on apache or pulsar I wanted to show of that I am different. And made up my mind to own this beast.

Finally purchased, done pooja’s and other stuff according to Hindu mythology. And then started the story of my amazement with my Fz.

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Few memorable riding stories…

Gone for many off road and on road rides and to narrate the experience, it was fun.
Best experience was an off road ride on a hill, it was superb. Never expected such a fun. It was the day when me and my friend thought of going for a ride in the evening to a place little far from my home town we had little fun in road then we finally came to the place where we wanted to try the bike and to say frankly that was too tough for any bike to go all along that route but FZ really made me feel proud of that decision on selection of the bike.

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Some festival fun…..

In festival seasons like holi, ganesha chathurthi,Vdeepavali and many more…
It was fun to roam around in nights. Its beam of light used to show a proper way to ride in night time.

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Few bad incidents…

Few accidents also happened due to negligence while riding. Once, I was coming back from a long trip at the night time due to negligence fell and got hurt too.
But frankly speaking if at all those accidents happened on any other bikes really it would have been a great disaster.
Even after accidents this bike never gave its power to ride back and reach its destination.

Positive opinions on this bike…

  • Bike has super style
  • It is comfortable in off road and on road riding
  • It has high power
  • Strong enough to withstand accidents
  • Good road grip
  • Good pick up
  • Affordable price
  • No vibrations
  • Top speed of 135km/hr
  • Most of all riding fun

What else u expect from any bike??….

This bike rocks…!

Thank you
Bhushan N B

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