125cc Scooter vs 1000cc Superbikes on a Track: What Happens Next? [Video]

You may not have seen something of this sort before! First a puny 125 cc scooter being pitted against the monstrous liter class superbikes on a track and second, it – the scooter, putting all of them to shame!

That, for your information, is Yamaha Mio – a 125 cc scooter sold in Thailand. Though we can not identify all the motorcycles, but the video poster claims that all of them are 1000 cc powerhouses like Fireblade, R1, GSXR etc. So, the next time a confident geek on his puny scooter challenges you for a race, remember this video!

Still, the Vespa 946 remains the most senseless launch of India 😉

125 cc Scooter vs 1000 cc Motorcycles – Race Video