100cc Indian Motorcycles Comparison – The Clash Of The Commuters!

Motorcycles with engine displacement of 100cc or lower are pure commuter bikes. These bikes are preferred when it comes to riding in city traffic across busy lanes. These commuters are suited to people who prefer fuel efficiency, reliability and durability over power and torque. Commuters are good for day to day activities especially for collage and officers goers.

But do not worry; we are not talking about scooters, only motorcycles will be compared in this review. We will review 6 brightest stars of this category, and will attempt to bring out their strong and weak points.

Our contestants are:

  1. Bajaj Discover 100
  2. Bajaj Platina 100
  3. Hero Honda Passion Plus
  4. Hero Honda Splendor Plus
  5. Yamaha Crux and finally
  6. Mahindra Stallio

Lets jump in!

Bajaj Discover DTS-Si 100.

Discover 100cc is positioned by the company as a sporty touring commuter that is good from the any aspect Strongest points of this bike are fuel efficiency and premium equipment, which you wouldn’t expect from a low-priced commuter bike.. Bajaj probably made one of the most successful commuters in Indian market.

Discover has everything a biker needs apart from fuel efficiency and reliability like wide optoprism headlamp with stylish black tinted windscreen, racing style wheel stripes, large and bulky fuel tank with awesome paintings gives good overall impression. LED tail light s also adds a lot to the looks of the bike. For the first time, a 100cc commuter was installed with 5-speed gearbox, LED taillights and Nitrox suspension.

The bike has got amazing specs to that include a 94.38cc engine (might look a bit of weakling on paper, but don’t let it confuse you) , 7.5 Bhp of power @ 7500 rpm and 7.85 Nm @ 5000 rpm .Discover can easily attain an speed of 93-95 Km/Ph without any trouble. As it is a commuter, it takes a time of about 8.5 seconds to accelerate to 60 Kmph, which is not at all bad for a commuter.

Most of us look for mileage in a bike and Discover doesn’t disappoint us.. According to ARAI IDC (Indian Driving Cycle) it gives unbelievable figure of 89kmpl. They said that under standard conditions it should give around 125kmpl! One can expect it to give a mileage around 75 – 80Kmpl. Other eye catching features of the bike include; powerful suspension, comfortable seating and large wheel base that helps to maintain grip and stability on road. Discover comes with an On Road price tag of 46,000-47,000 while the Ex-Showroom price stands at 41,000.

Pros: Discover has Best mileage in 100cc segment and Sports Great stability, amazing suspension. Electric start, LED taillight, good 5-speed gearbox, maintenance free battery, Comfortable seat and affordable price.

Cons: Some people don’t like styling; also engine could use a bit more power. There were complains about tyre quality, common maintenance problems after few years of riding.

Bajaj Platina DTS-Si 100cc

Bajaj produces another commuter called the Platina DTS-Si. To begin with, Platina has Very good mileage accompanied by a really affordable price. It is a predecessor of Discover 100cc, and while equipment of this bike can’t be compared with progressive technology of Discover, it has its own benefits.

Stylish and sleek looks of Bajaj Platina are very likeable. If you choose platinum silver color with chrome you will always stand apart, even in huge variety of bikes available today. The bike’s specifications are really good with four stroke 99.27cc engine produces which produces 8.2bhp@7500rpm and maximum torque of 8.05Nm@4500rpm. The pick up is respectable, and low end torque is very handy, thanks to the world class ExhausTEC system. Platina is few kilograms lighter then Discover.

Bajaj Platina is capable of reaching 98km/h (however, some people report 93km/h at max, but it solely depends on your weight), and sprint from 0 to 60km/h could be done in 8.5 seconds. In addition there are no excessive vibrations in any rmp’s. Bajaj Platina is equipped with oil indicator, Telescopic front suspension has travel of 125 mm and the rear suspension (SNS) has the longest travel in its class – 100mm. It offers quite a plush ride without sacrificing handling. The commuter gives out a mileage of nearly 80kmpl, and it is very close to Discover’s results. The price for it is only Rs. 33,900 in ex-showroom, and on road price is Rs. 37,215. Platina won the “2007 NDTV Profit Bike India” – bike of the year award, for the 100 cc class.

Pros: Very good mileage, great looks if color is black or silver. Neat ride comfort and best power/torque output in its class.

Cons: Looks are not impressive especially the blue or red base colors, brakes are too soft and there is no electric start. The plastic styling gets scratched easily, because its wrongly placed with maintenance problems as well.

Hero Honda Passion Pro

The next commuter on our list is Hero Honda Passion Pro. This commuter has a Very stylish body with wide variety of color options. It was released as the upgraded design version of basic Hero Honda Passion with a lot of upgraded features. This bike has been introduced for individuals looking for incredibly designed bike with solid performance and mileage figures.

Passion Pro incorporates a lot of styling features like 2-tone colors, body colored rear view mirrors, new multi-reflector headlamp and the new dials in the instrument panel. It comes with 6 variants of multicolor design. Passion plus is also capable of producing just enough power and torque. It can produce a 7.4bhp at 8000 rpm, and peak torque of 7.95Nm was clocked at 5000 rpm. While torque is more than acceptable with engine size of only 97.2 cc, power is on the low side. Because there is not much power, maximum speed of Passion pro is around 85km/h and acceleration isn’t rapid.

Hero Honda Passion pro is equipped with robust 18 inch Dunlop, Srichakra MRF tyres, which provide the rider with adequate grip even on the slippery surfaces. In addition, Passion is very comfortable and stable bike, most likely you will not get back pain even from continuous riding. The tubular double cradle chassis make this bike very dynamic and maneuverable. One can expect to get nearly 65-70kmpl from this motorcycle. The bike is priced 50,000 on Road with an Ex-showroom price of 44,000.

Pros: Best looking bike in 100cc segment, low maintenance, decent reliability, cool colored dials and good resale value. Also it is very comfortable and handling is nice.

Cons: Weak engine and it heats up fast. Mileage may significantly drop while driving at higher speeds of more than 65 Km.

Hero Honda Splendor Plus

Next bike on our list is the Hero Honda Splendor Plus. Best thing about Splendor plus is its comfort and very low maintenance costs. Also, Splendor Plus is one of the largest selling bikes in India. Splendor plus is the improved model of old basic splendor by Hero Honda.

Lets peep in to the specs of Splendor Plus. First of all, styling is very classy because it looks like it came straight from 80’s. Splendor Plus sports front and tail lamps (rectangular) and there are no alloy wheels (okay, there is an option, but they don’t really fit with overall design), and from the sides it isn’t sporty at all. Secondly, engine is the same (97.2cc) as on the Passion plus, so there are no major differences in performance. But because Splendor is much lighter than the Passion, it can achieve 90km/h speeds while achieving a speed of 60Km in just 8.6 secs.

This commuter is comfortable both with regards of handling and seating. The bike is spacious and can easily accommodate two people with all due comforts. Stability could be a bit of concern for this bike because wheelbase is 1230mm and the tyres aren’t too in synchronization with the road. One can even notice a lack in Handling. The commuter sports a Suspension that features standard telescopic fork with hydraulic shock absorbers at the front and the rear; one is swing arm with hydraulic shock absorbers. This bike gives a mileage of 65-75kmpl, and figures are a bit higher than that of Passion Plus. The bike comes at an Ex-Showroom price of 40,000 and an on road price of 45,000.


  • High reliability and low maintenance.
  • Good resale value
  • Great comfort level


  • All coloring variants aren’t really that good
  • Styling is seriously outdated (Retro lovers will love it)
  • Poor handling and no electric start option.

Yamaha Crux

Yamaha Crux is the next commuter we are going to apprise. The bike is cheaply priced and has a good engine too. Moreover the bike is durable and is very comfortable too. Yamaha’s designers have chosen very conservative approach, and “duplicated” motorcycle designs from the past. Crux has very familiar, big round headlamp and absence of front fairing and the front mudguard is chromed. This bike comes in only two color variants (guess its not a lot to choose from). Crux has got a good four stroke single cylinder 106cc engine that provides the bike with solid 7.6bhp @7500 rpm and peak torque is 7.85Nm @6000 rpm.

Yamaha Crux can run on a Maximum speed of 91-93km/h. Yamaha Crux lacks acceleration and it takes over 9.1 secs to go from 0 to 60Kmph because transmission is very smooth, and gear ratios aren’t good for rapid acceleration. Crux e=was made primarily for comfort rather than power and speed.

This commuter has quite good wheels and tyres (18” 4 PR and 6 PR), and has only multi-spoke rim that is considered one of the best in the industry due to its low maintenance and flexibility. As far as the comfort is concerned, crux scores above average because the seat is quiet big. The bike also has satisfactory handling and also remains stable. Crux has conventional wheelbase of 1260mm and as I already mentioned tyre quality is decent. Mixed mileage is around 60-66kmpl. Price is very affordable – only Rs.32, 000 for ex-showroom and on road price is approximately Rs. 36000.


  • Awesome price
  • Great reliability
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy Riding
  • Solid engine and reasonable pick up
  • Good resale value

Cons: It looks like an old moped from 1980’s, and has only two color variants to choose from. Mileage is not very impressive; there are few bikes in 125cc class that are more economical. Lack of technology, no electric start, doesn’t use an efficient braking system.

Mahindra Stallio

Mahindra Stalio is the next bike in the segment that is worth reviewing. The strength of this bike is design and technology it uses. The tag line defines the bike as “World class Italian design, raw power, adrenaline and speed.” Mahindra Stallio has its special sleek, sporty contours and designs from Italy. It is very distinctive from the other bikes, and its multi-reflector headlamp certainly grabs attention. The digital display looks fantastic; it is first bike from the segment that is equipped with such high-end technology.

Mahindra Stallio has got a 106.7cc engine displacement and falls under a partial 110cc class bike but we thought that it would be fun comparing it with 100cc commuters. Surprisingly, power output isn’t that high, just 7.24bhp @ 7500 rpm and maximum torque is 8.0 Nm @ 5500 rpm. There are no exact numbers (well no any numbers for that matter) of performance but based on power and weight ratio one can roughly calculate the results. Power output is lower than on few bikes we already discussed, and also the bike weighs at –126kg (kerb weight). There is no way that this machine could go faster than 85-87km/h even if it had perfect wheels and aerodynamics the speed wouldn’t go till 92 Kmph.

These are somewhat disappointing figures for a 110cc bike. . However, Stallio has advanced telescopic hydraulic-damped front suspension and 5-step adjustable coiled hydraulic-damped rear suspension. In addition, Stallio offers commendable degree of comfort for both rider and passenger while the Fuel efficiency stands at 55-65kmpl (mixed results). One can acquire this bike with cast alloy wheels, self start and fully digital console for around Rs. 44,000 (ex-showroom) and Rs. 49,000 for on road price.


  • Equipped with high-technology
  • Fully digital display has speedo
  • Fuel gauge, tachometer, odometer, trip meter and a clock with a 4-year or 80,000 km warranty
  • Design is pretty stylish and the bike is well balanced


  • No disc brakes,
  • Low fuel efficiency & weak engine (for 110cc)
  • Price could be a bit lower.


Its now time that we rank these commuters and select the best out of them. The rankings are based on fuel efficiency, performance, maintenance & reliability, price, comfort and the looks. We will also intend to count the riders point of view while ranking these 6 commuters. We will attempt to categorize our ranking system in each and every aspect, so lets get started.

Fuel Efficiency: Lets see the performances of the 6 commuters listed above as regards fuel efficiency.

Price: Now let us find out how they stand as regards price.

Comfort: lets find out which commuter excels when it comes to comfort.

Performance: Performance is the most important aspects of a bike. Let us find out  how these 6 commuters score as regards performance.

Maintenance&Reliability: Leta see the rankings with respect to maintenance and reliability.

Design: The most important thing is the Design. Lets assess the rankings as per the design of each of the six commuters.

Based on the above results we can come to the following conclusion;

  • Bajaj Discover DTS-Si 100cc is most economical bike
  • Hero Honda Passion Pro has best design and styling, and also is most comfortable
  • Yamaha Crux is the cheapest bike
  • Bajaj Platina DTS-Si 100cc is the best performer
  • Hero Honda Splendor Plus is most reliable and low on operating costs

Bajaj Discover DTS-Si 100cc looks like the overall winner!

This is what final results look like:

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed my in-depth analysis of these 6 bikes from 100cc segment! Please leave comments.

– Author: Alex Edited by: Atul Sharma