BREAKING: Honda’s Splendor-Rival Launch on 15 March

New 100cc Honda motorcycle launch confirmed for mid of March – that will directly rival Hero’s Splendor and other entry level models…

Though Honda has been doing insanely well in its scooter business, it has not been able to set proper foot in the entry level 100-110cc motorcycle segment – which is the territory of its once-partner-now-rival Hero. It has tried many motorcycles – Dream Neo, Dream Yuga, CD110 etc but nothing has worked properly.

At the moment the Jap is only selling the CD110 Deluxe and Livo in 100-110cc segment but both of them are costlier prepositions. To plug the gap, the company has been pretty vocal and has time and again announced that it is working on a new, entry level model – that will directly compete with the Splendors of our world!

100cc Honda motorcycle
CD110 Deluxe is Honda’s most affordable bike currently but it is still pretty costly in the 100cc segment…

And moments back, a block your date invite has hit our mailboxes – that announces the launch of #Hondaकी100 on 15th March 2023. The mail comes attached with a teaser that clears the air that we will get to see Honda’s entry level 100cc motorcycle on this day.

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And this time Honda seems to be better prepared and is banking on its image of ‘reliability and longevity‘ – the two traits Splendor (which originally carries Honda’s platform) banks on. The teaser video announces that new 100cc Honda motorcycle is coming and it will be targeted at first time bike buyers.

Now, with Honda really inching closer to Hero MotoCorp for the number 1 sales spot – will this 100 be the trump card that will do it..? It really gets very interesting hereon…