8 Basic Tips on How to Ride a New Bike

The feeling of buying a brand new bike is simply superb; of riding it for the first time is, probably, indescribable. There are few quick tips that I suggest you should follow if you are picking up a new bike.

Tips for new Bikes
  • Never throttle up your new bike very high as soon as you bring it out of the showroom. For best efficiency, keep riding at optimum (read low) speeds in the top gear. In fact, I suggest you to follow this regime not for the first 2k or 3k kms, but for the first 5k kms.
  • Don’t strain the engine too much. This is applicable for bikes of any age but particularly for new bikes you should be extra careful. Try not to cross 5k rpm too often. There was a friend of mine during my engineering days who bought a new Unicorn. He made the bike strain so much from the first day itself. After a few years, his Unicorn was not in the best of healths and was returning around 22 kmpl!
  • Do not take brand new motorcycles on long rides. Avoid this for at least the first 3k kms.
  • Do not worry about the fuel economy your bike returns initially. It would settle down gradually in the first two services.
  • Service your bike regularly. If you are not satisfied with the service center of the dealership where you bought your motorcycle from, you can switch to some other authorized dealer in your city. This should clear out that you can get your servicing done from any authorized dealership from the company in the country. In case you prefer DIYs, at least get the first free services done at the dealerships.
  • Do not overload your bike. This includes pillions or even other luggage. In fact, try to ride it solo for as long as possible.
  • Do not allow multiple people to use your bike. You do not know how will your friend take care/ride your bike. A single-hand ridden motorcycle is generally fuss-free for a longer period of time.
  • Lastly, if you are a first-time rider, ride safely, be in control of your motorcycle and never try to speed up beyond your control.