10 Reasons Why to Prefer a Local Mechanic for Your Bike

  1. Find out an experienced local mechanic by getting suggestion from your chaps or someone known to you and establish good relations with him.
  2. If you own a Royal Enfield or any of Yamaha bikes, you could find special mechanics who deal only with these brands very commonly in your city. Make him understand how much you love your bike.
  3. If you are a biker taking your bike very often for highway rides, don’t forget to tell him that so that he would tune up your bike accordingly.
  4. The problem would be properly attended unlike in service centres where regular servicing which includes periodic adjustments would alone be done and usually nothing else.
  5. Most of the time, the carburettor is not cleaned properly (Not in case of bikes with FIs), leading to very bad stroking of bikes soon after the service (which actually proves to me very risky while crossing busy roads).
  6. Water wash is done without any water strains still pertaining on the body.
  7. Owners with FI engines need to pay special attention in knowing if he has serviced any such previous bikes earlier and knows more about its servicing.
  8. One important fact you need to remember is give them your bike with minimum amount of petrol in it. (What I mean is less than a litre!)
  9. Had you demanded a mileage tuning, he really would try hard to bring it to the perfect position, which almost most of the service centres are least bothered about.
  10. Take your bikes for regular tightening of brakes, chains or mere lubrication of chains so that you make the mechanic feel that you are a regular customer to him.

– Naren