10 Most Practical Tips On Protecting Your Bike Against Theft

There are exclusive expert teams all over the world which specialises the act of stealing motorcycles. There are many reasons for bikes to be stolen. “Any stolen vehicle is abandoned, sold or used for crimes later. In seventy five per cent of crimes, bikes are used as getaways by criminals. For example, recently in all the chain snatching incidents and angadia loots, thieves used bikes for the purpose,” said a senior city police official.

Here are a few facts on bike theft:

  1. The rate of bike theft is almost twice the rate of car theft.
  2. More or less half of the motorists have the habit of not locking their bikes.
  3. Out of the total bikes stolen, hardly 26% is recovered.
  4. As much as 60% of the bikes are dismantled into parts and are sold.
  5. Believe me or not, a professional thief can steal a bike in less than just 15 seconds and it is a fact.

Do not panic. There are solutions to keep our bikes away from the hands of these culprits. Here are a few practical tips.

  1. Anti-theft security system: Firstly, install a branded anti-theft security system to your bike. These as most of you know is remote controlled, which detects vibrations on your bike when the ignition is turned off and starts producing noise to shoo away the thieves; it alerts you as well. You can get one such installed in the showroom itself. Almost all showrooms these days does it Cost varies between 800 to 1500 bucks. Xenos is a trustable brand when it comes to bike security systems.
  2. Fork lock: Add a fork lock to the front wheel of your bike. It prevents your bike from moving along either direction. When parking, lock it and go. It doesn’t look odd too and adds up to the security as well.
  3. Lock your bikes first: Check out the second fact that is mentioned above. More or less half of the motorists have the habit of not locking their bikes. You have to inculcate the habit of locking your bike when going elsewhere. There exist no alternative to this primary solution. Consider it your duty and execute them.
  4. Install original locks: When a situation arises wherein you need to remove your lock assembly and go for a new one, have no second thought; Proceed straight to the showroom to get an original one installed.
  5. Chain your bikes: Stock locks are the easiest to break and take away your bike. This is because, they are damn used to it that they can do it just like that. Keep this in mind. So, chain your bikes to some pillar or post nearby. Though might sound to be a cheap and on outdated idea, you still have to.
  6. Demand a jobcard: When giving your bikes for customization or repairs wherein you will have to handover your bike to them do not forget for God’s sake to demand a jobcard or a receipt bearing your bike’s number and model. There are those small shops in every city which professionally steal your bike in this way. Beware!
  7. Be within the visual reach of your bike: You will find particular areas in almost every big city which deals only with automobile spares and jobs. When you ought to park your bike in such areas, be within the visual reach of your bike. Else, within minutes it’ll be dismantled and taken away.
  8. Park properly: Avoid parking your bikes on streets near your home. Try parking in a garage.
  9. Avoid bike stands: Avoid leaving your bike in bike stands for a long instance. Pretty risky. If you frequently do it, develop a personal touch with the guy out there. The best thing you can do is this.
  10. Insurance: Last but not least, have your bike insured up to date. Anything might happen anytime. It’s better that we stay on the safe side.