ZMR & Karizma R Power Figures Revealed; Official Videos Out: Hrithik Missing!

Last I heard about Hrithik Roshan, he was busy swinging and jumping off roof tops in Hyderabad while the city’s searing, hot climate was melting off his specially-designed wax masks for Krrish 3. The production unit came equipped with a Phailin of masks (Around 6000) ….well, quite literally….as the masks had to be changed after every few hours.


As few of our readers remarked, it now appears Hrithik has finally opted out of the Karizma adverts. Probably he has had enough of Jet-Fighter Chases or Hurricane-Spotting, and wouldn’t like any more such as God-of-Bikes!!  🙂

Yes, the official videos are out. Not just the Karizma ZMR, it also includes the Karizma R revealing all the details including the most important and hidden power figures.


Here’s the official Karizma ZMR video release.

There has been a change in the adverts’ modus operandi, with a lack of celebrities appearing quite obvious. Keen-eyed watchers might have noticed that the few-months old Hero Pleasure advert titled Zyaada se bhi More” featured a pretty girl of Adiction-Perfume fame, along with some over-excited kids who danced and jibed until the rotund one’s pants came off. Piggy Chops and her Why-should-boys-have-all-the-fun? has long been outdone.

Same with the Karizma adverts. We now get an anonymous rider flipping the bike off the front wheels and pulling off endoes. In the background, there’s a deep, male baritone feeding us with all ear-sores about How to rise above all and Conquer all and become the God of Bikes!! Another funny moment arises fifty seconds after the start of the video, where the bike’s headlamp assembly appears to be on fire.

Now, what does that signify?? Go have a look at the video. If you have trouble with the embedded video, you can head directly to YouTube.


And this is the official video release of the Karizma R.

Not much here to watch. There is no one in the advert, after all. Forget celebrities, there is not even an anonymous rider clad in expensive gear. All you get to see is the bike. It keeps standing, and standing, and standing. Sometimes the indicators as well the lights flash. The only thing that keeps moving is a huge clump of dried, withered leaves. Presumably, they have tried to create the illusion that a storm is coming.

The same deep, raspy male baritone keeps subjecting us to his gospels. This time it is about how to conquer the fear of storms, and then realize that one is a True Man. Frankly speaking, Indian men are a confused lot. First, we have Raymond spoon-feeding us with The Complete Man. Then all the Chick-Magnet ads of deodorants and perfumes. Finally, we have a male voice teaching us how to be A True Man. 

Nevertheless, every cloud has a silver lining. Here it comes in the form of the revealing of the power figures of the Karizma twins along with their 0-60kmph performance figures:

Karizma ZMR:

  • Power Output: 20 bhp
  • 0-60 kmph: 3.6 seconds

Karizma R:

  • Power Output: 19.2 bhp
  • 0-60kmph: 3.6 seconds

This should bring some respite to the fans who have been long waiting for a power bump. Are you guys happy, now..?

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