I’m Rakesh doing my third year engineering in Chennai. “Old is Gold” – This proverb is the central concept in this ownership review about my 95′ Yezdi Roadking. I have divided this ownership review into two parts- the first part being the story of how i landed up at my Roadking and the second one being a small review of the sub-systems of the bike. Please note that the second part is a review of my 16 year old bike and hence it is not a comprehensive review of any Roadking. No two bikes of the same model will be the same after a decade of operation.

First, lets look at the history of Yezdi Roadking. Yezdi Roadking was manufactured by Ideal Jawa Ltd.,Mysore in the 80’s and the 90’s. It was based on CZ250, a motocross motorcycle sold by Jawa Motors, Czechoslovakia. Ideal Jawa Ltd. sold licensed Jawa and CZ type motorcycles from 1960 and later sold similar motorcycles under the brand name “Yezdi” when the validity of the license expired.

They had this famous tagline of “Forever Bike, Forever Value” for their Yezdi range of bikes. “Yezdi” was a term used by Czech assembly-line engineers which means “it runs”. The production of the Yezdi motorcycles was stopped in 1996 due to labor problems. The entry of highly fuel-efficient 100cc motorcycles into the market added salt to the wound and the company never resurfaced.

Now let me elaborate on how I landed up at Yezdi Roadking. I was about 9 years old when I had my first encounter with an automobile. It was my father’s 84′ Dolphin(aka Reliant Kitten, a 848cc mini car from the Sipani stable). About an year later, I, having grown in size to reach the ground, took my mother’s TVS 50 for a ride and crashed at the end of the road. It was the first time i drove a two-wheeler and it just felt impeccable. But thanks to the crash, my father made it strict that I will not be allowed to own/ride a bike until I turn 18 years old. But since he is also an auto-nut, he allowed me to ride his KB125 once in a while. And I had to be contempt with those 1km long weekend rides in the KB at speeds strictly less than 40kmph.

Time flew away and I grew 16 years old. And we moved to a new home in the heart of Chennai. In this new neighbourhood of mine, there was a Yezdi-enthu person who had 2 Yezdi Classics and a Roadking. That was the first time I came to know about the “Forever Bike”. The bikes were glorious and I was simply awestruck. I decided then that my first bike will be a Yezdi. My father’s claim of driving a Yezdi at 80kph in Mount Road when he was in his tenth grade cemented the decision. But I had to give importance to my studies for one more year as I was in my 12th grade and the board examinations were fast approaching. After that long one year, I cracked an entrance examination and got into a reputed engineering college in Chennai.

Now the hunt for the “Forever Bike” began. But sadly i was just 17 and my father did not want me to get a Yezdi atleast till I get a LLR(Learner’s license). After waiting for one more year, Indian Independence Day 2009 was celebrated all across India and I turned 18 too. After August 09, I got into some projects(which included building a life-size batmobile in 4 days which was successful) and could n’t afford any time for the hunt. And the winter holidays started in December. With one full month of holidays in hand and a 3 year old dream(by then), I started the hunt afresh. My father imposed certain conditions for buying a Yezdi:

1) Price < 15k for a RoadKing; < 10K for Classic and Deluxe. Jawa, Monarch, 350 are out of the equation, courtesy their rarity.
2) Should be a TN registered bike.
3) Papers must be clear.
4) Outlook not a big concern but the engine condition should be top class.

After registering all these constraints in my mind, I started surfing through the advertisements in the internet. I could immediately decipher that condition(1) is almost impossible. So I(with my father) consulted a popular mechanic. In this mechanic’s garage, we met a RK owner. This wealthy old guy was very proud of his RK and started warning me about owning a Yezdi. Though I was discouraged, I did not want to give up so easily. After the consultation, my father raised the price barrier to 20k for a RK and 15k for a Classic. The situation did not get any better as most of the “TN” Yezdi owners were quoting very high(ranging from 25k to 60k).

The frustration started creeping into my mind and then my first ride in a RK happened. We “test-drove” a 94’RK but this guy was quoting 28k. The bike had a good number of mechanical problems to be repaired. So we didn’t get the deal through. Then I came to know about Roaring Riders, a Chennai-based Jawa and Yezdi Motorcycles Club through the Hindu NXG. I contacted Sachi, one of the moderators of the club, who was kind enough to entertain my call and told me about a RK for sale near Ice House, Triplicane. But I ran into some medical illness and was hospitalised for 2 days. After recovering from my illness with very little enthusiasm left, I began the hunt again. A visit to Sekar’s (a Yezdi mechanic) workshop in Ice house followed. I met 3 more (Yezdi) owners there.

Again the warnings about maintenance and spare parts came. I gave my contact number to one of them and left the place after having a small chat with them. But none of them got back to me with any information. When I was about to forget my dream, a surprise came in the form of a RK parked in a showroom in Anna Nagar with a quote of 15k(negotiable too!). I was very excited and when I approached the showroom incharge, I got to know that the papers are not clear. After seeing one more RK in a poor shape and a very high price, the dream was over(Read on for the renaissance).

And I started searching for Shoguns and RXs. Again a twist… Accidentally, I found 2 Yezdis and a Jawa all parked together at a doctor’s clinic in Vadapalani. The doctor was very keen on not selling them but gave me some emcouraging words and advised me to go on for a RK(with CDI). The CDI(Capacitor Discharge Ignition) models had lesser maintenance problems than the earlier CB(Contact Breaker) point models.

The same day, a very well maintained and fully original Yezdi(not even repainted) was at sight in my neighbourhood. And a RK too followed suit at a nearby traffic juntion. These five bikes gave some fresh lease of life to my dream. I realised that it is my destiny to get a RK as my first bike. And it’s all happy moments from now on. In God’s grace, the information about my father’s colleague’s relative having a RK(with CDI) in Mettupalayam, Coimbatore came.

And that “relative” is working in Dubai and his RK was not used much. We spoke to him and convinced him to sell the bike to us. The bike satisfied all the above conditions beautifully. However the price was increased later thanks to our “popular mechanic” when he was contacted by the owner. But then it was still < 20k and papers were perfect with insurance valid till Aug 10. And the deal happened and my dream bike arrived in Chennai 2 days later.

The very first day, my father drove the bike from the parcel service’s depot to my college campus and left it in the parking lot for me to see as i was having classes in the morning. That day evening, I was over the moon and wanted to go on for a ride in my dream. But sadly it did not start thanks to the carburettor problem during transportation. After about 100 kicks and running around with the bike for over 2 kms, nothing much happened. So we called the same “popular mechanic” who was busy. He told us not to lose faith and it is something every new Yezdi owner has to go through.

The next day, a hundred more kicks and a km long run followed but to no avail. We lost hope and waited for the “popular mechanic” to send a saviour. Then the next day morning at around 7 AM, a mechanic came from our “popular mechanic’s garage”. He just opened and cleaned the carb and it was all fine. The bike was kicked to life and it roared like a Lion. I rode it at high speeds with the pleasant cool air blowing fast past my face. The dream finally saw the light of the day and I became a proud owner of a Yezdi Roadking!

With the hope that you weren’t exhausted with such a long read, I go onto the ownership review of the bike.

Roadking was a bike made with the idea of combining performance with reliability. It had some peculiar features like a semi-automatic clutch, twin exhausts, etc. Now let me brief you on the sub-systems of the bike. Please note that these are entirely my personal views about my 16 year old bike and not meant to hurt anyone. I was just 4 years old when the production of these motorcycles was stopped and hence I never had a chance to drive a Roadking in showroom condition.


The bike has a single rectangular downtube frame. The chassis is quite rigid and even after 16 years, I could not find any rust in the frame. It does n’t flex easily when cornering hard thereby instilling a lot of confidence in the minds of the rider.


The bike is powered by a two-stroke single cylinder 250cc engine. It develops a healthy 16Bhp of power and about 24Nm of torque. The engine is air-cooled and breathes through a Jikov carburettor. It is a low-revving engine(max rpm is around 5K) and is directly bolted onto the chassis without any rubber bushes. Even after 16 years, the engine is quite solid and it has never been opened. The bike pulls like a truck from the low rpms thanks to the high torque. It gets too jarring at higher rpms and its better to operate it at less than 3K rpm.


My bike came in with a lot of suspension problems. The cone-ball set at the front fork was damaged and hence there was a lot of play. Added to that, the oil seal was leaking rendering the suspension useless. The rear shocks are good but nowhere close to the gas-charged shocks of today. On the whole, the suspension is well below par for a bike this massive.

Ride and Handling

Since the engine is directly bolted onto the chassis without any dampening elements, the vibrations creep up with the rpm and it behaves like a “paint shaker” at speeds more than 80kmph in the fourth gear. About 10mins of continuous riding at speeds more than 70kmph leads to a lot of body fatigue and its best to keep the bike at 60-65kmph. It has incredible straight line stability and cornering is also good thanks to the low-set position of the seat. Though it has narrow 3.25inch tyres, the grip offered is excellent. Ofcourse, it cannot be compared with the Pulsars,the Apaches and the R15s but still it does handle well at high speeds. It was not very easy to cut-in through the heavy traffic initially but once I got familiar with the bike, I could drive it as good as a Pulsar in dense traffic if not like an Apache or a R15. Overall, it does have a good ride and handling but the vibrations are very tiring at times.

Electricals and Instrumentation

It was a bike of an era when everything from trafficators to rear-view mirrors are optional accessories. The bike has a two-pod instrument cluster with a speedometer and a slot for the ignition key. Except the headlight, tail light and the ignition system, there are not many electricals(infact nothing else) in this “mechanical” bike. My bike’s headlight has been functioning properly since the beginning but occassional hic-cups do occur in the rainy season.


The bike has drum brakes at the front and the rear. They are hardly effective when compared to the disc brakes of today. And its always advisable to do “engine braking” or “gear cut” to decelerate this 150kg heavy machine.

Looks & other Attractive Features

The bike is a trade-off between the classic Jawas and the modern-day sports bikes. The styling was great but neither too classical nor too contemporary. One of the best features in this bike is the semi-clutch mechanism. There is just a single lever for both the gear-shifter and the kick-starter. The lever is reversed to kick start the bike and it returns to its original position after starting. The lever has an intenal cam which engages/disengages the clutch when you shift the gear thereby precluding the need for a hand-clutch. The exhaust note is one of the spot-lights of this bike and it really makes even a lazy fellow go crazy. The note is more of a racy tone in Roadking when compared to the classic yezdis thanks to its higher revving engine.


This bike is not known for its mileage. It is a bike best suited for pleasure biking rather than point-to-point biking. My bike returns a fuel economy of 25kmpl in the city conditions and about 35kmpl in the highways. If you are “mileage kitna hai?” minded person, its better you look nowhere close to a Yezdi.

Top Speed

I never wanted to push the bike to its limits. Once I got tempted to test the bike’s higher end ability and took it to the OMR(Old Mahabalipuram Road). I could do about 110kmph before the bike started losing its breath. The speedo is fairly consistent and therefore, I guess it can reach upto 115kmph at this present state of condition. It was advertised to have a top speed of 120kmph. The fact that the top speed has dipped just under 5% even after 16 years goes to say loads about the quality of the bike.


This bike was known for its reliability during its hey times. But today, it has become more of a style-statement to ride this beauty. It is one such bike which is liked by everyone from small children (they find the twin exhausts very cool) to the elderly people (who get the reminisces of this bike roaring through the roads during those good old days). Though its not a great bike under the present road conditions, it is one such bike which is built to last forever unlike the plastic-y bikes of today(no offence intended!). It is a bike for those who like to dare and be different. If you are looking for a second-hand bike with a strong performance and a price tag not burning a hole in your pocket, you can try Roadking. But its for serious bikers who have a strong passion for biking.

Personal Note

I am reiterating that Roadking is my first bike. I didn’t have much exposure to biking(practically) before this bike though i knew the theoretical aspects of driving a bike(including knee scraping, stunts, etc.). So I, as a biker, have completely evolved around this bike. From being an amateur finding it to hard to wade through the city traffic, I have now grown to race motorcycles. When you drive such a big bike in a not-so-good condition for a fairly long amount of time, driving any other bike(even the Royal Enfields) becomes a child’s play.

I am very happy with my RK from the time i got it. It is my closest friend ever. It does give me some troubles now and then, but if you get it all cleared and learn to respect the bike, it becomes more than a bike…It becomes a way of life. Yezdi is truly a “Forever Bike, Forever Value”

P.S: Whenever we read any article written by a very passionate biker, we find him/her call his/her bike as “he” or “she”. But my RK, with its rugged looks, is a masculine female! And hence, I have called the bike as “it” in this whole article.

– Rakesh

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  • provin

    wow! YEZDI. it is the bikes which i had learn my first biking………..nice bike.

  • Madhu

    Wow Rakesh Kalakitinga,

    What an review yaar like it very much

    Deepak we haven’t seen any review for last few days, but this one is a good treat for all of us thank you

  • Deepak

    Amazing review. This review is an asset to bikeadvice. Thanks Rakesh! πŸ™‚


    Very nice review. Apart from the rk ownership, the story you told is very intresting [:)].

    Yezdi is a great motorbike with masculine features and the exhaust note is even more masculine. These bikes if reintroduced in india now (with 4 stroke engines), they will burn up the biking scenario and they pose direct threat to enfields.

    Enfields are great bikes but till now no bike is placed in competition with them. I like to see some serious competition in the cruiser segment.

  • Rakesh

    Thank you! Hope everyone likes it!!

    • Jindrich

      Hello Rakesh
      I live in Czech Republic, the country of Jawa factory. Recently we have reimported Yezdi Roadking from India to our private Jawa museum. There are few questions about this bike, some part seems to be replaced from other models etc. Could You please contact me to exchange few mails and pics? My mail is petistovka(-at-)seznam(-dot-)cz Thank You very much

  • riks

    mahn…..awesome review……ur language , tech terms ,just cool……

  • sachin

    good review!!considering life of today’s bikes which struggle to last, its great to see this legendary bike still going strong after 16 years, can still hit more than 110km/hr speed yet return descent fuel efficiency.
    In case speedo is still working,how much km approx.has this bike done?

  • Karthik

    You are one young Antique Lover !!

  • vinodh

    Great I am also fan of old JAVA and YEZDI

    • bagwan

      hey hii vinod.. i have recently joined my fmaily biz, we deal with whole sale spare parts for yezdi jawa and roadking bikes.. let me know if u ppl want any parts.
      bhagwan ram
      hanuman auto centre

      • Venkatesh

        If anyone knows any yezdi bike for sale den let me know m eager to owe it as my first byke…

  • Rakesh

    @ Sachin: The odometer reading is around 42000 kms.

    @ Karthik: Once you start liking these old motorcycles, it becomes an addiction! You start thinking like “Should I get more of them (not necessarily Yezdi!) and keep them safe in my garage?”. After-all, they are quite cheap and instead of buying a new bike, you get 4-5 of them πŸ˜‰

  • great review dude…
    my brother owns a JAWA 1969 model…
    i just love that bike n the way it pulls it just incredible…

  • viraj

    Hi Rakesh,

    What a nice review! I also own YEZDI D-250 CLASSIC. For just 3 GEARS I experienced 90 km/hr ! And believe it is not ridden on fuel except petrol/gasoline.

    • Rakesh

      Hi Viraj,

      Thank you! Are you sure about 90kmph in 3rd gear? I believe the bike can do up to 75kmph in third gear but 90kmph is slightly high. And yeah, I have heard about people running these bikes on Kerosene!

    • Emil Sujith

      HI Viraj.. Is there any chance that you can help me out to look for one Yezdi bike at chennai??

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  • Rakesh

    Thank you people!

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  • Amol Birje

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  • s.b

    The reason i bought a rx was seeing it do a drag with a 250cc jezdi.
    and my rx has completed 15 years.

    • Rakesh

      RX is a very different bike altogether. RX is more performance oriented whereas Yezdi is more of a cruiser. So you really can’t compare a Yezdi with a RX! No doubt that RX is a good bike and it will give you as much pleasure as driving a Yezdi if not more.

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    • Rakesh

      Not really! I had put a huge effort to get this bike and it is still my dream. I have no plans to sell it anytime soon…You can try in Internet or other resources.

      • rajanlou

        may i knw abt other resouces

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  • Shambhu

    Good review. Yeah, some of the highlights of Yezdi/Roadking as you have mentioned are its raw power, awesome exhaust note(beat), twin exhaust pipes (we haven’t seen one after Yezdi/RK and RD350 with twin exhaust pipes) and simple instrumentation. But I had heard that Yezdi/RK bikes needed more and regular maintenance, may be due to CB points/carburettor flooding.
    It brought back memories of the good old days when the only bikes to seen on our roads were Yezdi/RK, Rajdoot and of course bullets. How I wish Yezdi should have continued as they are known for their ruggedness like the Bullets (Royal Enfields).

    • Rakesh

      As you have mentioned, those two problems do exist in most of the Yezdis. But since i bought a CDI model, CB problems were never there. Regarding the carb flooding, here goes the explanation. I had this flooding problem initially. Then, I realized that when you park the bike in side-stand, the float of the Jikov carb couldn’t stop the fuel from entering into the carb and resulted in flooding. So i removed the side-stand! After that, I never had this flooding problem. Many people tell me that these bikes require a lot of maintenance and they park it in their bed rooms and stuff like that. But believe me, I hardly ever clean the bike and use it once in a week. Every single time, it starts in the first kick! Of course, you got to know the trick of pumping before kicking it hard. I have had small problems and have some even now but still it runs!

  • Yezdi is a bike which was in my house from last 10 years. I loved that bike but when my driving age came my father sold that.

  • Balu

    @Rakesh – Amazing to find someone spending so much effort on finding a bike of his liking !!

    Not sure if i understood correctly but did you mean that you dont need to use clutch to change gears ?

    • Rakesh

      Yeah, you don’t have to use the clutch when you want to change the gears. When you push/pull the gear lever, a cam which is coaxial with the lever pivot pushes the clutch cable. You can actually feel it if you press the hand clutch and press the gear lever. Thus there is no need to use the hand clutch. Of course, you can’t use it in traffic where are “half-clutch”ing the bike.

      • Balu

        @Rakesh – thanks for the explanation.

        The current TVS Jive was supposed to be first motor cycle than can be used without clutch. Interesting that Yezdi had something similar so many years back( Of course technology is probably way different)

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    • Rakesh

      Everyday when you start the bike, leave it to idle for about 2 minutes before moving the bike. Try to have a smooth acceleration and deceleration. Try to drive in the correct gear for every speed.

  • ABS Rama Krishna Rao

    How passionate you should have been to wait that long and took those many pains to win the bike of your dream! Splendid!

    I was totally absorbed going through your narration!

    Quite a nice review, and nicer since it’s of a rather special kind of a bike!

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  • Shirish

    It was a pleasant review. It took me to my bachelor days, I owned a Yezdi classic82 model and cannot forget my first love. It was a simple-rugged bike but unfortunately had prompt starting trouble. Most interesting fact of the bike- the only bike with manufacturers tip to shift gears without declutching next to 1st gear. This mechanism is still not available in any model plying on Indian roads.

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    it is a very good bike with cheap rate.roadking gives high torque compared to other yezdi’s.so it is highly comfort in long journey.very cool bike.but mileage is slightly less.I liked very much.

  • rince

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  • Gaurav

    I am having a 26 Year old Yezdi, but some of its parts are not working properly. As the bike is in my native city Ajmer (Rajasthan), getting the spare parts is really difficult.

    I would like to ride this beauty again, but for that I need spare parts (Of Goooood Quality). Can some one please help me in getting the good spare parts in Chennai?

    • Prashant

      Hi Gaurav,
      If you need mechanic / Spare parts in AJMER .. freshly i restore my Yezdi roading bike from Ajmer.
      I owned Jawa (1971) & Roadking (1994) in Ajmer.

      91 9828096365

    • bagwan

      hey hii GAURAV. i have recently joined my fmaily biz, we deal with whole sale spare parts for yezdi jawa and roadking bikes.. let me know if u ppl want any parts.
      bhagwan ram
      hanuman auto centre

      • MG


        Do you still deal in spare parts of Yezdi. I need few parts to restore my bike.

        Let me know and I can stop over to buy the parts.

        Thank you,

  • Manjunath

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    • Surya

      Hi Rakesh,

      I bought my first yezdi roadking which was 1994 model electronic ignition in Feb 2011. Sold it in June 2011 because i was using it daily for commuting to work. I used to ride it atleast 20kms a day. The clutch wire used to break atleast once or twice a month and the mileage was very low.
      But i missed my bike very badly after selling it. In the month of August i got to know that one of my friend’s brother who is a bike dealer has a roadking for sale. I went and bought the bike immediately. Its a black colour cdi 1988 model roadking. It has amazing pulling capacity and roaring sound. I just love my Yezdi very much.

      I have somequestions for you, please let me know:

      In long rides are there any chances of engine getting seazed?
      If yes, why and what can be done to avoid it?

      My bike is giving a mileage of 15 to rarely 20kms. Can you suggest me ways to ride it with lower fuel consumption. I am expecting a mileage of atleast 25km/hour. I accelerate it more. Is that the reason for lower mileage?

      Also i have kept the bike in zero idling because of which it will switch off if i dont accelerate it in traffic signals and all. The reason for opting for zero idling is that i got to know from a mechanic that if you keep it in zero idling the beats willl be clear. please tell me what are the advantages and disadvantages of keeping it in zero idling?

      Also let me know the relative advantages and disadvantages of electronic and cdi roadking models.

      Thank you,

      • Sathish

        Hi Surya

        As my Advice Keep your Bike @ 1 PRM mode. Because Your bike may take Maximum Fuel to Starting at all time. Because Your Yezdi may not starty at First Kick. Try it . And dont Go so fast in 2 Gear. You have to Shift the gears depending on your Speed . 1 St gear 0-10 KM speed, 2nd Gear 10- 20KM speed, 3rd Gear 20- 40 KM, 4th Gear 40+ try it . I hope it will be usefull for you.

        Sathish, Chennai.

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  • wat a review dear…i never spend this mch time reading some reviews..but dis one i never left any single word…good writer…good language…
    im also a guy whos so crazy abt old bikes and i own one 84 classic ( fitted with roadking tank) and recently restored it.
    Thrilling ride, good acceleration and stunning classic luks..dats wat yezdi is 2 me.. moreover its a pride to own this bike now…i had this bike b4 and in 2005 i sold it for 3k and then bought another scrapped one for 20 k and restored it.
    But dear still i face some problems..the front brake never works good even though i changed the brake cam, cable and shoes.
    Also with my bike head lamp night vision is very difficult. i changed the wiring kit but i think current coming from the alternator is very low. Any idea where i can get a new alternator.
    Again some times starting issues.as u told carb is over flooding..cant always lift it to the central stand..but if we lock the petrol tap it should not flood ri8..
    if u r in facebook please add me up by giving my id search kiran@zerogravitybikepoint.com.. it will b a gr8 thing to b frnd wth u

  • sujith

    hai rakesh am from kerala i have 1994 model rk,from where we will get the spare parts in Tamil Nadu if you don’t mind send me reply through mail my id is smsujith@hotmail.com

  • Venkatesh

    If nyone havin yezdi for sale let me know m eager to owe it as my first byke coz as rakesh i also lyk n crazy abt it frm my childhood n now i cn buy it at my own so plz buddy if ny1 havin yezdi let me knw…

  • Raja

    Guy ,i am a great fan of yezdi bikes ,i want to buy yezdi bike in chennai ,pls help me ,9500168211

  • Vishal Agrawal

    Vishal Agrawal

    Vishal AgrawalI have a wide reng of jawa yezdi spare parts & want to sell it together at atime. For list of spare parts call Vishal agrawal 09421642400
    07385363913Just now

  • Shaik Aamir Kashiff

    Really great review ever came across….

    Similar story of mine I had different bikes like Samurai, Fierro, RX-100, In 2011 my friend Syed Inayath told me about Road king which his brother owned and I got excited and decided to own a RK. Then search for RK started but the price of RK in Bangalore was not less then 35k, after 3 months of search I left hope of getting in my budget of 25k.

    Then we went on trip to Mysore where I saw a old JAWA in a automobile shop and just I asked him if by chance he has any RK for sale my luck he told yes and called his brother to bring the RK to his shop, but price was 28k without any question I offered 25k surprisingly he agreed and deal was finalised. It was 1985 model pointset technology RK.

    I am proud to own it, and it is roaring in streets of Bangarpet, Kolar dist, Karnataka.


  • Arumugam

    Nice review by RAKESH..Excellent !!!

    And im proud to be say that im alao owning yezdi CL-II. Actually my dad’s !! 28 yrs old !! Bt in pakka condition.. Really roars the road !!

    Yes ofcourse Rakesh,in Jikov carb flooding prob is there.. Bt it cn b avoided by foolowing this.
    1.close the tap (say b4 100meters) of ur destination.
    2.keep idle mode aftr rchd ur destination in closed tap fr 1-2mins..
    This cud avoid flooding prob..!!

    In PACCO carb this floodin issue wnt occur! Bcz thr flood needle !! Which ensures avoidin flood !!

    Ya btr remove indicators.. Tats brings mre beauty to this BEAST !!!

    Arumugam from Chennai πŸ™‚