Yezdi Adventure BUSTED

Uncamouflaged Yezdi Adventure pics have surfaced on the internet that reveal the motorcycle completely. Are you impressed…?

Along with BSA, Classic Legends the owner of the brand, is also resurrecting its Yezdi brand. These two will join the already-in-the-market Jawa.

Initial launch proceedings of Yezdi are already underway with the revelation of the new moniker, social media channels, etc. Few surprise camouflaged spottings suggested that Yezdi is working on a Himalayan look-alike Adventure motorcycle.

And behold, today we get the first glimpse of the Yezdi Adventure all in its uncamouflaged glory, that too, all kitted out with jerry-cans and Yezdi branded panniers.

Going toe-to-toe with Royal Enfield Himalayan, the Yezdi Adventure looks very much like its opponent and sends out a message that it is ready to bring the challenge.

It looks decked-out in both high and low-set front fenders, circular headlight, short windscreen and handguards. It also seems to be equipped with a high-mounted instrument cluster, a curved fuel tank with coloured stripes bearing the Yezdi name.

yezdi adventure pics

The bike has the classic minimalist look of an Adventure bike having wire-spoked knobby tyres with single disc brakes on both the tyres and blacked out frame and chassis. Small auxiliary lights can also be seen besides the main circular headlight.

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However, will it come as standard or will it be provided by the manufacturer as an add-on accessory is hard to say at the moment.

This spotting appears to be coming from the official photoshoot/video shoot of the motorcycle which means that we may be very close to the launch day.

Source – Motorbeam