Very recently Yamaha launched the SZ based on the existing FZ’s 153cc engine, which they initially unveiled during the Auto Expo held at New Delhi earlier in the year.

Update: We have published a Yamaha SZ X Complete Road Test Review

Contrary to the target audience of FZ, SZ targets the entry level 150cc crowd, premium 125/135cc crowd and youngsters who want an uber cool looking bike at an affordable price.

To keep a tab on costs, Hero Honda puts the same engine under different clothes adding a few stickers here and there, Bajaj installs different engines on similar looking clothes, Yamaha did the good thing of redesigning the skin of this bike afresh which makes it look a very fresh entry in the market. We take a quick look to analyze what exactly does the bike has to offer.

Differently Tuned Engine: The same oversquare 153cc engine which does duty on the FZ has been plonked on this bike albeit under a different state of tune to prevent cannibalization. The newly tuned engine now produces 12.1PS of power output in comparison to FZ’s 14S. However, both the bikes retain their low and mid range power concentration peeking at 7500 rpm.

Torque figures speak a little different tune though. Maximum torque produced by SZ’s mill @ 12.8Nm is lesser than FZ by almost 1.2Nm, however it peeks at 1500 rpm earlier at 4500 rpm compared to 6000 of FZ, which tells that Yamaha has paid a special emphasis on making this bike a very agile and flickable bike through city traffic.

Bigger Fuel Tank: At the face of it, FZ boasts off a huge-looking bulbous tank. But in reality, SZ has a larger tank with 14 liters of capacity compared to 12 liters for FZ. The tank seems to be pretty well sculpted with good knee recess and matching tank extensions on SZ-X. SZ 150 comes without these tank scoops.

Different Dimensions: Incidentally, SZ is longer and higher than FZ with dimensions in L*B*H (in mm) measuring 2050*730*1100 for SZ and 1970*770*1085 for FZ. Despite increase in length Yamaha has kept SZ’s wheelbase 15mm shorter at 1320mm compared to 1335mm for FZ.

Reduced Weight: Due to the shedding of excess flab, SZ has lost around 3 kgs of weight. The bike weighs 132kgs (kerb)

Increased Saddle Height: Saddle height has increased to a high 802mm where FZ’s is 790mm. This might make it slightly difficult for people of lesser heights to ground their feet firmly on the tarmac but the reduced weight might negate this effect.

Dual Shock Absorbers: As expected, gone are the fat front telescopics and Monocross of the FZ and enter normal thinner telescopics upfront and conventional dual shocks at the rear.

Thinner Tires: To reduce costs and provide better fuel efficiency, Yamaha has reverted back to conventional thinner tires. Front is 2.75” while the rear is 100/90, both 17 inch. This would also reduce ownership costs as these tires cost low and are available everywhere along with boosting performance as well.

Inclusion of a Kick: While the SZ 150 comes with a kick starter added, the SZ X continues to follow the FZ trend: does without a kick and depends solely on the electric starter.

Variants: Similar to the FZ brand, Yamaha would be offering the SZ in two variants: the base variant SZ 150 and the premium one, SZ-X.

Colors: The base variant SZ 150 is offered in two color options, plane jane Red and Black while the premier variant SZ-X has 3 sparkling color options to choose from: Red, Black and Metallic Grey which are also enhanced by a well done sticker job.

Bigger Drum Brakes: SZ will sport bigger 150mm drum brakes on the front along with conventional 130mm at the rear. But unfortunately, to keep costs under control both the variants of SZ are offered only with drum brakes for front as well as rear, disc brakes is not even an option currently, however, we are fairly confident of an inclusion of a third variant with Disc Brakes (or an inclusion in the current SZ-X) at an added premium.

Gear Shifter: Against the only-toe shifter on FZ, SZ comes with the conventional Heel & Toe shifter for ease of use. Also it is reasonably rearset providing an optimum mix of sporty and commuterish seating posture.

Covered Chain: The sporty open chain gives way to a completely covered chain, providing respite to frequent chain maintenance issues.

Analogue Console: The front console looks fairly conventional and is completely analogue. White colored speedo calibrated upto 140kmph, odometer and a neutral ‘N’ light integrated into one dial; the remaining part of the console is occupied by a huge fuel gauge along with the regular tell-tale lights.

Price: Yamaha has managed to play the price game pretty well as both the bikes are placed at shattering price tags. The base variant SZ 150 is priced at Rs.49,000 and the premium variant SZ-X is priced at Rs.52,000 (both ex showroom Delhi). This indicates that on road price of the bike would be lesser than 60k almost everywhere in the country which is lesser by almost 8-10k than the existing 150cc bikes.

This move indicates Yamaha’s intentions of becoming an aggressive player in the market. SZ, at its current price point seems to be a fantastic bargain with the kind of offerings it has in store. SZ targets all bikes from 100cc to 150cc with the main target being the premium 125cc segment and Discover 150 from Bajaj. We will try to take the bike for a thorough test drive as soon as we get an opportunity and come with a detailed roadtest report. Till then we keep you occupied with this first look.

– Saad Khan

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  • saiful ahsan

    waiting for sz test drive review.

    • sam

      we think it may has disc break but no…. we r waiting for disc break and self start in this new model Yamaha….

  • sameer


    • ramesh

      30 t0 37

    • trilok

      milage is 35-45 km/l

  • Deiva

    Awaiting your good write up on the test drive of Yamaha SZ-X.
    Your articles are well scripted and thanks

  • @M!T

    hey seriously waiting for dis bike`s complete road test review.
    i wud like if der`s a comprehensive shoot out between entry level 150cc (bajaj disco 150cc vs yamaha SZ 150)cud also include pulsar 135 as its a direct competition to 150 cc bikes as far as speed,price & mileage are considered.

  • this time yamaha has fouced on price also..
    ya again become “lord of street ” as FZ done..
    now yamaha SZ-X is in affordable price with bigger bike segment..

    Yes! YAMAHA …

    Hope road test drive will give positive feedback.. lets wait for it..

  • achilles

    i thought they would yaunch the white one shown in auto expo…. dat looked way cooooler hope yamaha introduces it in future

  • Arun

    “YES YAMAHA” you did it again but on the flip side a digital console with disc brake would have made this bike lot more attractive for such a price tag anyways yamaha never disappoints

  • Sachin

    Yes Yamaha has done great thing by redesigning the bike +tweaked FZ engine for mileage sounds even better.i am going to take a test drive soon.

  • shibin

    hope this helps yamaha to get to the place they deserve to be in!!!!

  • fas

    Good bike by Yamaha but lack of front disc is shocking….

  • Saurabh Patel

    Although slightly underpowered (on paper) It is any day better than the Discover 150 but the competition here might be with the P135…

  • Biker

    Ya it’s a good bike both in looks, price and tech details. Finally Yamaha is into the commuter segment(with better mileage) of 150cc bikes along with the performance bikes. I think the battle is already won against the Discover 150. I hope it leaves behind the Unicorn 150 too… Just the mileage should be similar to unicorn or better. But a lack of Disk brake even in the SZ-X series is disappointing. The analog digital meter’s are cool if designed well but the Kick should be compulsory along with the electric start in SZ-X.

  • Sachin

    Guys the latest news is that yamaha has decided to bring disk brake version soon within next 1-2 months,as per coustomes feed back.just read this today in a newspaper.

  • i think Yamaha these days making great bikes….hope it continues like will make him the leading bike manufacturing company.

  • deep

    its not good it is only 12bhp

  • Karthik

    Yamaha is the leading manufacturing company in the world….
    unfortntly not in India, it won’t make any trouble for them, coz they’ve conquered the rest of the world both in SBK’s, Commercial bikes & Scooters….!!!
    ‘They r the Lord of the Automobiles’

  • sukumar

    waiting for the test drive results. Hope this bike will not have Vaibration issues when riding above 60km since max torque is 12.8 at just 4500rpm.

    Finger crossed!!

  • chandan kumar sharma

    yes ! this bike is nice.i would like to take this bike. now……………. 10.09.2010.

  • kiran

    Hey… what’s the mileage of this bike???

    in many sites, it is given as b/w 60-70. I’ve seen in a TV show where company itself says it is 62.4, then it might be giving less on road…

    Waiting for the complete test drive report….

    • avinash kumar verma

      i had test drive with that bike and got one …yes its a really gud experience as compare with other bike in 150cc category……well done Yamaha..

      n millage is ausome 60-70 km with 150cc…it really gud…

  • Umang

    Hi guys, m really confused between yamaha SZ-X and uniorn CB..but the only factor which is stopping me from buying this bike is absence of DISC is the news of yamaha launching newer version with disc brakes is true?? Also how much advisable is it to get the disc brakes fit from outside?


    Hi, I have taken the test ride of the SZx 150cc Yamaha Bike.
    Pick-up of the bike is far better than the other competitor’s product available in the market. Bike look great, average between 55-60kmpl. Now Yamaha is on Track.

  • ishan

    YAMAHA should launch one premium version of this bike with fetures like grs suspension, rear & front disk brakes because no adjustments require in disc brakes and i have exellent experience of disc brakes specialy rear one. No skidding & no problems in rain.

  • naresh

    I came across your website one week back, its very well presented website.
    Now I want to buy yamaha SZ-X.I have taken a short test ride also, i am impressed by the performance of the bike.My doubts are 1).how safe is the bigger diameter drum brakes, when compared to disc brakes(though i am not used to disc brakes),few say that disc brakes are actually not required in Indian conditions.please advise me
    whether the disc brakes can be added at a later date?
    2)I have noticed that there are no weights at the end of handle bars, because SZ-x is a 150cc bike, there may be vibrations transmitted onto the handle bar.
    The engine is very smooth and refined.
    I am getting the delivery on 16th sep

    • Arun VS

      hai … how is the bike….

  • kishore

    hi naresh how is u r bike?how much mileage u getting?give a feedback i am waiting for u r rview

  • sukumar

    q:whether the disc brakes can be added at a later date?
    And: I have confirmed disc brakes can not added to yahama SZ or SZ-X(alleast not at yamaha service centre).

  • ravi

    What is the on-road price of SZX (preferably in hyderabad) ?

  • yogesh

    Hi Naresh,
    I also booked this bike and i am getting delivery on 17th of October.
    If you have got the delivery kindly let us know the performance of the bike. and how much average its delivering to you ?

    • SUMESH.S

      So bro how’s ur experiance with yamaha’s its engine& milege.Is it low maintanence bike?am bit confused in buying honda shine or yamaha pls suggest which is the better option.

      • Yogesh Katira

        This is really worth bike, Just go for it,
        I just crossed 800Km and its give me good milage with good speed and performance.

      • washim

        obiously sz.Because honda shine have many problem like self start it is very big problem this byke.

  • chickoo

    I took the test drive on last saturday,

    1) the pick is very very good when compare to any 150 cc bikes, SZ-xX give a good pickup even in the second gear.

    2) Very smooth and easy gear shifting when changing gears in both up and down speed. No noticeable sound like Bajaj bikes when changing gears.

    3) Can be balanced very well when driving in city at above economy speed cutting the city tracfic.

    4) Slight vibration when riding at in 3rd gear at it’s top speed . No vibration at or above 50 to 75kmph. (Drove max unto 80 since i took test drive in city).

    5) Both Brake are good to give effective braking when driving less than 60kmph.. Takes few seconds when at higher speed. one should know to control bike with both breaks and in gears shifting.

    6) Looks are good and different compared to any other bikes in this range.
    7) lacks graphics and stickering.
    8) Foot rest are bit smaller but got trendy looks.
    9) Lacks kick (sz-x) and disc brakes.
    10 )Powerful head lamp but tiny indicators and poor horn.
    11) Gear lever and brakes levers just got tradition looks; Yamaha could have paid attention to make them look better.

    Apart from mileage (which I am yet to check)this bike is worth paying. I will update the reviews once get chance to know anything else.

  • naresh

    I have taken the delivery of Yamaha sz-x on 18th sep. So far completed only 250km. with mixed feelings, my first impressions are:
    1) Looks are good,it looks like a big bike to ride, but its very easy to handle in traffic
    2)I haven’t crossed 50kmph,so cant really comment on top speed and vehicle vibrations
    3)I think lack of disc brakes is a let down, at low speeds braking is OK, but at high speeds brakes lacks bite,it doesn’t inspire confidence, esp with a pillion rider behind, i had this experience very early,it was bit tough to stop immediately at 50kmph with a pillion rider.when I spoke to the company person about the inclusion of disc brakes, there is no proper information regarding this.
    3)The speedometer is very very basic, it should have included at least a tachometer, if not digital display.
    4)Head light is powerful, they have included a pilot lamp below the headlamp, without any purpose, i don’t see a bulb there nor is there any switch for that pilot lamp, very surprising and annoying not to have included the bulb and a switch, which was present in my age old rx-100
    5) pick-up is good, engine was a bit harsh at the beginning,when i spoke to company person, he said that as the time passes, and the bike runs a few hundreds of kilometers, it will get smooth, the engine sound is good,
    6) the most important thing, mileage: so far i got only 38kmpl, may be after first service it might increase, its a bit worrying factor
    over all its a good bike. if the company had included few features it would have been a winner
    The On road price in hyderabad is rs59940/-

    • Arun VS

      Is self start reliable…. R should i fix a kicker..?

  • shadab kungda

    i want to know a mileage of sz150

  • tulshidas halwalkar


    I want to know what the price of the sz and the average of the bike because i have also looking for the best bike if the sz pick up is good than i can cancel the option of karizma

  • prashant thanekar


    • Vaira

      Mileage before 1st service is : 50Kmpl.. yet to leave for 1st service

  • chetan

    guys if any one has brought this beautiful machine please join in the yamaha sz community ……and share ur views and experiences………….

  • Thanseer T.R

    Hey tulshidas halwalkar what a foolishness u are telling, u r going to cancel the option of Karizma… Ha ha Ha This bike is nothing in front of Karizma zmr or Karizma r… This bike only has the looks it is not the bike 4 this generation….. Fz was a good one.But this bike will not be a competator for Hero honda hunk or Cbz extreme even though they has the same engine under different clothes….

  • Vaira

    I am getting same mileage in both city and highways (50kmpl) before 1 st service
    Engine sound is Good. break also not bad.

    Slight low pick up while riding doubles

  • Jose

    I like the sz 150 “yes yamaha”

  • Raj Kumar

    i m a great fan of “YAMAHA” till the ages of “RX-100”. I have a blind faith over the bikes made by yamaha.

    Can I get the information about the top speed from anyone in the list.

    i m waiting….

  • jainendra

    good bike to buy.Your article is absolutely without any biasness but with honesty.Good job done.

  • Can some one tell me how good it is 150cc without front disk.. Am confused a lot because of this….

    • yogesh

      Hi Jainendra,

      Dont think much about breaks as i have this bike and at present i crossed 450KM and i didnt find any problem related with breking the front breaks size is larger then any other breaks so you dont have to worry about breaking.
      If you want to buy 150cc bike you can go for sz-x150 its really worth.

  • raghav

    i’m wait’ for disc brakes.


    I am a fan of your bikes and i have also two bikes if yamaha fazer and gladiator.
    Please send me the new launches of your bikes at time.

  • vajja.suresh

    hai this is suresh, royal maintain=yamaha. i dont know disic brake are avilabule are not in new szs 150.

  • sravan

    i want millage

  • This bike only has the looks it is not the bike 4 this generation….. Fz was a good one.But this bike will not be a competator for Hero honda hunk or Cbz extreme even though they has the same engine under different clothes….

  • manish

    what is the bike

    • rudra p dash

      really its a nice bike……….

  • vikram

    super ……………………………………………..

  • Johny

    I want to buy a bike under budjat Rs60,000. I want both look and milege. What should i buy .i’m confuse between bajaj discvr150,135,yamaha sz,150 and pulsar 135.please help me

  • shyam

    I took the test drive

  • chickoo (sukumar)

    hey guys i am about to complete my 1000km and my bike just came back from first service. I will update the post with all experiences with Yamaha SZ-X.

    A lot to share and I love to share. I will update the post by Monday.
    (I am currently testing the mileage after first services.)

    • DHIRAJ

      Dear Frd,
      Pl tell me about the performance of sz-x.
      mainthing its milage.
      Tell me realty wht milage are u getting.
      According which is best bike between discover150 and yamaha sz-x.

  • narendra payal

    i am waiting sz till march

  • swaroop

    Yamaha sz, how much it will be on road ?

  • Shankar Pillai

    what is the totol price including road tax and what is the mileage,top speed , maintaince,spare part and comparision between unicorn,fz and stunner

  • ChanderKant Gautam

    i like bike because it suits me and my pocket earnings also. i want to purchase it.

  • I like yamaha sz bike. quickly i will bring yamaha sz model bike

  • Avinash waman

    Vaibration issues when riding above 60km

  • prashant shekhar

    hey guys one thing is for sure the bike is really appreciable my bro got it n i have already placed the order for the same the max speed of the bike is 120as per my exp….

  • abhijit


  • Yogesh

    Hi All,

    Those who want to buy SZ-X pleas wait for some more days as yamaha is launching its new SZ series bike which is SZ-R with some more features like disk -break and some with much graphical views….


  • abhijit chougale

    I know yamaha S- Z & PRIMIUM both are very good for looking but can you tell me bank loan faciliit y for both bike .

  • nilutpal kaushik

    I want to buy a bike under budjat Rs 60,000. I want both look and milege and maintainance etc. What should i buy .i’m confuse between bajaj discvr150,yamaha szx 150 and Hero honda Glamour and cbz xtrem.please help me

  • vineeth

    i want prize & millage in kerala.


    nice bike pickup is powerfull


    HI, I have go through your ad given in Deccan Herald on 16 of march, i liked the YAMHA SZ. Now i looking for buy this bike, can you send me detail about the bike such total price, mileage,efficiency etc..

    PIN; 581320

  • AYAAZ from ASSAM

    hello bikers…. i bought yamaha szx on dec 25 and till date i have completed 3300 kms.Its an amaging bike as this bike has got all the power to compete wt pulsars, apaches ……the top speed is 105 nd it does nt shake at all. An imp feature of this bike is that at a speed of 20 km/hr u can ride it in top gear…its torque is amaging……i dnt think the break is a concern as the drum brake is very powerful..if kept like disc brake…. i always drive at aan avg speed of 60-90 km/hr and still i get a mileage of about 45-50. When i drive in the economy limit that is from 30-50 i get a mileage of about 55-60. enjoy the riding in this bike ……….have a safe ride..use helmet nd vvvvvvrrrrrooooooommmmmmmmmm vvvvrrrrroooooommmmmmmmm like me………………..

  • Murari

    Yamaha does always a great job. These bikes are more reliable, powerful and value for money. Yes! Yamaha

  • Dr.Nitin

    i m a great fan of “YAMAHA” till the ages of “RX-100″. I have a blind faith over the bikes made by yamaha.

    Can I get the information about the top speed from anyone in the list.

    i m waiting….

  • jazz

    great bike and silent power bike

  • kamlendra

    @Naresh and Chickoo i am waiting for your response on the mileage. i want a balance between mileage and power(150cc ). budget may very from 50-60K. once i get response on mileage from somewhere i will decide on purchase.

  • Rabindra

    SZ is superb in look, speed , mileage and everything. Specially its price is attractive. just move onnnnnnnnnnnn.



    im going to take yamaha sz R , PLZ SUggest which color is best ?
    Black or red

  • Srinivas from vijayawada

    I wants this bike really Mileage Bcz i want buy this bike Actually i have to buy Unicorn but that bike not available in the market So now i am going for SZ yamaha bike purchase.So please tell me How much mileage this bike give.

  • ajay kumar verma

    please send me all details to yamaha sz &szx

  • naresh kumar

    i think so this is most beautifully and very good bike in the world…

  • suresh

    Yamaha szx on rode price and mileage iam looking a good bike

  • pradeep

    i need complete details of sz & sz-x & on road price of both…………

  • Saurabh Singh

    What is its milege ?

    • SRI

      i want true millage for yamagha bike and finance interst amount town payement always replay me…

  • bijumon g

    I need electric and kick start in 150cc / 153 cc yamaha is it possible, in low price and good milege, below Rs 50000.

    • baba kothakota

      very nice performance

  • Vijay pratap

    Dont go for pulsars,discoves, honda shines and cbz buy yamaha sz blindly and get ur money worth this is the best bike in 150 cc segment (even better than apache) ……just go for it

  • Rahul

    very good bike sz

  • Rahul Bankar

    very good bike.