Yamaha SZ-R: 50,000 km Long Term Ownership Review by Sayan

How Sayan highlights pros and cons in his Yamaha SZ-R review…

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Lao Tzu

Hello all, this is Sayan from Howrah, West Bengal, currently a research scholar at Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur. Here in this story I would like to share my 7 years relationship and over 50,000 km experience with my motorcycle, the Yamaha SZ-R.

I learnt to ride a motorcycle back at 2011 with my TVS Fiero Fx and after two years I bought the Yamaha home. Like many of you, I was not blessed with an outright performance machine and you can read why I choose SZ-R here. The SZ-R was meant to be my daily companion for college and city riding but soon it became much more than that.

For the first few years I spent riding the SZ-R only for my daily commute. Later, I discovered the true purpose of a motorcycle when me, along with my childhood buddies, planned for our first motorcycle trip and it all changed thereafter.

My first major trip on this machine was my ride to Gurudongmar Lake (one of the highest lakes in India, altitude 17,800 feet) situated in Sikkim. In the month of October, the environment was harsh, temperature was as low as zero degree and fighting amidst those elements of nature, I discovered a different side of myself. Since then, I have travelled to Sikkim twice; visited most of the eastern Himalayan ghats, Nathula Pass, Old Silk route, Sandakphu range, and Singalila ridge.

Alongside these major trips, I have travelled to many heard and unheard places of West Bengal and neighbouring states like Odisha, Jharkhand and Bihar to quench my wanderlust. And through all those kilometers we have done together, our man-machine bond has only become stronger and stronger.

I would discuss my travel experiences with you another day. Today we will just keep this as a short review article and will only share some glimpse of those memories to keep you connected.

I will not delay you further and will get you into the review from my experience and viewpoints.

Engine & Performance

For a quick recapitulation, this is the SZ 16 Version-1 model, with a 153cc SOHC 2 valve engine producing peak power of 12.1 PS@ 7500 RPM and peak torque of 12.8 Nm @4500rpm. I will share some pros and cons of this motor as per my experience.

Yamaha SZ-R Review: Pros & Cons


  • Good low end and mid-range torque. Third gear is an absolute bliss in city.
  • Vibration free mill, even over 7500rpm, where this motor starts losing breath.
  • Extremely low maintenance.
  • Great reliability, even after three Himalayan trips and numerous short endurance trips the motor is all stock. Not even the clutch plate needed replacement.


  • Lacks power, in city its fine, but on highway and high altitude passes you will definitely be left wanting for some more power.
  • The fuel efficiency is average ranging from only 41- 46 kmpl under all kind of riding conditions.

Design & Looks

This is a subjective point of view. I love the design and often after parking the motorcycle I unknowingly stand there admiring the way it looks. So, I guess I haven’t brought the wrong one home.


  • 14 liter well shaped and beautiful fuel tank.
  • 165mm ground clearance.
  • Very well suited for people over 6 feet.
  • An analogue cockpit and I love to see the needle oscillating.


  • Orthodox design, no mono suspension, nothing great to look forward to.
  • An analogue cockpit and you may not love to see the needle oscillating.


The motorcycle is comfortable and you can ride long without tiring yourself out. But obviously you would miss the feedback of a mono suspension sometimes on a curve.


  • Very light motorcycle (134 kgs), great in city, comfortable on highways.
  • Excellent pillion comfort.
  • Enough room to roam around while riding solo.


  • Poor stock tyres.
  • No mono suspension.
  • Average braking, could have been better.

Overall Summary

I am extremely happy and satisfied with my experience with the SZ-R. Till date the bike is running all stock without any modification except for only the LED headlight which I have upgraded to. Apart from the regular maintenance the motorcycle has not incurred any major cost and the regular maintenance cost is pretty manageable for everyone.

I would say that this is a best suited motorcycle for a young college student or a graduate trainee who wants a no-nonsense, extremely value for money and low maintenance motorcycle. The build quality of this motorcycle is top notch and you will surely love it throughout your ownership. This is the cheapest 150 cc motorcycle and if you are intending to buy a 125 cc motorcycle due to low budget or buying your first bike, you just have your best 150 cc alternative.

Final words

No matter what motorcycle you own, if you share the passion for riding, you are a part of the riding brotherhood. Always love your machine and take good care of it. Take care of your loved ones by keeping yourself safe by wearing proper safety gears. Follow traffic rules and don’t be a squid. Ride safe and good bye until we meet again.

“Take only memories leave only footprints.” -Chief Seattle

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