Yamaha Spark 135 Spotted at Chennai Race Track

Yamaha Spark 135 is/was sold in some Asian countries…

You all know we were at the Chennai Race Track recently to ride the Apache RR 310. During all the testing and track riding we noticed this track-prepped step-thru with a Yamaha moniker atop – it was the Spark 135.

Yamaha Spark 135 is an old two-wheeler which was on sale in markets like Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam etc under different brand names. It is powered by a 134 cc water cooled 4-valve single cylinder fuel injected engine capable of producing 11.33 PS of peak power at 8500 rpm and 11.65 Nm of maximum torque at 5500 rpm.

This 110 kg step-thru is pushed forward by a 5 speed manual gearbox along with the option of a 4-speed automatic transmission and it comes equipped with 17 inch tyres.

However, the manual clutch variant was discontinued (probably in 2016) and its place was taken by the bigger engined T150. Wikipedia says that the auto clutch variant is still sold in some countries.

This particular model appears to be the discontinued manual variant (because of the presence of the clutch lever). But what is it doing here is not known at this point. Is it a private import or if the manufacturer is involved is conjecture.

Yamaha Spark 135

Considering that India does not like Step-thrus we do not think Yamaha will consider launching it (or its successor T150) in our market either. But while we are at this – do you think – like scooters India may adopt Step-thrus in their second innings? They have the practicality aspect of scooters along with the positives of motorcycles.

So will you buy an Activa Step-thru in place of the current Activa – the scooter?

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