New Yamaha R15 v3 Digital Meter Gets 18 Features: Quick Video Overview

Yamaha R15 v3 meter can now display your average and instantaneous fuel efficiency as well…

Among other changes, the new R15 version 3 comes with an all-digital LCD instrument cluster which is a transition from the analogue-digital console of the version 2 – this change is signalling an end to those lovely revving needles which are so better to look at! Nonetheless, it gets a total of 18 features and shows a lot of stuff which the older R15 did not.

Yamaha R15 v3 Meter : Features

Yamaha R15 v3 Meter

Here is a list of what all information it displays…

  • a welcome message (factory set to “Hi Buddy”) which can be customised to your name or anything you like.
  • Gear position indicator; shows a dash (-) for neutral.
  • VVA ticker – which ticks in at 7400 rpm just when VVA kicks in.
  • Instantaneous Fuel Consumption – It will give you an idea of how frugal is your motorcycle at that instant.
  • Average fuel indicator
  • Average speed of your ride
  • That white light at the top of the console is the Shift timing indicator and suggests you to change your gear; it can be customised.

And then there is the regular stuff like the odometer, speedometer, trip meter, clock and fuel gauge apart from the conventional signal lights.

R15 v3 vs v2 – Here is how the clusters of both these versions look…

R15 v2’s console at the left and the new LCD meter of the v3 at the right.

For a detailed review of the motorcycle you can click here. To listen to the exhaust note of the R15 v3 with Daytona exhaust watch this video.