Yamaha R15 Ownership Review by Shyam

Hi Guys, My name is Shyam and I was eager to get a Yamaha R15. I landed R15 for myself after 3 years as a gift from my Dad for good results. I was a very Bad rider when I bought my Little Beast, I have been riding my bike for 11 months and I have traveled 11500 Kms on it, I was into Street racing in the Beginning and later was too much into stunts. So as long as I know an R15 is a great Bike for both Racing and Stunting.

Little Intro of my Beast

My racing black Yamaha R15 has given me a decent mileage of 35 Kms/lit and I still love my bike to the core because of its awesome performance and raw power

Riding Position

Many people Have a very False opinion that an R15 Does not have a good riding posture and long rides would affect our back bone due to its bent posture.

However in reality it Doest give you any such troubles. I know this because I drove it continuously over a stretch of 180 kms and the experience was awesome. The Riding posture gives you a push to drive it fast, so anyone who sits on this bike would want to ride it fast.


The Yamaha R15 has an awesome engine and I don’t want to mention its specifications as any bike lover would know it. The bike is better in 4th, 5th and 6th gear as it has few vibrations at lower gears. The engine has an initial pick up of 17 bhp. Engine, if serviced after every 1500 Kms, makes the bike a fine riding experience. The liquid cooling system of the engine allows you to ride it at great speeds for very long.


The bike gives a decent mileage of about 35kms\lit which I am slightly disappointed with. But I would tolerate this as the Other specifications are just great.


I don’t think there is any other Bike as stylish as R15 under 220 cc segments in India. You definitely make the heads turn while you are on this little mean machine. I only would like to change the back, like an R125, that would be really awesome.

Tyres and Breaking

Most people would complain on Yamaha R15 that it has small Tyres, but the Zapper tyres really adds comfort to the bike at bends. The tyres help you to slide into any turns. The breaking is really awesome, but constant sudden breaking would result in wear and tear of the tyres.

At last I want to thank Deepak for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to share my experience.