Yamaha R15 2010 Review by Pranajit

Hi friends I am Pranajit Deb Barma and this is the story of my love and craziness towards my bike. To ride my Motorcycle I built reasons. I don’t have any reason to ride my Motorcycle. When I sit on my bike and wear helmet, all I want to listen is the heart beat of my bike. Whenever I switch on and she smiles with bright color, I feel rejuvenated. Then I press start button and she starts talking to me. And As I open the throttle and RPM increases I feel her power within me; when she starts moving and the odometer starts counting my love my love towards her increases eight folds.

As I still remember my father’s words ‘son you will only able to know the value of your bike when you buy it with your hard earned money’. My father brought many champion bikes of his time viz. Yezdi, Jawa, Royal Enfield, RD350, Rajdoot and then in1994 he brought LML Select II and till now he has LML select II.

I learned scooter when I was 13 years old. For the first three days my father taught me about scooter from technical way to simple repairing process and precaution like how much oil is needed to mix with fuel for two stroke engines; the art of cleaning and changing of tyer etc. This info helps me a lot today also.

Time passed I grew up many of my friends brought bikes but I went Delhi for my higher studies in 2004 and started traveling in DTC and Blue line buses but the zeal for a bike become more and more strong.

Then I moved to Chandigarh for my MBA after completing my Master Degree in 2010, I came back to my home town Agartala, Tripura and started earning money by giving tuitions and share trading due to joblessness and managed to make 1lakh 50thousand in a short time because all money I used to earn would not go for expenses as my father was always their by my side and he would take care of all the necessitates.

Loves toward bikes

Since my childhood, I only was of the opinion that a bike is something with two wheels and a motor but as I grew up I started observing each and every aspect of bikes.

My first love, Hero Honda CBZ, totally different bike because of its cutting edge design which I never saw in any Indian bike . It sports disk brake, wider tyers, sporty design and has the ability to go from 0 to 60Kmp/h in 5 second which is super cool. One of my brother’s friend brought CBZ in our colony and whenever I saw the bike my eyes wouldn’t even blink, I was indeed a silent admirer of the bike.

In the Year 2010 there were lots of options for bikes. Markets were flooded with bikes in every price range and in many different segments as per need.


I love sports bike with full fairing so I had three choices Yamaha R15, Kawasaki Ninja 250r and Hero Hondakarizma ZMR.

  • Ninja 250 is not available in my state and the same needs to be imported from guwahati or Kolkata then again the owners here face maintenance and spare part problems.
  • ZMR is a touring bike and looks bulky.

I don’t have any issues with manufactures, bikers. Purchasing a bike its not a big deal but big deal is to maintain her and feed her fuel as fuel price are always increasing. When I started biking, fuel prices were Rs 33 and now Rs 54.98.

I saw many people who do not properly take care of their babies with their fuel always in reserve. I only had one option i.e. Yamaha R15 and so I decided to find out info from blogs, magazines and websites. By this act of mine, I was kind off inclined towards the bike and was already feeling attracted.

In the month of October 2010 I visited the Easter Automobile Yamaha showroom and asked if I could get a test ride of R15 but they showroom people said that except R15 all the other bikes have demo piece. Then suddenly one blue R15 came to service center, when the rider took his helmet off I recognized that it was my old friend. I went to him and asked him if I could get a ride and he said ‘there is some problem in chain sprocket so ride it after the servicing.’


I waited for 3hrs including their lunch hours I was fascinated because my friend said me lots of things about the bike. After the service was completed, my friend gave me keys and I started the bike. It felt like heaven then me and my friend rode the lovely bike around the city and on highways for nearly 33 Kms and it was an amazing feeling.
The biker inside me wanted that bike so very badly and thus I rushed home and discussed it with my father. He said me that it was my own money and thus I can use it however I wanted to but still I waited for his green signal. Finally after knowing the tech specs of the bike he gave me green signal on 4th November 2010 before Diwali. On the day of Dhanteras I brought my Midnight Black Yamaha R15 here in eastern automobile they don’t do booking but sell directly. I was very happy because the bike was mine finally.

Special feature about Yamaha R15

  • Liquid-cooled Engine
  • Fuel Injection
  • DiASil (die-cast aluminum cylinder)
  • Deltabox frame
  • Front and Rear tubeless tyres
  • The Yamaha ‘R’ Series styling and design
  • Front and Rear Disk Brakes
  • Six speed Transmission
  • More sports oriented sitting posture


  • Indian Motorcycle of the Year (IMOTY) 2009
  • Bike of the Year (Motorcycle upto 160cc), NDTV Profit Car & Bike Awards 2009

Price: Rs.98500 (ex showroom) + Rs.1900(Insurance) + Rs.1600 (Registration )
Total Kms Done: 20000km in 5+ months
Total Services: Free- 6

Amount Spent on Service

  • 1st Service ODO-1000 – Rs 415 ( yamalube semi synthetic) + bike wash and few adjustment and check up
  • 2nd Service ODO 2900 -Rs 415 (yamalube semi synthetic) + Rs 170 oil filter + cleaned FI injectors + pump tyer etc.
  • 3rd Service- Rs 415(oil)/- [service]
  • 4th Service- Rs 415/-[Oil + service+ lubing of joints+ nut and screw adjust etc. ]
  • 5th Service- Rs 415/-[Oil + service +oil filter etc.]
  • 6th Service- Rs 415/-[Oil + service etc.]


Oil used is yamalube semi synthetic. No full synthetic oil used till date. Maintenance opening- Rs.1500 + (clutch bell re-setting + cone set overhauling + swingarm overhauling + wheel bearing+ front and rear shock all nut and bolt tighten etc).

I do Chain lube regularly. I use motul chain lube (road), used 3 cans till now each can Rs480 and to clean chain Use kerosene. For that I brought the RX135 main stand which work perfectly, Cream polish Motomax.

Spent on Spares

  • Rs. 686 [Front disc pad in 6th service]
  • Rs. 170 *3 [Oil Filter]
  • Rs. 237 [Air Filter]
  • Rs. 550 [spark plug]NGK IridiumIX CR8EIX
  • Rs .300 [puncture repair kit]
  • Rs. 1200 [Amron 5Ah battery]

Approximate Running cost Total spent on Services and Spares: Rs.5000 plus

Except Spare

  • Rs. 8000 HID projector
  • Rs. 3000 for two helmet Studds Rhyno and Vega Bolean
Power of HID

No need to replace both tyer, chain sprocket may be they will run more 4k KM.

I am a tourer. Minimum city riding and max on highways and narrow roads (lets say 100kms of city riding in 1500kms). The Yamaha YZF-R15 is a motorcycle designed by India Yamaha Motor for the Indian and Colombian markets. It was launched on June 12, 2008. The YZF-R15 was the first urban super sport bike to be launched in India.

[xrr rating=4/5]

DiASil Cylinder

The DiASil Cylinder was born from Yamaha’s world-class aluminum die casting technology. DiASil Cylinders are all-aluminum cylinders made by Yamaha’s proprietary aluminum die casting technology. An aluminum alloy with 20% silicon content is used to create a very hard, reliable cylinder surface, making conventional iron sleeves obsolete.

As a result, the entire cylinder can be made of aluminum, a better conductor of heat, which means the cylinder delivers better heat dissipation and less weight. (Aluminum’s heat conductivity is 3.1 times that of iron). Initial`ly I never wanted this tiny bike. I always wanted a sport bike capability of tourer who can give constant high speed with good pickup and good engine refinement.

You fall in love with the engine only after you use it for a long time, No love at first few rides with this. After 4000kms, you know what you have missed all these years on a bike. Great engine for a 150cc, whose competitors are 180, 220, 225cc. Keep it at 9k rpm whole day and it still will not crib. No drop in oil level, not even 50 ml. No need to think just burn the road rubber and fuel and go from mile to mile.


Its first India-made model with cooling method in the Indian market! Liquid-cooled engines provide stable performance, reduce vibrations, and offer a high quality ride. The engine is surrounded by a water jacket in which coolant liquid circulates to cool the engine, stable performance during long-distance, high-speed riding and hill climbing.

A liquid-cooled engine does not need heat-dissipating fins and therefore the engine is able to deliver its best performance without being affected by temperature.

Fuel Injection

Fuel injection is used to ensure excellent fuel efficiency as well as environmental friendliness. YZF-R15’s engine delivers excellent response, fuel economy, is environmentally friendly and a comfortable ride.

[xrr rating=4/5]

The plastics too are great, easy to dismantle, no vibes or noises or rattling, no panel gaps absolutely anywhere. No rusting any where till now.

Racing Instinct. – Passing on the “R series” DNA

Humachine Technologies & Sensual Racing Form

The YZF-R1 and YZF-R6 are equipped with under cowls that are based on the image of a diffuser, to give them the best form for aero-management. These are not cowls for simply enclosing the engine, but forms composed of blade surfaces that actively control airflow. This spirit has been directly inherited by the YZF-R15.

“Harmony between rider and machine.” Yamaha’s Human Technology involves studying the form of the motorcycle actually in motion with the rider on it. The R series is the embodiment of

  • A wide frontal space that protects the rider,
  • An easy to ride seating area that gives riders the freedom of movement and allows them to steer effectively,
  • The glamorous tail treatment that takes into account the management of airflow behind the rider, and
  • A sensual racing form that brings all 3 of these elements together in a harmonious package. These characteristics have been splendidly reproduced in the YZF-R15.

In other words, the YZF-R15 is characterized by a hybrid design that combines the world-class design of the “R” series with localized functions. The YZF-R15 was created to lead the supersport category in India.


Deltabox Frame

The frame, which forms the basis for riding comfort and handling performance, is a Deltabox frame which delivers superior rigidity balance. This frame was designed to provide the best balance in longitudinal, lateral, and torsional rigidity. The synergy created by optimizing each dimension delivers a solid riding feel as well as comfort and agile riding performance.

Linked type Monocross suspension

YZF-R15 is equipped with a linked type monocross suspension that delivers a comfortable ride and a cushioning performance that is less prone to bottoming out. In particular, it reduces annoying “sinking” when riding tandem.


Smooth like butter with return type hassle free here Honda and Yamaha’s engineering works super, no need to add Imported oil. Ratio is divided as for better performance and Mileage.

[xrr rating=5/5]


It’s a 150cc bike with a power of a 200 cc and compared with 220 see the capabilities. It’s not faster than 220 with its stock part but it provides more confidence in every other aspect. Its feels great when you ride it may be in city or highway. But low torque so real fun begins after 6000k of RPM.

[xrr rating=4.5/5]

Ride & Handling

Ride– The ZMA or Royal Enfield is better and comfort and great for touring. But handling is what makes you forget all other bikes and stick to R15. The sharp cornering with knee touch, aerodynamic and compact body with Linked type Monocross rear shock absorber is the bike’s strength. And it’s only 131 Kg with no vibrations even at 140Km/h plus with single or pillion rider.

[xrr rating=5/5]


Yamahas always have amazing brakes, the front and rear which work superb. I don’t know how many people eat their pads in 10000KM.

[xrr rating=5/5]


MRF zapper front and rear 80/90-17 / 100/80-17 are excellent in Dry and Rainy conditions. If you drive in mud or grass then there are very chances that your tyre may slip or they puncture. Overall the tyres are not so good in mud and grass.

The soft compound attracts Nails and other puncture elements. Tyers will last till 25k kms for me because in mountain area the tyers run out faster as against normal roads. Stick tyers gives you much needed confidence in high speed turning and braking.

[xrr rating=4/5]


I changed my stock battery with 5Ah amron dry cell and also started using Two HID projector Lamps of 4000kelvin. As yet there is no issue with battery drainage, just need to ride minimum at 3.5k RPM and its charge easily the view is excellent with HID.

[xrr rating=4/5]


Highway: 42+ Kmpl
City : 38 to 40 kmpl


Take good care of your bike while services because the nuts fitted in my bike after servicing don’t open up. It is advised to check yourself the progress of servicing and not to leave your beloved baby in the hands of those service men and check always the Fi and ECU rating. Important Point to keep in mind is “the bike is aero sensitive so always check the air pressure other wise handling may disturb”.

Use always compact saddle bags but they should not be so bulky while touring. Refuel your bike as soon as the low fuel indicator i.e. F starts flashing. No problem like those in RTR Fi, I mean jerking or switching off and need to change fuel filter like that of 220.

Bike has torque of 15Nm which is same as the 180 RTR or DTSi but since it is spread over 6 gears you do not get the feel as much as the pulsars and RTR. All in all, this lovely bike is a package of various things that you do not get to experience in other bikes.

This bike makes your riding enjoyable, easy, full excitement refreshing and also brings more confidence. The bike is a combination of all necessary things which makes me smile after every ride. To me the ride is more about handling rather than just getting there faster. “Power is nothing without control”.

As for dust, the bike is always dusty except for when it gets washed and polished. So I take it easy now. Its price is too much in 150cc category bikes in India but then again you are getting lots of features. Faring is expensive, one accident minimum Rs.3000k hole in pocket. At the price of 1lac its worth a deal. Wear helmet, use proper riding gear and then ride fast. Expect the unexpected out of this beast. Feel free to comments and suggestion.

Pranajit Deb Barma