Yamaha R1 – The First Official Super Bike in India

Yamaha became the first player in the Indian motorcycle market after launching their premium bikes R1 and MT01. Finally, we see some Moto GP bikes here and it’s a treat for motor race lovers in this sub continent. The re-designed LED taillights and headlights are an addition to the stylish looks of the new Yamaha R1 bike. In fact, Yamaha R1 is certainly the most technically advanced bike in the Indian market and is the first Open-class production motorcycle.


The bikes were imported from Europe and are powered with 998 cc engine. The R1 looks more sturdy than classy. The best features of the bike are its ergonomics, steering and the overlook of the bike is quite appealing. It definitely a better version when compared to the previous model.

Looks and Handling: The LED tail lights and headlights of Yamaha R1 are sure eye-catchers. The bike is designed with bigger ram air-intake and the windscreen is an otherwise screw less journey in this bike. The digital gauge has lap meter, clock, shift light, dual trip meters and also temperature reader, so it is comes with many functions. The 15,000-rpm analogue tachometer is another feature that cannot be ignored. The radial tyres provide a great grip and can be handled comfortably. The foot pegs are lightweight and are quite durable.


What is still interesting is that the Yamaha R1 weight is reduced with the well-designed hollow bolts and fasteners. There is also a great provision for tool kit storage under the back seat. The bike has a lightweight battery (8.6 AH).

Engine Power: Yamaha R1 runs on a powerful 4 cylinder engine of 998 cc DOHC with 20 valves. The bike is engineered with the chip control throttle technology that can control 32 bit EU fuel injection, which delivers great power. For an instant power liberation there is electronically devised funnel length between 60-140mm. In the rear end of the bike is the fuel tank and the ram-air-fed air box is fixed in the front to generate more power to the bike.


Yamaha R1 has a narrow engine and chassis and is also well equipped to reduce shocks. The four cylinders have enormous power and throttle is built by what is called YCC T fly-by-wire process that gives darn good control of the vehicle.

Yamaha R1 has another feature which is the aggressive R1 power plant, and it’s built with a variable length intake tunnel system which can be electronically controlled and there is an option of torque-limiting clutch so one can slow down the bike speed. The disc brakes of the new Yamaha R1 are also very efficient. The bike can touch high velocities within less time courtesy the six-speed gearbox. The aluminium Delta box frame helps in easy and hassle free ignition. The 5-spoke wheels are dynamic and they have the ability to bring the bike into a sudden halt.


Final Say: The gearbox and brakes performance of the bike are excellent. The control system and the power of the bike are great assets of the R1. The 8 headlights are superior and enhance the look of the bike. The bike is fast and zooms well on road because of its lightweight. On the downside, you can feel the vibrations at high speed and riding position is a little uncomfortable.


And you need to exert more pressure and transfer weight to the front while in the corners. The seats get hotter with increasing speed because the pipes are right below. Yamaha R1 bike is available in some interesting colors such as Team Yamaha Blue, Charcoal Silver and Candy Red color variants. But this big bike is priced exuberantly at Rs 11.5 lakhs. If are a bike lover and don’t see for money you will never regret owning the new Yamaha R1. There will be several heads turning to you as you and your new Yamaha R1 vroom on the roads.